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(Bellas pov)

Who were they? Why does My Jasper talk to them? OH! I smell that they are vamps, maybe they know each other? I took hold of Jane's hand while we walked over to the four of them talking.

"Hi Jay! Who are these people?" I asked Jasper, and smiled at the two new-faces. The woman was maybe 5.7, thin, perfect. Yes definitive a vampire. She smiled lovingly at me, and then nudged Jasper to introduce us to them. "Well Issy, this is my old fellas from the army, Charlotte and Peter." Jasper said while he smiled a resourcing smile. The man, Peter, was a fit, handsome, maybe 6.10 and blonde. I really had to stretch my neck to look him in the eyes as I shook his hand.

I didn't scent anything dangerous or tricky from them, I used all my senses as I searched for something, but I didn't find anything. Pheeew, what a relief.

"Nice to meet ya, Iss!" Peter said with the same southern touch as Jasper, "roomers told us that we were lucki' to get away before ya came for takin' us down?" Both Charlotte and Peter looked very interested at that, so I told them that I had a really powerful gift, and as curious as Peter was, he wanted me to show him. But of course I couldn't, we had 10 minutes to get our plane, and the airport was full of humans. So I promised to show him later when we had settled down in our new home, in Norway.

"Norway? Are you serious? I have never been there! Their language is so strange, how long are we supposed to stay?" Charlotte said and jumped up and down with excitement.

"We?" Alec asked suspicious.

Char and Pete wanted to join us for our trip, and after some talking, we gladly accepted them, any friends of Jasper, were my friends too. It would be cool to have some more souls in our coven.

"Okeydokey then, why don't we catch our plane and get our new life settled in?" Peter asked enthusiastically, looking at all of our faces.

"Hell yeah!" we all cheered together, Alec even jumped a bit, and then we ran as fast as possible at human speed towards our gate, giggling and chasing each other.

(Jaspers pov)

I just loved this woman, she was so sure, so perfect, and yet so caring. I looked at her there she sat, admiring the view from the airplane window. I think she have some kind of a fetish for flying, she seems to enjoy it so much, I smiled to myself at the though. Well, everybody has at least one fetish right?

How could my life get so perfect so fast? It began in hell, so how did I fly up to heaven? Issy had everything with it, without her, I would have rotten with Maria and her amateur army.

I studied Issy's face, and after awhile she turned around and smiled. I smiled back and then sent all my love towards her. At that she closed her eyes and leaned in to my lips, we kissed sweet and slow nonstop, nearly the whole flight. Her lust and love was nearly overwhelming at the time we neared Oslo's airport, Gardermoen.

I didn't want to stop kissing this perfect woman, so when I felt the plane landing I just kissed her harder, so that she knew that I didn't want to let her go. She giggled at my thoughts, and sent her thoughts to me.

'You know I love you, right? I will never let you go, and even if we don't hold each other at all times, I will always be yours, and you will always be near me in my heart, and I in yours. I love you Jasper Whitlock.'

'I love ya to Isabella. I always have, always in my mind. I knew that there was a woman out there for me. And I am so glad that it is ya that I hold now. Isabella, will ya do me the honor and be my wife?' I thought and fixed a velvet blue box out from my pocket.

She smiled a little, 'when did you bought that? We never got time, and we met yesterday, aren't we moving a little fast?'

'I bought it in the tax-free while ya girls were in the bathroom. And I don't think that we move to fast, we both know that we will never love anotha' person, and that we are mated in every way possible. I love ya so much, and I really want to marry ya once and for all, or maybe first of many. I don't know, but I do know that we will be foreva'.'

'Jasper, My Jay, yes I will marry you, I will be yours forever.' She smiled towards me with sparkling eyes, and I slipped the silver ring down her finger. It was simple, but perfect. It held three diamonds, one big in the middle, and then two smaller that flanked it. Between the diamonds and around the whole ring a golden brand held it together.

She gaped at the ring, and then threw her arms around my neck kissing every inch of my face.

Bellas pov

Someone cleared their throat, I looked where the sound came from and there stood a very exited Jane. "it's sooooooooo gorgeous!" She snapped my hand from Jaspers and studied it with excitement. "WHEN? WHERE?" She about screamed, after some talking she finally understood that we really didn't know yet…

We got off the plane, never once did Jane let go of my hand, and then we got out of the airport and got in the ordered cabs. I shared cab with Jasper and Peter, while the twins and Charlotte were in the other.

"Soooo… where does your money come from?" asked Peter out of the blue, while in the cab. Jasper looked at me with interest, I hadn't told him either. "Well, as a human, I lived with a man, ehm, werewolf who was a bank robber, and I still have a credit card in his name." I snickered," I felt it was my payback for all the years he had raped me, I had also made sure that the check didn't came in his mail before next month. He has NO idea, he thinks I am dead, so he hasn't bother to lock it.

"Haha! You're mean, girl!" Peter laughed, his laugh sounded like a dogs bark. I transferred those thoughts to Jasper, and we both began to laugh at poor Peter who just sat there, dumb fooled.

"WHAT? Do I have something between my teeth or something?" he almost yelled and looked at himself in the window reflection.

'We just thought that you sounded like a dog when you laugh!'

"WHOA! What was that?" Peter said with eyes as big as dining plates.

'Hush! The cab driver is a human, remember? Speak through your thoughts…'

'Is he getting it?' Jasper asked,

'Yes I think so, well, you do feel his shocked emotions…'

"DO YOU HEAR ME NOW?" Peter shirked in his head; I cringed and nodded my head like I had a headache… Jasper took a hold of my hand and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "You alright darlin'?" He asked and narrowed his eyes at Peter. "Yes, just give me some time to explain this to Peter.." I said and sighed.

'You don't need to yell, I can perfectly hear you, even if you just barely thought it and even if you don't knew you thought it at all. You wanted to know why you were lucky who got away. You were lucky because I have an absorbing gift, that means I can absorb any powers held by vampires AND humans. So, now you know.'

'Have you absorbed my gift?'

'Yes I have.'

'Prove it' at that he snickered, he didn't believe me. I transferred this to Jasper and he giggled, to both mine and Peter's surprise.

"You serious doubt her gift? She has over 10 gifts man! She killed the whole army herself!"

Peter stared wide eyed from Jasper to me. Lucky for us, the cab driver was so focused on the road, that he didn't even hear what we said. He just thought that we were some dumb American students who just wanted to live here because Norway was the nicest country to live in Europe and probably in the world… Well he was wrong.

"You got to show me sometime!" Peter said and winked at me. We laughed together and shortly after, we arrived the capital of Norway; Oslo.

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(Jaspers pov)

After checking in on a hotel in Oslo Centrum we decided that we would already get us some fake Norwegian Id's. So I did a little searching on one of the hotels computers, with the gang doing the same. We did find a company, in Norway, who said on their homepage, that they did make professional passes and driver licenses.

Bella called right away, in Norwegian actually, and made an appointment with them next week. After that we made it up to our rooms.

"You guys? We have to learn proper Norwegian if we want to stay here for a while, so I can sure go get some books at a bookstore while you guys hunt or something." I said, exited of the thought to learn yet another language.

"Okeydokey, I'm in, let's see how the Norwegian badasses taste!" Jane yelled at the top of her lungs, and then they all left, except for Issy.

"Aren't you going to hunt, Darlin'?"I asked while I walked closer to her, while staring in her beautiful, now brown because of some contacts, eyes.

"How could I do that after what we did on the plane, no, you and I, we are going to stay right HERE." She smiled and closed the distance between us, I groaned and began to kiss her with all my strength.

She giggled aloud between my kisses as I slowly began to place butterfly kisses down her body, torning of every clothing who was in my way. When I came to her boobs, her beautiful breasts, I just stared for awhile. How could I get so lucky?

"See something that you like Whitlock?" she asked while she leaded me to the couch, pushing me down and jumped on top of me. I growled and spun us around, and kept on from where I left. Issy began to tug at my shirt between moans, and when my shirt where finally of she began to massage my shoulders and back.

"That did it to me, I couldn't wait any longer, I torn all our remaining clothes of, and then pushed hard inside her. She gasped at the pleasure, while I cried in relief!

"You….. are…..the…most….perfect….creature….I….have…..ever….. KNOWN!" I manage to say between trusts, she locked her eyes with mine and spun us around, and began bouncing up and down at vampire speed. That did it for me, The sight before me was just the most perfect sight any male could see; Issy's eyes were closed, her mouth parted, and her brasts bouncing up and down with her. Her beautiful body shook right after me, her giving a really loud cry, I hope that our neighbors didn't hear that…

Issy collapsed on my chest, both of us panting heavily. We stayed like that for a long time, before we continued in the shower.

Two quick ones in the showers later, we were locking our room with our key, and walking in the elevator, where we simply couldn't take our hands of each other for the whole ride. And luckily we:

Lived on the highest stage.

Nobody joined us on the way down.

So at vampire speed we got another round, I had to fix her hair afterwards though, because it just SCREAMED sex, we laughed the whole time, because, well we had just fucked each others in the elevator. Who does that? And then we were out in the big city, to buy books…

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