James watched Lily. She was stood in the hall almost shouting at Jacob. He was stood there looking peevishly at his feet. Then suddenly Lily turned and walked away from him towards the Gryffindor table. As James was watching her he saw Daisy Bennett with her group of friends.

"Daisy!" He shouted after her. Daisy spun on her heels and smiled at him.

"Potter. You alright?" She grinned knowingly.

"Couldn't be better thanks. I just wanted to say thanks, thanks for everything." Daisy grinned and saluted him.

"I'd always hated Earle. He's a dirty little so and so. Lily deserves so much better. Anyway, see you at training on Monday, yeah?" James smiled and nodded.

"What was that about?" James turned around and smiled at Lily.

"Oh nothing." He smiled at Lily. She held his hand under the table. "Just had to thank Daisy for something."