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Part 2: Matchmakers

Chapter 8: Council at Mirkwood?

Elrond received the scroll from Mirkwood, so it would seem. The healer read it twice, wondering why the king of Mirkwood would ask for him.

Imladris was a long way from Mirkwood, far longer than Lothlórien was. Thranduil must have made a mistake.

Elrond immediately called for Erestor and Glorfindel to meet him in his room. As soon as they entered, Elrond showed them the scroll.

"Why me?" he asked both the adviser and the warrior.

"Maybe he seeks your advice as a healer, or as a father, since Thranduil dotes on his only son," Erestor replied while Glorfindel nodded in agreement.

"He could have asked for Celeborn. He would reach sooner," Elrond stated.

"And you could ask him that when you get there," Glorfindel told him.

Elrond sighed heavily. "All right, then," he said, not having any other choice but to trouble his two friends with his sons. "You will have to watch my sons, especially the boy – he is unpredictable."

"He is merely a boy, for now," Erestor started, but got no further. It was quite hard to withstand that glare from Elrond.