It was a normal day at S. S Tipton.

Cody and Baillie were back together, after talking to each other about how much they missed each other.

Everyone was happy, except Zack.

Not a single day went by when he didn't think about Maddie, the love of his life.

After she kissed him, the day she was about to marry another dude, he felt so unbelievable happy.

Well, the "dude" was a kid about 7 years old but whatever.

But now when she was gone, he felt empty and lost.

He tried to move on, he went on a lot of dates but no one was even a little bit like Maddie.

Ugh, he couldn't stand it anymore!

"I'm going to write her a letter and tell her how much I miss her" he thought,"I might as well send her some money".

This is what he wrote:

Dear Maddie, it's been a while since I met you and I miss you like crazy!

I know you just see me like a little child having a crush on my teacher, but believe me my love for you is much deeper than that.

I know I'm 3 years old younger than you, but age is just a number and when you love someone age shouldn't really matter.

I have tired to move on since I was 11 years old, when you first rejected me, but it haven't worked non of the girls I have dated is as amazing as you.

And I have growed a lot since I was 11; believe me, I'm about to be 18.

And my love for you has only growed stronger by the years.

I'll send some money so you visit us again! :)

Love, Zack Martin