AN: So this is my first Potc fic, and probably the most fangirlish you're going to get. So if you hate these kinds of stories, I really don't care. To the people who love these stories, well, enjoy!

Chapter One: The Dream, or was it?

Narrator POV

"Look! Theres a girl in the water!"

"Captain, come quickly!"

Jack took a look at the girl and lifted her up from the water with a rope and some leverage, as he would call it. The Black Pearl sailed on as magnificently as it ever was. The girl was laying on the deck, soaked from head to toe. Her heartbeat held a faint pace and was slowly dying.

"Is she alive?" asked one of the crew.

"Yes but doesn't look well." said Jack.

"Get her insidem savvy?"

Ashley was still out cold, for a long time actually, then as Jack sat in the cabin, he placed a hand on her head and moved the auburn reddish brown hair from her face, her eyes opened.

"Wha- Who...who are you" she said.

"Im Captain Jack Sparrow" he said.

Ashley fainted again.

Ashley's POV

Funny dream I had last night, it seemed all so real. Maybe I am really losing it. Hey! Whats all this? SAND! In my BED? Strange.

So maybe I'm not a normal girl, but its not like a want to be. I was eighteen, and an orphan. Well not totally an orphan, just a girl with a different father and sister. I have brownish auburn hair which sparkles a red mahogany color in the sunlight. Plain brown eyes and a "perfect" nose as my sister Kate called it. I was 5'8, normal for a eighteen year old girl. And I was obsessed with Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean. My sister, and best friend, Katie was also obsessed with Pirates and Will Turner.

I went through school as usual, when I was bored I softly hummed "Yo ho ho ho, a pirates life for me" as though I always had. Wouldn't it be cool if I could go there? You know, go back to the 18th century with Jack. Well at least the dreams were nice, even though scary might be another word for it.

Kate was waiting by my locker. I felt bad for her, you know? Who would want to be best friends with a dazed and distracted girl who's only crush was a fictional character?

"Are you ok?" she asked me.

"Never been better." I said as she looked at me sarcastically.

"Oh fine! I'm not." I admitted.

"Look, Ashley, you need to get your head out of the clouds and get going! Everybody's wondering about you its not even funny."

"Well what can I say about my William Turner obsessed BFF? Usually you're the one thinking about him all day!"

"Hey- I can't help that I'm a hopeless fangirl!"

"Me too" I said as Katie and I laughed on as we walked home.

Ashley's POV

When we got back to Katie's house, we did the usual friday night type of thing. Ate dinner, made popcorn, and had a sleepover. Of course we watched a marathon of Pirates of the Caribbean (cause we had to see Jack and Will -for Katie) at least once a week or we would go "mad" as they would call Jack.

We watched the movie as always, reciting the lines almost perfectly, before playing a well thought up game of "I Never" with coke instead of alcohol.

"Ashley, don't you think we can take a chance using rum? I mean we are eighteen - almost nineteen, and it is kind of interesting to see what Captain Jack and Will have been drinking. Hmm?"

Ok well I knew Katie was (sometimes) a bad influence, but hey it wasn't a bad idea if we didn't have too much, and what have I got to lose? I don't have parents, live with Katie and her dad (who was always out) and wasn't that popular.

"Ok but just a bit- with water of course."

"I knew you would give in as soon as I said Jack's name."

Narrator's POV

Ashley and Katie drank until two am, and finally passed out on the bedroom floor. Ashley's life was sometimes hard, despite living with Katie, she had nothing. Her parents dropped her on Kate's doorstep when she was just a baby, and had nothing. Kate's dad really is a nice guy, even though he barely makes enough to support Katie and Ashley, he at least had a big enough heart to take Ashley in.

As the night continued on, a storm raged towards Kate's beach house, or cabana should I say.

Ashley's POV

My dream was really something.

It was even more realistic than my previous one.

I was floating on a boat, in saltwater- I could taste it.

The boat was filling up, sinking in fact.

Was this another mirage?

It felt so real, I could feel the warm Caribbean water cover me, like a soft blanket.

So do you really taste the sea in your dreams? Or feel the warmth of the sea?

I wasn't out cold like the last time, but I certainly wasn't fully "revived" yet. But I was aware.

"I see that you're suddenly awakened from ye sleep, luv."

"Ahhh!" A soft scream escaped from my lips.

"Shh shh luv, we don't want the Royal Navy ta hear ya, eh?

I glanced at him again. Certainly this wasn't a dream, It felt different that my first one. It was him. It is him. Captain Jack Sparrow was on the little sinking wooden boat, like in the first movie. And I was in it with him. Lying down- in the boat- with Jack.

"You're- you're- Jack Sparrow..." I stammered.

"Yes luv, Captain Jack Sparrow actually."

"Of course. Do you know how I got here?"

"Well ya kinda ended up 'ere cause I saw ya floatin in the water on a piece of wood. Mind you, you were out cold then, didn't know you were even alive."

"So that's it then. Well...just...I..."

"Since you are on my ship...err...boat, I should do the questions and you should do the answerin', savvy?"

"Yeah, of course." I was truly honored. To be on a ship uh, boat whatever, with Captain Jack Sparrow, my dreams have finally been fulfilled...

"What's your name?"

Instead of just saying "Ashley Winslet" I decided to play it up a little, considering I was in the 18th century.

"Ashley Evangeline Rose Winslet." I answered proudly.

"Well miss Winslet, where are you from?" He asked.

I wasn't entirely sure I should answer that question, seeing as though I was in my pajama pants and a lacy pink tank top.

" would never believe me if I told you."

"Well, Ashley, I've seen a lot of strange things in me life and I think I possibly might believe you if you told me."

I decided not to lie. Honesty is the best policy, right?

"Well I live in this place called California, in America, the continent that Florida belongs to. I bet you heard of Florida at least."

"I 'ave"

"Good. So California is in the west of that continent, you know. And another thing, the thing that you might not believe is that Im from the year 2010. About 300 years in the future."

"So it seems as though your lost. Well I can help ya I guess. But can you follow the command of a pirate?"

"Yes Captain Sparrow." I heavily emphasized on the word Captain, knowing that he would like that.

"Well then, we're on our way."