She didn't know why it had hit her so hard. It was just a word. Mudblood. One stinking word, it didn't even mean anything. Lily could rise above it. She was used to stuff like that being thrown at her. It was a world of the pure, and Lily was pushing the fraying tempers of the pure bloods. She had left the scene at the lake and was sat at the back of the common room trying to pull herself together. She wiped her eyes, stood up and marched to the girl's dormitory where she washed her face before returning to the common room.

As she walked to her chair she had been sat in she caught a glimpse of Snape walking very quickly from James Potter and his friends. Part of her felt sorry for Snape, and part of her felt angry at him. She was perfectly nice to him, only the other day in Potion's she had pick up his wand for him when it had fallen out of his pocket. They were friends.

Carried away on the thoughts of why Snape was so rude to her she had only just noticed that the portrait hole had opened when she heard the unmistakeable voice of her friend Mary.

"Oh, Lily are you alright. He's nasty that Snape, Potter tore him up for it though. He had a massive go at him for it." Mary babbled as she fussed around Lily and petted her hair into its usual neat slick straightness.

"He did what?" She asked looking at Mary seriously.

"He got angry with Snape. In fact if I don't remember correctly, he levitated Snape's bag into a tree..." at that moment the portrait hole swung open revealing James, Remus, Sirius and Peter. All laughing at a joke that James had just told.

"Potter!" Lily shouted at him from across the common room.

"Can I do something for you Evans?" He asked politely. "Are you okay; you look like you've been crying?" He hurried over to Lily.

"Yes, I have been crying. But I need to talk to you Potter." She said coldly looking at him as if she was bored that she had to waste her time talking to him.

"Talk away Evans." He said, still looking at her in a concerned way.

"I hear that you levitated Severus' bag into a tree." She said plainly.

"You hear correctly, but I wonder how you heard that, it doesn't have anything to do with Mary does it?" He asked looking at Mary. Mary opened her mouth to speak but Lily silenced her by raising her hand.

"I want you to take me down to that tree now, and remove the bag from it." She said picking her cloak up from the chair as she looked at him expectantly.

"Well, you see the thing is, I can't. Because not only am I never going to be nice to Snivellus ever again after what he said to you, well it got trapped. Snivellus has to get it down himself." He said.

"Which tree Potter?" She asked.

"Beech." He said glaring at her. "But I don't see how you can get it down Evans, it's truly stuck, even Sirius tried to get it down." He said following her as she walked away from him. She left the portrait hole, with Potter on her heels. She sighed as he followed her through the castle constantly throwing comments at her.

"You weren't even trying to get it down Potter." She scowled at him as they finally reached the beech tree.

"Look, I don't see how you'll get it down if I couldn't."

"Not everyone round here resorts to doing something using your wand. Did you even think about doing it a different way?" She asked looking at him as if she was stupid. She took of her cloak and laid it on the ground next to the tree; she pulled her wand out of the pocket of her robes and gave it to James.

"One thing happens to it Potter, one thing and I swear, you will never see anything ever again." And with this threat she began to climb the tree.

"Okay, really Evans, get out of the tree, if you fall you could hurt yourself, badly." He said his voice full of concern.

"Potter, shut up, your annoying voice is making me lose concentration, so unless you want a dead prefect on your hands shut up and prepare to levitate me in case I fall." James shut up though continued to look worried as he held his wand in a ready position.

A few minute later Lily was at the top of the tree with Snape's bag.

"Potter?" She yelled back down the tree hoping he was still there and that he hadn't ran off.

"Evans." James shouted back up to her.

"I got the bag, I'm going to throw it to you, catch it." She shouted down again.

"No. I am not going to get grease all over my fingers!" He yelled back.

"Potter you are going to catch it, or I am going to give you detention for a week!" Lily shrieked through the thick branches of the tree. She let the bag go and heard it land.

"You better have caught that!" She shouted threateningly.

"Damn it!" She heard James curse under his breath.

"What is it?" She hissed through the branches. Lily scrambled down the tree as fast as possible and leapt from the tree, almost landing on James.

"Steady as she goes Evans!" Professor Slughorn was smiling at her, and stood next him was Snape, whom looked at James angrily as James caught Lily round the waist to stop her from falling over.

"Lily, I was called out here by Severus, he says that Potter and Black stole his school bag, and put it up a tree." He looked at Lily with a look of disapproval. Lily quickly pulled away from James.

"Yes sir, Snape was right. As soon as I heard of the incident I spoke to Potter, who informed me where the bag was. Also he informed me of his desire to apologise to Snape, I think Potter was very sincere about this, as he assisted in retrieving the bag for Snape. He also voiced his concern over how Snape would feel after his outburst and he said he wished to shake Snape's hand in apology. " James looked at Lily with his mouth open, recomposed himself and looked back at Slughorn.

"Yes Sir that is what I said to Miss Evans." James said nodding.

"So then boys shake hands and make up." Slughorn said beaming at Lily. Snape looked at Lily, then at James as James slowly stretched out his hand. Snape's hand crawled out from his pocket and they shook hands for a brief second before Slughorn smiled.

"Right ho then I'm off, see you in potions Lily. Snape, Potter." He nodded briefly at the boys.

Snape looked at Lily impatiently and waited until Slughorn was safely in the castle to snatch his bag off of her.

"Filthy Mudblood, get off of my belongings!" He snatched the bag away from Lily. Lily stood there looking stunned. There was that word. Again! James had instantly pulled out his wand and had it pointed at Snape.

"Alright, Snivellus. I don't care what Lily says, but I think you need some manners!" James glared at him.

"James, put your wand down. Please. There's no point in wasting your talents on a slug like him." James turned to look at Lily in shock.

"Sorry, talent?" He asked. Lily suddenly raised her wand at Snape again.

"Be a good boy, put down your wand and slither back to your common room like a good like worm." Snape put down his wand but continued to mutter under his breath as he stalked away from Lily and James.

James turned to look at Lily, but she was already storming across the grounds to the castle.

"Hey Evans!" He called as he ran up to her.

"Anything you need Potter?" She asked as she continued to walk very quickly across the grass.

"Yeah. So if you think I'm that talented, why won't you go out with me?" He asked. Lily stopped dead in her tracks.

"Well Potter because I wouldn't be able to put up with you bullying other students or flirting with every other girl in the school." She said without a trace of emotion in her voice.

"No, that's not fair. I only bully Snivellus, and I only flirt with nice girls." He looked at her half jokingly.

"Look Potter, do I have to shove it down your throat to make you realise. Never. Not even if we were the last people on Earth." Lily turned around and stormed towards the common room.