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Chapter 1

A small, slender man stood in a room, devoid of anything but himself and a archway covered with a veil. The man, although slender, moved with the grace of a skilled warrior as he approached the veil. The numerous scars covering his face attested to this fact. Dressed in stylish clothes, which accented his well-defined muscles, he produced an attractive image. His black hair was tied in a ponytail, and his glowing green eyes stared impassively at the veil, as though attempting to divine the mysteries it held.

The man began to circle the veil, whispering to himself, "A pathway to another place."

As he came full circle around the veil, he tilted his head and recalled why he was doing this.


"And to the man who made this all possible with his defeat of the Dark Lord, we present this Order of Merlin First Class." finished the man pompously as he held out a gaudy medal to the grieving man next to him. "This is but a token of our appreciation to the man we gave everything so that we might be able to rest easy at night.

"You might be able to, but I can't." thought Harry. "Not after everything." As he thought back to the the nightmares he'd seen, his body accepted the medal and said a quick, previously rehearsed speech about the war and his joy at it's finish. He remembered going to the Auror training camp, and seeing the devestation there, the bodies strewn everywhere, with open wounds that had long stopped bleeding. The obvious pain and terror in the dead peoples faces and the sounds of the aurors who had accompanied him to the site, throwing up in a nearby hedge. As horrendous as that had been, it was but one of many.

He remembered visiting his friends, Ron and Hermione, who had gotten married. The outside of the house had appeared fine, but as he let himself inside, he was able to see the frightening visage that awaited indoors. Ron's body lay scattered around the hall, his head standing upright against a door, a pained expression permanently etched upon his face. Quickly, he had walked across the hall, which was covered in a red, sticky substance his mind catagorised as blood, and entered the living room.

Hermione was still alive, drooling against the sofa, as she lay naked. It was obvious that the death eaters had enjoyed having her unarmed and unable to defend herself. Blood slowly made it's way down her body as her face lifted and her mouth opened as she stared at him. From the state of her mouth, it appeared that the Death Eaters had pulled her teeth out, one by one, as they tortured her. Her eyes were blank and it was obvious she didn't recognise him. Sending a quick spell at her that knocked her unconscious, he began to explore the house as he looked for their young three year old daughter. He didn't have to look too far because she was laying on the kitchen table, cooked and with an apple in her mouth and with a large plate beneath her. A notice was nailed to her body.

"Hello Harry,

We know you were invited around for dinner and that mudblood hadn't even started cooking yet, so we prepared a meal for you. Enjoy.

Love your friendly Death Eaters."

Grimacing as more and more of the cruelities of the death eaters flashed before his eyes, he also saw the dessecrated bodies of his all his friends, Luna, Neville, Seamus, Dean, Lavender, Parvati and Padma, Katie, Angelina, Alicia, Cho among the members of the DA, the Hogwarts Professors with the exception of Professor Dumbledore who had died of his wounds as he protected Harry from Death Eaters as the "So-Called Chosen One" fought Voldemort, even some of the Order of the Phoenix he had grown close too, like Mad-eye and Tonks. The Death Eaters had taken particular relish in torturing and killing all his friends.

"Harry, Harry." a incessant voice broke him from his memories. Looking up, he spotted the smiling face of Tracey Davis, one of the few survivors of their Hogwarts year, if of course Harry, Tracey, Hermione (who had lost her mind after the attack on her house) and Draco Malfoy who was rotting in Azkaban could be called survivors. "You were lost, again. Weren't you?"

"Hello, Tracey." His mournful tone answered the pretty Slytherins question for her.

"You can't keep going on like this. You'll drink yourself to an early death if you keep on going the way you are." That was Tracey, alright. She called it the way she saw it, and had no qualms about speaking her mind.

Turning away from the woman, he looked out the window where people where celebrating the fact they were still alive. "Everyone always says I was so brave to do everything I did, when the truth was, I wasn't. In the beginning, maybe, but towards the end, I wasn't. I began throwing myself in the line of danger, seeking death because I was too afraid to keep on living. And now, now I don't even have the guts to kill myself, so instead I'm simply drinking in the hopes of forgetting the past few years."

"I think I'd want to die as well if I'd gone through what you had. I mean, everyone out there has lost someone or in most cases more than one. You lost everything, and you had a lot to lose. Me, I lost my family and Daphne. That's all. I think I wanted to die when that happened to me."
"How'd you get over it?" Harry replied.

"You don't. You get used to it. You move on with your life and try to make the best of things, but you won't wake up suddenly feeling better. You will always have that feeling of pain and loss inside. But the question is; do you have the courage to move on?"
"Even if I could, what would I move on to? All I can do is fight, but I can't become just another hired wand, I'd have to fight for a cause."
"Well then, find a cause to fight for. Find a person to fight for so they don't go through what you did."

Tracey's answer sounded so simple, as though it was the only possible thing to do. And perhaps, for her, it was. But that last remark she made before leaving stuck with Harry, reverberating around his mind as though mocking him. But he couldn't find anything to fight for, sure there were Dark Lords rising a few countries, but all were weak enough for their Government's to defeat them easily enough. Eventually, he found a reference to the Veil in the Department of Mysteries. Remembering that Sirius had fallen through, he began to research it before finding a theory about it. That instead of leading to the Land of the Dead, it led to another world. Either way, it was a win-win situation, he either joined his family and friends or he entered a new world where he could make a new life and be able to find something to do.


And now, here he stood, staring at the Veil which would take him to his next adventure, and end his horrible existance one way or another, and he was hesitating. What if this new world was even worse than his own. Casting aside his doubts, he strode forward into the Veil.

I know, cliché, he goes through the Veil. But nothing is known about it, and I thought it would be a good way of getting Harry into the world of Star Wars. The other chapters will be longer, this is more of a prologue.