A/N: This is my first songfic that I'd had on my mind ever since I'd heard The Only Exception by Paramore. It's kind of cheesy and really short but I hope you like it!

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You are the only exception…

Even after everyone else had finished laughing about my Snape joke, I still felt his eyes on me. Ron started verbally abusing McLaggen, and Harry usually a) joined in, b) laughed loudly, or c) told him to stop, if McLaggen was within earshot. Not this time.

I'd given up hope on Harry, ever since he actively pursued Cho Chang, who was older, prettier, and smarter than I was. I'd dated Michael Corner for a while, but dumped him for a silly reason because he'd become boring. Dean, my current boyfriend, was also not working out, mainly because Ron blew a gasket whenever he saw us together.

Recently, though, as my paltry feelings for Dean rapidly subsided, I found myself thinking about Harry more and more in ways that I'd forbidden myself in doing ever since I realized what a mistake I'd made in accepting Neville's invitation to the Yule Ball. I'd told myself there was no point in spending my life daydreaming about what might happen when those dreams would hardly be realized.

The promise I'd made to myself had held out so long, but two years later my patience had been worn thin by boys stumbling on my toes, whining about losing Quidditch matches, and insisting on treating me like a delicate flower.

…and I'm on my way to believing.

That night in the Gryffindor common room, I felt that maybe my luck was turning. I laughed heartily along with the others when Ron mimed McLaggen fumbling the last shot I'd made, enjoying both the feeling of his eyes on me and the smug look on Hermione's face.