Annemarie waited for Ellen. And waited and waited. A whole year had gone by since the end of the war, but still Annemarie waited. And just as she had promised, she wore the Star of David the whole time. Annemarie wore the star until she wondered if she would ever return it to her best friend. Mama kept the Rosen's apartment clean; sometimes going as far as making an extra meal for them on a day that seemed particularly hopeful. But now, Annemarie noticed, the days extra meals were made were very rare, and the Rosen's apartment seemed just a little bit dusty.

Then the boat came. Annemarie was staying at Uncle Hedrick's house at the time, so she was used to boats coming in and out of the harbor. But something made her look up, and she was glad she did. It was not a fishing boat. At least, it was once, Annemarie guessed, but there were no fish on it today. Instead there were people on it.

"Ellen!" Annemarie came running to meet her best friend. But was it Ellen? The short hair was long and braided; the playful eyes were solemn, and she was holding a sleeping baby.

"I'm so sorry" Annemarie apologized, her heart filled with renewed disappointment at coming so close at seeing her best friend ,"I thought you were someone I knew."

"Annemarie!" the young woman barely dared to whisper, "You've changed so much."

"Ellen?" Annemarie was amazed "That's impossible, your different, you have a baby!" Annemarie had been disappointed too many times to be fooled into hope again.

"But Annemarie it is me!" Ellen, if that's who it was thought Annemarie, beckoned.

"I can prove it's me, it is me Annemarie, it is!" out poured secrets that only Ellen would know about her. Annemarie almost fainted with shock realizing that after all this time she was finally seeing her best friend, but she remembered there was something important she had to do first. After one whole year, after so many memories, after being so scared that she would never see her best friend again, Annemarie gave Ellen the Star of David, because now it was safe to wear it again.

At diner that night, Annemarie inquired about the baby.

"She's my sister." Ellen explained proudly, "She was born in a secret compartment in the wall of somebody's house; we thought she was going to die, but here she is."

"Her name is Remembrance," Mr. Rosen explained, "because we have to remember."

Annemarie agreed that they had to remember, the scary times and the hard times. They had to remember. The whole world had to remember. So it would never happen again.