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Hermione were walking out the library in a fast tempo and her eyes glued to the sites of a book, when she suddenly bummed into someone. She fell backwards and felt a pain on her back and bottom.

"You were in my way, Granger," a cold and easily identifiable voice. Hermione blew a lock of her brown, bushy hair away as she looked up at the blond boy with the silver eyes. Behind him stood Zabini and Goyle both smiling.

"The library. What a surprise," he said ironically. Hermione smiled and raised from the floor, the smile was obviously a surprise to him.

"You too, Malfoy. I thought you managed to pass classes by sucking up to the professors." Malfoy's smile became smaller.

"Oh, yes, Granger. Cleverness is important. That's why you are so popular among the boys, right?" he kept the irony alive. She didn't know how to respond to this, because Draco Malfoy was actually right. She wasn't poplar among boys. The only thing she could do was snort and bummed into him while walking past him.

"What?" Ginny Weasley could clearly sense Hermione's bad mood.

"Malfoy," she answered as she sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"What'd he do this time?"

"Said something," Hermione said with a depressed tone.

"Which was?" Hermione muttered something, Ginny couldn't hear.

"What?" Ginny said loudly. Hermione gripped Ginny closer so she could whisper her answer.

"Oh, come on!" Ginny was obviously disagreed with Malfoy.

"He's right," Hermione said with an even more depressed voice.

"What about Krum?" Hermione didn't answer.

"You know, I could easily curse him from here-"

"Ginny!" Hermione said loudly but did feel a warmth spread in her body.

"What? We have to do something!" Hermione didn't answer again.

"Can't you think of something more... cruel?" Hermione smiled and suddenly Ginny lighted up.

"What? What is it?"

"What does Malfoy hate even more than Harry?"


"Yes! What if he suddenly felt... attraction to a Muggleborn?" It took a second before Hermione understood what Ginny had in mind.

"No. No. No! Ew! Ginny! Never!"

"I'm not saying that you should start anything with him! Make him feel attracted to you! Oh, come on, he would punish himself worse than house elf!" Ginny added when Hermione made a face showing pure disgusting. Hermione thought of it for moment, but for each second Ginny's plan sounded more and more genius.

"It would be real torture to him," Hermione smiled. Ginny clapped and jumped of joy.

"Look, he's here," Ginny pointed at the Slythrin table, where Draco Malfoy was sitting down with Goyle on his left and Zabini on his right. Hermione smiled and looked at Ginny.

"Okay, what should I do?" Ginny looked down the table and back at Hermione.

"Go up to Neville and ask him, if he wants help with that paper next week,"

"How's that-"

"I'm not finished! Okay... loosen your tie a bit," Hermione did as told.

"Right, and then open your cardigan and then some of the top buttons,"


"Do you wanna torture him or what? Go on," Hermione looked around as she took of the cardigan opened the three top buttons. Ginny pulled her shirt out from the skirt.

"Okay, what now?" Hermione asked.

"Now, when you go up to Neville, don't sit down! Just sort of lean down and rest your arms on the table, then you breast will automatically get pushed together, like this," Ginny crossed her hands and placed them both on her knees – she was right.

"Okay, here I go," she said breathing deeply.

"Oh, remember to keep your legs straight as you lean down!"

"How come you have given all this so much thought, Ginny?"

"I used that trick loads of times, when I wanted to get Michael's attention," Ginny said causally. Hermione looked confused.

"Michael Corner,"

"Oh, yeah, sorry,"

"Don't worry. I've forgotten about him myself," Hermione climbed of the bench and started to walk towards Neville making sure her hips where swinging just a tad. Before leaning down she looked at Ginny, who smiled and then started to observe Malfoy's reaction.

Hermione leaned down, rested her arms on the table, straighten her legs and bang, her breast were pushed together.

"Say, Neville..." she began. Neville looked away.

"Do you need help with that paper Snape's given us? Because I took some notes..."

"Um, yes," said Neville trying not to look at Hermione's upper body.

"Okay, I can give you them tonight, is that all right?" Hermione smiled and flashed with her eyelashes.

"Yeah, sure..."

"Okay, see you later," Hermione smiled and raised and walked away. Ginny was wearing the biggest smile.

"Did it work?" Hermione asked as she sat down.

By the Slythrin table a certain blond boy caught himself staring at a certain clever brunette from Gryffindor. Hermione looked at him through the corner of her eye where he was looking quite confused.

What Hermione didn't notice, was that Draco Malfoy wasn't the only one, who had been watching her.