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Rating: K+ (just to be safe)

Disclaimer: Don't spread this around, but…confidentially…I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! Seussical belongs to Dr. Seuss, Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens, and Phil Ramone. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland belongs to Tim Burton, Disney, Lewis Carroll, and anyone else I failed to mention. Note that the performance of Seussical in here is based on the one being done at my school, so don't complain if something different done in yours is done in here.

Summary: The cast of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland performs Seussical for the White Queen. 'Nuff said.

Prologue: When I Sit Here and Fish…


"That's it..." he murmered, watching the small, green and pink spotted fish as it splashed and swam about in the pond. "That's it...just a little closer..."

Chessur the Cheshire Cat stared intently into the pond at the spotted fish. His tail whisked about his feet slowly, brushing at the soft green grass under his paws. One claw was raised into the air, poised to strike, and a playful gleam was in his eye. His permanent smile widened and he licked his teeth; the little fish was in just the right spot, distracted by a shiny pebble in the pool.



The Cheshire Cat yowled in surprise and fell into the pond. He scrambled out of the water, gasping in fear and sopping wet. Vainly trying to restore his shattered dignity, he shook himself off and set to work at smoothing out his damp, gray-blue-black striped fur. He growled softly upon noticing that the fish had swam to the other end of the pond, a mocking smirk on its face.

A bell-like laugh distracted Chessur from his failed kill. He turned sharply towards the startling sound. There stood Alice - the Alice - smiling at him, amused to no end by his blunder. A small blue book was in her hand. He glared at her, irritated.

"Alice, you silly girl," he meowed in complaint. "I've lost my lunch!"

"Sorry," Alice apologized, although she was still smiling broadly. "I just need to talk to you."

Chessur huffed and sat on his haunches in a peeved manner, although a wide grin still graced his face.

"And what, pray tell, is so important that you had to scare nearly seven lives out of me?"

Alice giggled and walked up to the Chesire Cat. She sat down beside him in the grass, placing the book front cover down at her side.

"Well, you see...I've been working on a little something for the White Queen."

"The Queen? What is it?"

"I'm getting to that. Anyway, up in Overland, there's a truly brilliant writer - an author - named Theodore Geisel. They call him 'Dr. Seuss,' since that's the pen name he uses in most of his books. He really is an astounding writer, Chessur! His books, characters, and illustrations are funny and clever, and often have a rhyme scheme in the writing, but the subjects he deals with are remarkably…deep!"

"Subjects like...?"

"Well, there's a book called The Lorax, which deals with environmental hazards. Another is The Butter Battle Book, which deals with the evils of war. Then there's The Sneetches, about racism, and Yertle the Turtle, about basic human - and animal - rights..."

"Hmm...perhaps someone should have shown some of this...Seuss fellow's work to the Red Queen," remarked Chessur, now in better humor. "But what do his books and his writings have to do with..."

"I'm writing a play based on them."

Chess stared, amazed.

"YOU'RE writing...?"

"I've written before, Chessur. A friend of mine from Overland - his name is Charles Dodgson, but he signs his works 'Lewis Carroll' - and I have written a book on my adventures here...and yes, Chessur, you're in it."

"Well, that's wonderful! But why are you telling me about this play you're making?"

"Well, I'm planning to put it on for the White Queen."

"That's not what I asked."

Alice smiled wider.

"Do you like to sing, Chessur?"

"...Of course. Who doesn't?

"Well...my play IS a musical..."

"Ah, I see. So..." Chessur stopped mid-sentence and gaped at Alice, suddenly looking flattered and joyful.

"Yes, Chess," Alice said, as if she'd read the cat's mind. "I'd like you to be in the play."

For a moment, Chessur seemed speechless, which was very unlike him. At last he cleared his throat and asked, "Have you asked anyone else?"

"Everyone else is in it already! The Hatter, the Dormouse, the March Hare, the Tweedles, the Rabbit...everyone! I figured you'd like to join in as well."

The cat flashed a sly, mischievous grin, his eyes glittering.

"What would I get in return if I were to say yes?"

"I thought you'd say that," Alice said with a wink. "I also thought you might like to know which character I want you to play. Am I right?"


Alice's grin widened to match the cat's. With a mysterious air, she reached over and grabbed the book. The cat watched her, ears twitching. As soon as the Cheshire Cat saw the cover, his eyes widened, a look of eternal gratitude in those turquoise orbs, and his grin stretched farther than ever before.

"Does Tarrant know?"

"It took a little convincing, but, yes, he knows."

The cat paused, eyes never leaving the words on the book's cover.

"Thank you," he purred in a whisper.

"You're welcome," said Alice.

The title of the book in Alice's hands was The Cat in the Hat.