Mary Poppins on Facebook

Author's Note: I know, I'm crazy, right? My insanity ranges from Star Wars and Harry Potter to Glee and Mary Poppins. This will use characters from the original novels by P. L. Travers, the Walt Disney movie, and the Broadway musical. I do not own Mary Poppins, although it would be awesome if I did. :)

ENTRY ONE: Mary Poppins


Name: Mary Elizabeth Poppins

Sex: Female

Age: 27

Birthday: September 1st

Family: Albert Wigg (Uncle)

Relationship Status: In a Relationship with Herbert Alfred

Interested in: Men

Looking For: Friendship

Hometown: Practically Perfect people do not limit themselves to one hometown. I consider the world to be my home.

Political Views: Practically Perfect people also do not take sides on issues as silly as politics.

Religious Views: Catholic

Bio: My name is Mary Poppins and I am practically perfect in every way. It is my goal to make every family in the world happy, friendly, and constructive.

Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Employer: Currently Mr. and Mrs. George Banks

Activities: Outings in the Countryside, Watching Jane and Michael, Redefining the Role of Nanny, Cooking

My Favorite Things: Rum Punch, Mrs. Corry's Shop, The Park, Tea and Cakes, Raspberry Ice

Music: I appreciate all types of music save vulgar.

Books: Anything by my dear friend Jo Frost

Movies: Nanny McPhee (Such a great documentary), Bedknobs and Broomsticks

TV: Supernanny (Love you, Jo), Nanny 911

Contact Info:

IM Screen Name: practicallyperfect91


17 Cherry Tree Lane

London, England


Post by Herbert Alfred:

"Hey Mary, you busy next Thursday? Suppose we could go for a Jolly Holliday?"

Post by Jo Frost:

"What's up, girlfriend? So the League of Outstanding Nannies convention is this weekend, and we need you to be the guest speaker! Seriously, we NEED you to do it... otherwise...

Post by Katherine Andrew:

"So, Poppins, you took my place as guest speaker. I was positive I would get it this year. Strike One was letting Caruso out of his cage. Strike Two was putting ME in the cage. This is Strike Three. Prepare to have some Brimstone and Treacle coming your way!" (This user has been blocked)


Mary Poppins is now friends with Jane Banks, Michael Banks, Ellen, and 8 more.

"Bert, is all of this necessary?" Mary asked from her laptop.

Bert looked up from the fireplace he was unclogging. "Mary, all of the cool people have Facebooks."

Mary seemed unsure. "Ah well. What's done is done. Now I need to go meet Jo at the park. She is doing a special interview with the Banks family and I for the show."

So there it is. I am open to all constructive criticisms. I love crossovers too, so Supernanny and Nanny McPhee will be there, and I will take more suggestions (if I know the characters :)