Gem Warriors 2 -- #1: Thinking of Tomorrow

Hey, Kyra-chan, CATCH! a voice shouted, and Kyra jerked as a soccer ball hit her smack in the head. She had been daydreaming on a ledge by the fountain, and the hit in the head made her go off-balance. Tumbling of her seat on the ledge, Kyra fell head-first into the fountain.

After she hit the water, and became soaked, Kyra stood up and instantly glared at the assailant- Jason. You are so going to get it, Jay-kun. Kyra said, in a deathly quiet voice, her eyes narrowed. Jason laughed, and began to run as Kyra chased him. JAY-KUN NO BAKA! Get back here!

Maria raised an eyebrow, watching Kyra chased Jason, and finally catch him and plow him into the ground. Isn't Jay-kun supposed to annoy me? she asked Laura, who was standing beside her. Andri also looked up as the dark-haired girl said this, and both girls shrugged.

I told Jason to lay off of you. Derek said, coming up to the group of girls. I mean, he has four girls to annoy, why bother just settling for one? Not to mention the fact that Kyra's been totally spacey lately... I wonder what she's always thinking about all the time? Derek mused.

Mari grinned evilly. I believe you mean, who she's always thinking about! All the girls began to laugh, but Derek simply looked confused. Raising an eyebrow at Derek, Maria continued. Oh, come on, Derek! When a girl daydreams like that, it obviously means that she likes someone!

But Jason and I are the only guys here... Derek said, And, by the way that Kyra's pounding Jason into the dust over there, I highly doubt that she likes him like that.

Maria grinned. Hmm.... I wonder who the lucky guy must be, then? Maria smirked, and the girls all laughed again (although Andri wasn't really laughing... more like, pretending to be amused). Derek looked confused for a second, and then what they were saying got to him, and he gave them an incredulous look.

I do not like Derek that way, Maria. a voice said, and they all turned to see Kyra standing there with her hair messed up, and a moaning in pain Jason in the back round. Kyra rolled her eyes, saying, I don't like Jason like that either, as you all can see, so just give it up, okay?

Well, who do you like? Maria said, raising her hands in a what' position. I mean, those are the only guys I know. Then, another thought struck her, and Maria said, Do you like a girl?

Kyra sighed. No, I don't like a girl, I don't like a guy, I DON'T LIKE ANYONE! Then, realizing how that sounded, Kyra said, Well, not in that way, you know... come on, just lay off it... When everyone just gave her weird looks, Kyra sweatdropped and said, Ja ne, then, okay minna?

Ja ne. They all replied, and Maria smirked at the other's, silently saying She does like someone, I know it.' Then the group looked as Kyra walked into the home that each of them lived in, and in unison, they all shrugged.

Kyra, of course, had walked into the shelter, deep in thought again. Ever since she had be reborn (not that anyone else knew that), Kyra had constantly been comparing life in that timeline to life in this one. It was roughly the same, but of course, there was one big difference.

In this timeline, Koushiro wasn't a Gem Warrior.

It made Kyra mad, but what was she supposed to do? Oh, yeah, that's right.' Kyra thought, If I bring him back here, that risks the chance of the timelines collapsing again!' Koushiro couldn't find out he was a Gem Warrior until after he was a proclaimed Digidestined, and even then, it would be better if he didn't.

Koushiro's better off this way, anyway.' Kyra thought, shrugging to herself. As she walked, she instantly turned into her room, which had lately become her sanctuary... it made Kyra upset, to always be in her room, but there was no where else to go... except... instantly, Kyra ran outside through the back door, heading for the trees.

Koushiro's stream!' Kyra thought as she walked to the long-forgotten place. I can't believe I forgot about it.' Kyra trudged deeper into the forest, looking for the stream. Soon enough, she heard the sound of rushing water, and the auburn-haired girl walked through the trees to see the small stream.

I found it... Kyra muttered to herself, sitting down at the same spot that Koushiro had when he was here- in another timeline, of course. Kyra shook her head, trying to stop thinking about that, and to stop pitying herself. Koushiro wasn't here anymore, and no one but her remembered him at all.

The water flowed by her, and Kyra began to see the patterns in the water. Koushiro had taught her how to do that, in the timeline. It was true, too. If you watched the water long enough, patterns would show themselves to you. No matter what those patterns might be, they were still there.

Maybe Maria was right, in a way.' Kyra thought. I am thinking of a guy, but really... I'm just thinking. Hopefully, the timeline is completely fixed now...' Kyra sighed, and wrapped her arms around her knees as she began to get cold. I just hope that everything's all right where Koushiro is...'


Hey, Izzy, CATCH! a voice shouted, and Izzy then ducked as a soccer ball blew past his head. After making sure his laptop (which he had, sure enough, been working on) was okay, the auburn-haired boy looked up at the assailant- Tai. Tai and Matt were both playing around with the soccer ball, and now, both of them were laughing hysterically.

Izzy glared at Tai. Is it really okay to try and behead a fellow Digidestined, Tai? I mean, you might need me to do something... eventually. As Izzy said this, Tai and Matt just began to laugh even harder, and Izzy sighed, sitting back down on the bench. Soccer wasn't really his sport... in fact, there really wasn't a sport for him. Izzy knew that he had played soccer for awhile with Sora and Tai, but now... well, he didn't really feel like much of a soccer player.

Suddenly, Izzy felt someone sit down beside him, and he looked up to see Yolei looking down at his computer screen with interest. Um, Yolei, I'm just working on my homework. Izzy said, raising an eyebrow at the purple-haired girl's actions. Yolei looked up at grinned.

I know, I was just looking at the back round! Where'd you get that? Yolei asked.

Izzy looked at his back round. It was an interesting display of lightning crackling across the sky, reflecting off the window of a house. I downloaded it at this one site... why do you want to know? I mean, I can't see my screen back round as a scientific discovery to help the human race.

Yolei laughed. No, no, I just wanted to download it too! I have a whole bunch of backrounds and screensavers that have something to do with nature, and I don't have that one! So, could you send it to me? Please? I want to get a lot of them, just so I can have then, you know?

She reminds me so much of Mimi.' Izzy thought as he nodded to Yolei, who then ran off. Now that's just scary.' Shrugging, Izzy went back to doing his homework, ignoring Tai and Matt playing soccer in front of him. The class that he was taking was pretty easy, but the homework took a long time to do, just because there were many steps to getting it done.

As Izzy finished the math homework, he sat back and thought about what had changed throughout the years to the Digidestined. It had only been three years before that the first original Digidestined had gone into the Digiworld to face the evils that had lurked there. And, at the end, they had destroyed the ultimate evil.... but Izzy wasn't too sure that they had really won.

Why? Well, it had always been said that good and evil co-exist, thus, if the evil was destroyed, then the good people and digimon would also perish. So, if that was true, and the evil was destroyed... the good people should be, too. Which was precisely why Izzy didn't believe that the evil was completely gone.

Also, now there were a few more Digidestined. Yolei, a spoiled but nice girl who liked computers, Davis, a soccer playing, purple haired kid who idolized Tai, and Cody, a calm and dedicated boy who was younger than the rest, and yet, more responsible. At the moment, they were facing a new enemy- The Digimon Emperor.

Interesting enemy.' Izzy thought, shutting down his laptop and looking at Tai and Matt playing soccer. When we were Digidestined, we always faced evil Digimon, not humans... but I have a feeling that an evil Digimon will appear... somehow.' Izzy yawned as he thought to himself, realizing just how tired he was.

Why do I get the feeling that worst is yet to come?'


Amon smiled, looking down at the young Gem Warriors who were all resting in the courtyard. They all got along beautifully, even though they were so different. Kyra, a dreamer, who loved to sing, Maria, a sarcastic girl with a love for writing and drawing, Derek, a young boy who supported his friends and loved cooking, Jason, the hot-tempered boy who was a strong fighter, Andri, the seemingly emotionless girl who was constantly working on her palmtop, and Laura, a sweet-natured girl with a love for plants and gardening.

They were all stupendous fighters, of course, and all knew that the mission they needed to accomplish always came first. But then there was Kyra... Amon frowned as he thought of the auburn-haired girl. The future Kyra came and told me to run and hide from Toman... she saved my life. But how did she know about it?'

Amon knew that he would never know the answer to that, unless he asked her, and he knew that invading Kyra's privacy like that would be rude and somewhat cruel... besides, there wasn't any reason to ask her... yet. Besides, the young girl appeared to be living a peaceful life... bringing up the past might make her distracted.

Reaching a hand out, Amon calmly rang the low sounding bell to tell the Gem Warriors that it was time for supper. I hope that they are ready for a mission.' Amon thought as he heard the sounds of the children entering the room. Because this next one is going to be a struggle.'

Each of the children had piled an amount of food on their plates (Andri's being the least while Jason's was the most) and sat down in their usual spots to eat. It was then that Amon realized that one of them was missing, and that would be the child of Sapphire- Kyra.

Where's Kyra? Amon voiced his thought to the rest of the teenagers. The Gem Warriors were all now fourteen, and quite abundant in the rate of growth for their age- both mentally and physically. Each of them turned to look at Amon as he asked them this question, and a couple of them shrugged.

I don't know. Derek said, looking at the door that they had come through to see if Kyra was coming. She walked off a while ago... said she needed to think. I'm sure that she'll be here soon enough, once she gets hungry. I wouldn't worry about it.

Amon looked at the door as well. I'm not worried, I just have something to tell all of you that I wished to do during supper. Amon frowned slightly as he said this, but then turned back to the other Gem Warriors. Oh, well, I'll tell you all now anyway... I'm sure that one of you will get the message to Kyra?

Maria said through a mouthful of spaghetti. I have to talk to her anyway.

All right. Amon said, smiling. I was just going to inform you of two things. One, we have a new mission approaching, and you should be prepared to leave for this new dimension tomorrow. Other than that, I have something to give each of you so that you may increase your fighting abilities.

Concentrating, Amon brought up a beautiful staff that was, apparently, made of pure ruby. It had many lovely designs etched into the gem, and it appeared to be extremely strong. For instance, Amon began, This is the Ruby Staff. You use it to conduct you powers to a stronger extent.

Laura stood up to take the staff, her eyes wide as she reached for the beautiful item. It's so lovely... she murmured, taking it into her hands.

Concentrating again, Amon brought up the other staffs (excluding the Emerald Staff, of course), and handed them out among the remaining children. They all were basically the same, with different gems and symbols on different staffs, to signify the attacks of it's user.

Now, I hope that all of you have fought enough with swords and poles to know how to work these things. Amon said, smirking. I'm sure that the use of them will come easily after you become your respected Gem Warrior. Now, as for the assignment I have for you, you'll be allying with a group of children known in their dimension as the Digidestined-

The DIGIDESTINED?! an astonished voice said, coming from the door.
Everyone turned to see a wide-eyed Kyra standing their, a look of pure horror on her face. A moment past after the auburn-haired girl said this, but Kyra then turned abruptly and ran out of the room.

Everyone looked to the place where Kyra had, only seconds before, been standing. They all were a bit nervous at why the child of Sapphire had freaked out like she did, considering that Kyra was usually very calm when receiving the mission assignment. Looking up at Amon, the other teens simply shrugged.

Amon began,

Maria began, standing up and concentrating to get rid of her staff. Taking the Sapphire Staff from Amon, Maria stood up and walked into the kitchen, presumably to get Kyra some food. After Maria had left, Amon looked at the other children in front of him, and began to explain the mission.


came the sound of a stick hitting wood, and Cody instantly took the item away from the tree he had aimed it at. His aim was quite good, for being a younger learner, but Cody took his Kendo training seriously, unlike some kids his age. It was important to him that he did his best.

Cody was concentrating very hard on his training, but he took note that he could hear Yolei walking up to where he was. Cody had learned from his superiors that to be good at the ancient art of Kendo, he had to learn to listen more carefully than he had before he became a student.

Hey, Cody! Yolei said cheerfully. How are you doing?

I'm doing fine, Yolei. Cody answered calmly, continuing to train while Yolei spoke to him. Is there trouble in the Digiworld again? Because I can stop if you need me to. At those words, Cody paused his training to look up at the older, purple-haired girl that stood before him.

Actually, yes. Yolei said, grinning and sweatdropping. That's why I came to get you. Apparently, the Digimon Emperor is getting out of control! I mean, he was bad before, I know, but lately he's been just... not good. I hope that you can leave to help, or does your mom want you to stay?

Cody grinned. I told you I could come, didn't I? Placing his Kendo stick to the ground, Cody proceeded to follow Yolei to the computer room of their school, where the other Digidestined children were waiting. At the two children's arrival, Davis grinned and turned to Izzy.

Hey, they're here now, can we go?! Davis said energetically. Boy, this is going to be fun! I hope that Veemon digivolves bigger than he ever has before! Davis pumped fists in that air as he said this, and everyone else sweatdropped.

May I remind you, Davis, that this isn't a game. Izzy said calmly, booting up the computer program that would send them to the Digiworld. You all need to be prepared for anything that the self-proclaimed Digimon Emperor might throw at you. As he said this, Izzy was opening the gate to the other world, and Cody could almost see the landscape of it.

Davis sighed. I know, I know already! It's just so exciting and fun to actually be going-

T.K. interrupted, and Kari giggled. You do realize that this is probably about your fifteenth time going to the Digiworld, right?

Davis glared at T.K. Oh, you know what I mean! I just like going to have adventures and goof off, but I do know that this is serious!

Izzy said simple. Holding out his digivice, the young genius said, Now, it's open, so everyone be prepare to be transported. Copying the others, Cody also held out his digivice, and prepared for a sudden lightheadedness that would inform him that he was being transported. Whenever he was being taken from the real world to the Digiworld, or vise-versa, the feeling always occurred.

Nothing happened.

Frowning, Izzy bent over the computer. What's going on? This had never failed to work before... Instantly, the auburn-haired boy began to type quickly at the keyboard, trying to figure out what caused the interference. When nothing appeared to come up, Izzy sighed and leaned back on the chair. Something's blocking the program. I can't get it to work at all... sorry, Davis, but it doesn't seem like we're going today.

Davis asked, looking extremely depressed. Man, that stinks, I wanted to go and have an adventure!

Tough luck. Tai said, looking at the computer. Something's wrong with it.

Cody looked up at Yolei, raising an eyebrow. Well, if we can't go to the Digital World, would it be too much to ask if I could go back to my house to finish my kendo training? I was in the middle of it when Yolei informed me of the fact that we were going today.

Knock yourself out. Izzy muttered, glaring at the computer screen as he tried to break through. This thing isn't cooperating at all... I can't believe it! It's never done this before... Izzy continued to type ferociously, with apparently no success, as Cody made his way out the door.

I wonder why the program didn't work...' Cody thought to himself as he walked silently back to his house. Seeing how dark it was outside, the small boy briefly wished that he had asked Yolei or T.K. to come with him, but that was too much to ask of them. But Cody had a feeling that the computer fluke wasn't just a mistake.

Something was going to happen, and it was going to be soon.


This is so ironic that it's not even funny.' Kyra thought as she sat on the edge of her bed, knee pulled up to her chest with her arms wrapped around them. Masoko... it's like the entire world just wants to torture me, that's it...' Although Kyra kept telling herself that she didn't want to go to help the Digidestined, a little voice inside her head kept saying, Yes, you do... you know you want to see Koushiro again... why are you denying it?'

SHUT UP! Kyra shouted outloud to the little voice, extremely irritated.

I haven't said anything yet. another voice said, and Kyra looked up to see the stunned face of Maria standing there, with what looked like a plate of food and a weird-looking staff in her hands. Is something wrong, Kyra? Because I can come back later...

No, no, everything's fine. Kyra said, sighing. I've just been having a bad day.

I can see that. Maria said, coming over and sitting on the chair by Kyra's desk. Holding out the plate of food, she said, Here, you better eat. It isn't good to be missing meals, you know, it could cause you to become all slow and weak and stuff.

Kyra looked at the food, a plate of spaghetti with garlic bread, and realized that she wasn't hungry at all. No, thank you. Kyra muttered, placing the food on the desk. Mari glared at her, and instantly picked the food up again and gave it straight back to Kyra.

You are going to eat. Now. Maria said demandingly. I am going wait here until you finish every last bite.

Kyra sighed, and, realizing that she was fighting a losing battle, took a bite of spaghetti. Both girls were quiet for a while as Kyra ate, but after a few moments, Maria asked, Kyra, what's wrong? You've been acting totally weird lately, with all of these weird mood swings and stuff. What's bothering you so much?

Besides the fact that I'm about to go meet my former best friend who I saw get murdered, only to come back to life because I traveled through that timestreams to save him?' Kyra thought bitterly. Out loud, of course, she said, Nothing, really. Just some natural PMS junk.

This goes way beyond PMS, Kyra. You're not eating, you spend way too much time by yourself... I mean, before you could clear about two whole plates of food! Now you're having trouble eating half of a very little bit of food. Maria said, gesturing and Kyra's slowly being eaten food. I know that you're not that much of a baka to do something like starving yourself to be thin or something, but you're starting to scare us!

Kyra questioned, raising an eyebrow at Maria.

Yes, US. Maria said. Everyone is worrying about you, Kyra, because you're our friend! If you got sick, or died, or something...

Kyra rolled her eyes. I'm not going to die, Mari-chan.

You very well could! Maria said strongly, glaring at Kyra. By not eating, you could kill yourself!

Looking down at the ground, Kyra didn't answer. Instead, she thought about what Maria had just told her, about her change in habits. Biting her lip, Kyra looked up. What's that thing? she asked, changing the subject.

Maria looked down at the staff in her hands. This? Amon handed them out at supper. It's basically a power enhancer, one that helps you focus your powers. See, your staff is made out of Sapphire, while mine is made out of Beryl, and so forth. Handing Kyra the staff, Maria stood up to leave. Before she did, the raven-haired girl turned serious and said, But Kyra?

Maria gave the auburn-haired girl a concerned look. Remember what I said. We don't like it when you act like this, and it scares us. Don't kill yourself like this. After she said that, Maria then opened the door and began to walk out. Ja ne, Kyra-chan.

Ja ne, Mari-chan. Kyra responded quietly, watching Mari leave. She's right...' Kyra thought. I am acting weird. Is it because the fact that I've technically lived two lives is finally catching up to me, or what?' Kyra then concentrated, and her staff disappeared.

One thing's for sure.' Kyra thought. I certainly don't want to die.'

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