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Draco woke up first doubting where he was. Then he remembered everything. Yesterday had been a very eventful day. He had confessed his feelings about Hermione to his Slythrin crew and Hermione had told her friends - there incluted Potter and Weasley. Draco had met Hermione's parents and was going to spend the Christmas with them. He had met Hermione's past's bullies. He had realized what danger he and Hermione now were in while confessing it to her parents. He had seen Hermione's dead body before his eyes and he had made a promise to himself that he would always keep her safe. Even if it meant risking and maybe ending his own life. He had spendt half the night talking to Hermione about his past, about his parents, about the sister he would never get back... Draco lay in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about it all. He almost didn't hear the door open.

Hermione tried to be as quiet as possible, but it had never been easy in this old, creaking house. Draco quickly looked up as she opened the door. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Hermione could feel her cheeks getting warm and looked down so he couldn't see her smile.

Draco saw her smile and was suddenly aware of the fact that he was shirtless. He quickly pulled her duvet up over his bare chest. All the time he and Hermione had been together they have never been that intimate. They had kissed (a lot) and shared some innocent touching - but never more than that.

Hermione looked up again. He had seen the smile. Otherwise he wouldn't have pulled up the duvet. She sent him a smile as she walked over the bed in guest room. He moved a bit closer to the wall so she could have seat at the bed.

"Good morning," she said in a low, sweet voice.

"Good morning," Draco answered stroking her hand which she had lain at her lap. He looked around. He hadn't actually seen the room in day light. The walls were a light purple colour which matched with the curtains covering the window. They didn't keep much light out and Draco wondered why you would use such light curtains when they didn't keep out the light.

What kind of thing is that to be thinking about when Hermione is sitting next to you, Draco? he remined himself. He looked back at Hermione catching her trying to get another glimpse of his naked upper body.

"Merry Christmas," he said making her look at him. Her cheeks went a bit red. She knew he had seen her glancing at his chest.

"Merry Christmas," she smiled and lowered er face for a kiss. Draco quickly knew what she was up to and because of his desire to kiss her as well he grabbed her jaw and kissed her. She got surprised by his haste and lost a bit of balance which she found again by putting a hand on his chest. But the duvet had fallen down and Hermione could feel his warm skin under her fingers. Hermione suddenly felt a quick heat rushing from her toes and up. Draco felt it as well and kissed her deeper putting his other hand on her cheek. Hermione felt the heat going though her body again and found herself suddenly move over his chest exploring every bit of his muscular chest. Draco felt as if he had been hit by a lightning. As his fingertips ran over his chest he suddenly felt something else moving and immediately pulled back. Hermione looked at him. Confussed.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing... I just thought I heard someone walking up the stairs," he lied. He had promised himself not to lie to her, but this was different.

"My parents are out. They had to go to the store for some more Brussels sprouts. We're alone," she said with a smile. She learned in for another kiss, but Draco acted quickly putting both hands on her shoulders before she got too close. Hermione sat up frowning at him.

"What is it?" she asked getting more and more confused. She even sounded a bit angry. Draco looked at her, hesitating.



"Is it my breathe?" she asked and started to check the breathe by exhaling into her hand.

"No. No, it's not your breathe. Your breathe's lovely," He wasn't lying. She had tasted of mint from the toothpaste. Draco gained the courage and looked her in the eyes.

"I'm a guy, Hermione," he said quickly.

"I am quite aware of that, Draco," she said with an angry tone.

"No. You don't get it. I am guy, right?"

"I think we've stated that already, Draco," she said crossing her arms.

"Well, when a bloke my age..." he stopped. How could he explain this?

"When a bloke my age wake up or... does certain things, um..." he looked into her eyes seeing if the little light of knowlegde had appeared. Not yet.

"When that happens... he might... get something," he said slowly. And then the little light in her eyes appeared.

"Oh," she kept her month open and then shut it quickly. She turned her face slowly towards her part of Draco that was covered by the duvet and saw the little rise. She quickly turned her face again to face Draco. He was looking away. Hermione closed her eyes for a moment and slowly she rose from the bed while biting her lip. Her face was getting red and cheecks hot.

"I'll make us some tea," she said looking at nothing else but the door.

"Alright, I'll get dressed," he said. She didn't respond. She just closed her door after herself. Draco fell back onto the pillow while Hermione stood outside in the hallway biting her lips hard so trying not to burst out laughing.