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Edward's Pov:

I couldn't believe what had happened today, everything just kept going wrong. Today was my son's second birthday and I had promised Bella that I would be there to celebrate with our family and friends. I never planned on going into work! I had booked the day off over two months ago so I could be there for EJ but early that morning I was called and practically begged to come in.

There had been a major accident with a bus full of children and as a result I was needed to treat them all so I agreed to go in but little did I know that going into work that day would be the worst mistake I had ever made in my life.

Even though I had promised to be at my son's birthday party, I just couldn't get away and god, did I know that Bella was going to be furious! I knew that I had disappointed our son on his special day.

I felt like crying as I recalled the loss of my second patient. He had a punctured lung and I hated to see any child die but what distressed me most was that this little boy looked so much like my son. It was like someone was trying to tell me something but I needed to stay and help as there were still over twelve children that had yet to be seen.

Remembering today's events was taking its toll on me and all I wanted to do was be home with Bella and EJ. On my way home I stopped off at a local minute mark so that I could big up a big sorry gift for EJ and some flowers and chocolates to help butter Bella up.

Once I was inside I grabbed a trolley and started pushing it around the store until I game to a giant sized Peppa pig teddy which was perfect. I knew my son loved Peppa pig. I also found him an animal drawing pad with felt tips and a train track which came with over twenty seven trains and accessories.

Knowing that EJ would love the gifts I decided to go find something for Bella. I quickly spotted a large bunch of flowers which were a mixture of different colours, followed by a bottle of Bella's favourite wine and some of her beloved milk chocolates.

Finally I was feeling satisfied with what I had found, so I made my way to the till to pay for the items. Of course the presents burned a hole in my pocket but I didn't even mind as long as my family would find some joy in them.

It took me about twenty five minutes from the shops to arrive home which was fast as I had been speeding to try and make it home before EJ went to bed.

As I pulled into the driveway I noticed that something was off, as all the lights were off and Bella's car was missing which meant that EJ and Bella weren't home.

Shrugging it off I climbed out of the car and grabbed the presents from the boot.

My arms felt like they were going to collapse by the time I reached the front door, but luckily I didn't drop anything. Barely managing, I made it to the settee. I flopped down and placed the presents beside me.

After waiting twenty minutes I started to get worried and I quickly made the decision to call Alice. It rang four times and Alice answered in an aggravated tone.

"What do you want? If Bella kicked you out you're not coming here!" I quickly flinched back from the phone hearing the venom in my sister's voice. It scared the hell out of me.

"Oh come on Alice! You know I didn't intentionally miss EJ's party! Has Bella left yet?" I pleaded.

"What? Bella's not home yet? They left over an hour ago, Edward." Alice asked, I could hear the concern in her voice.

"Are you sure Alice? Who did they leave with?" I asked, panicking slightly.

"They left with Carlisle and Esme when you failed to come and collect them Edward!" Alice hissed angrily.

"I'm going to try and reach Mum and Dad. Alice, I'll call you back after I have spoken to them." I replied, feeling rather flustered.

"Ok Edward." Was the only reply I got. The dial tone beeped loudly before I hung up. Alice had slammed the phone down on me.

Without a second thought I dialled Carlisle's number. I needed to know if Bella and EJ were safe.

Carlisle answered after the two second rings "Hello son, what can I do for you?"

"Dad is Bella still with you? I asked cutting right to the chase.

"Sorry son but Esme and I dropped Bella and EJ home around forty five minute's ago!" Carlisle told me.

"Oh ok. Can I call you back in a minute Carlisle?" I asked. I was in a state of shock as I tried to think about where Bella could have gone with EJ at this late hour but I kept coming up with nothing.

"Of course, call us if you need us Edward." Carlisle replied before hanging up.

I ran into the kitchen looking for Bella's new number. I had forgotten to store it in my phone this morning as I had left in quite a hurry.

As I shuffled through the magazines on the table, I noticed a piece of paper, folded neatly into a square from the corner of my eye. I rapidly made my way across the room until I stood face to face with it. It was addressed to me.

For some reason my heart started to beat uncontrollably. I knew that what ever was on this piece of paper had been written by Bella as it was in her clumsy handwriting.

I closed my eyes and speedily unfolded the note and began to read in hope that it would tell me she had just popped out and would be back soon but that sadly was not the case.

As soon as I read the words Dear Edward, I knew something was up.

I can't believe that it has come to this but when you didn't turn up for EJ's party that was the last straw for me, Edward. Do you what has happened today? Of course not. You were not there to witness it as you promised you would be.

As I finished reading the sentence Bella had written I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my heart as if I knew the note would just get worse if I kept reading but for some reason I needed to find out what Bella had to say. So I carried on reading as each word tore my heart out little by little.

So let me clue you in on today. Our son choked on his cereal and I almost had a panic attack but you didn't answer your phone. So I had to call Carlisle to check on him when really it should've been you.

I couldn't believe EJ had choked and a thousand questions flew through my head, was EJ ok? What did Carlisle say? When did Bella call me? I didn't have any missed calls did I? I continued to read, searching for answers.

But that's not the only time that EJ has been feeling distressed today! I spent a good half an hour trying to calm him down when he noticed that you weren't there for the entire duration of the party.

I knew that EJ had been distressed but I hadn't realised how much my absence had upset him. Regret took over and tears started to dribble down my cheeks.

But on a higher note he loved his presents, you should have seen his face. I mean, the way it lit up made my heart want to explode with happiness! But your absence made everything darker than it had to be.

What had I done? My heart shuttered as I read the last part of the note.

I do love you Edward, with all my heart but I need to think of what is best for our children! I will call you when I get to wherever I am going. I love you, Edward. I hope things can change.

What did Bella mean by our children? "We only have EJ!" I thought to myself but suddenly something clicked.

Bella couldn't be pregnant. Could she?

Oh god, what have I done? I had put work before my family once again and it had cost me everything. I needed to sort it as soon as possible but I had no idea where they went, but I knew I still had a chance. Bella had written that she still loved me and I was going to do everything humanly possible to make it up to her.

I swiftly broke out of my frozen state and phoned the bank to check if there was any recent activity on our joint account. If she had used the card, I could trace where she was staying. Luckily Bella had used her credit card in a small hotel about a hour away from Forks.

Without a moments hesitation I jumped into my car and was on my way. I silently promised myself that I would not let Bella slip through my fingers. I loved her more than life itself.

Knowing that I could lose my family made me want to scream. I would do anything to prove to Bella that I was going to change for her and our family even if it meant me quitting my job to spend more time with them.

My hands were clenched around the steering wheel as I drove, I wanted to go faster but I had to stay within the speed limit as the last thing I needed was to be pulled over and for Bella to get away from me.

After what seemed like years I finally reached the hotel where my family was staying, it was raining heavily and it was pitch black outside but fortunately I could see standard size light just across from where I parked.

Not really caring about the rain I pulled my door open and made a mad dash across the car park in hope of getting to Bella and EJ quicker. At last I reached the check in area where an elderly lady was reading a large book.

"Excuse me; I am looking for my wife, Isabella Cullen. She would have checked in around about two hours ago and there would have been a little boy with her. Have you seen them?" I asked desperately and the elderly lady looked up at me through her glasses.

"Oh yes, dear! I remember a young lady holding a little toddler in her arms. She checked in around two hours and a half hour ago. I gave her room number thirty-one." The lady replied slowly.

"Thank you!" I shouted, already running for the stairs.

At long last I arrived at the room where Bella and EJ were hopefully staying. I gradually bought my hand forward to knock on the door as loudly as possible.

I hoped that Bella could hear me; she might have gone to bed. I waited anxiously for the door to open. I closed my eyes and leant against the door praying that Bella would open it.

Bella POV:

I decided to check into a hotel for the night when my tears finally became too much; I could barely see through the windscreen and I wasn't going to risk EJ or my baby getting hurt out of stupidity.

So that's why I am currently curled up on a battered, old sofa trying to hold myself together. EJ was sleeping soundly in the next room which I was grateful for as I knew he would never forgive me for taking him away from his Daddy, no matter how mad he was with him.

I kept thinking about the baby that might be growing inside of me and how I was taking the opportunity for Edward to see me carrying our baby away from him. He never got a chance with EJ as he was in a coma for the first five months of my pregnancy, so I felt really bad taking it away from him again.

My heart just kept on breaking, splitting down the middle as sobs shattered through my body. I needed to calm down; it wasn't good for the baby to be so stressed. I tried to relax but it was useless. I just wanted to be near Edward.

Another shudder of unease shot up my spine as I thought about him. I knew Edward had to decide between us and his job as it always seemed to be getting in the way of our family.

Not having the heart to ask Edward to give up something he loved doing, I decided to grin and bear it, in hope that things would slowly start to change...but they never did.

So here I was! An emotional wreck on a matted couch when I heard a loud forceful knocking on our hotel door.

I started to shake with fear as I remembered stories about young girls getting killed in hotels so I chose to stay put in hope that who ever it was would just go away.

I was still staring at the door when I heard a tormented scream come from outside and in that moment I was on my feet rushing towards the door. I would know that voice anywhere. The thought of Edward being hurt send panic through my system and I pulled the door open to see my life on his knees, only a foot away.

I could hear him muttering my name over and over again, he looked totally and utterly defeated.

"I'm too late." He whispered to himself.

My heart bled at the sight before me.

Without a moment's hesitation, I squatted down to Edward's level and whispered his name. I was finding it very hard to find my voice. Only a second later Edward raised his head slightly and his blood shot eyes met my red, puffy ones.

"Bella." Was all he said, before he scrambled forward and pulled me tightly against his body.

I tried to move slightly back so I could look him in the eyes but Edward just pulled me closer to him if that were possible.

"No, please no!" He muttered repeatedly under his breath.

" Edward!" I cried before I took a deep breath and said what I needed to say, "Edward...we're not coming back with you. Please try and understand that I can't let you break your promises any more." I tried to move out of his grasp again.

"No Isabella, I won't lose you. If you won't come back with me then I going with you. I tried so hard to get away from the hospital but a coach filled with children was involved in an accident. Some of the children have minor injuries but this one boy reminded me so much of EJ that I couldn't stop fighting for him. I never thought I would lose him Bella, you should have seen the heartbroken expression on his parent's faces when they arrived at the hospital to find out their son was dead!" He pleaded with me as he sobbed into my hair.

"You need to understand how you broke your promise, Edward! It's not going to be easy to forgive you! Our son could have choked to death today and you weren't there to help me! He's my first child! I didn't know what to do!" I murmured brokenly as another sob racked through my body.

"I'm sorry Bella, please! If I knew that our son was choking I would have been there in a heart beat, you both mean the world to me Bella!" He told me, cupping my face in his hands. And then he looked uncertainly at my stomach.

"What?" I asked, starting to feel uncomfortable under his gaze.

"Are you... I mean are you... pregnant Bella?" Edward asked, his voice turning soft.

"I might be." I answered truthfully as I brought my hand to my stomach.

"Oh Bella, that's great!," Edward said excitedly as he started laying soft kisses all over my face.

"Is it Edward?" I shouted pulling away before I continued "My husband is barely home and even when he is there, he's doing something relating to work and to top that off he missed his own son's birthday party!"

"Bella, I'm sorry! Please give me one more chance! I'll quit my job at the hospital and go and work with my father, tomorrow me, you and EJ can celebrate his birthday! Just the three of us with no distractions! Please Bella!"

I looked at him for a few moments before speaking.

"You've got a lot of making up to do Mr. Cullen." I said getting to my feet, offering my hand to him and pulling him into the hotel room.

The morning after Bella Pov:

I woke up with my arms wrapped around EJ and I could see Edward snuggled up close to him. All I could feel was love even though I was still so angry at him.

Needing the toilet, I decided to get up and use the bathroom only to return to little EJ awake in Edward's arms and staring at him in amazement.

"Mummy! Daddy here!" EJ muttered softly.

"Yes, would you like to go get some breakfast with mummy from the café or would you like to wait with daddy?" I asked as I walked towards the suitcase.

"Go with mummy!" EJ said, grinning at me.

"Ok, we need to change your nappy and put you in a new pair of clothes first." I said gently.

"Yeah!" EJ replied happy.

I walked closer to him and swiftly lifted him into my arms. After washing him under the shower I put a clean nappy on and found his Peppa pig clothes set.

Just as I finished dressing him, I heard a panicked scream.

Rushing out of the bathroom I found a heart-broken looking Edward sitting on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. His entire body was shaking.

But before I could reach out and comfort him EJ came waddling forward with tears in his eyes.

"Daddy?" He whispered urgently.

Edward's head snapped up and he quickly lifted himself off the floor. He rushed forward and pulled EJ and I into his arms.

"Thank god! I thought you'd changed your mind, Bella." He whispered.

"Never. EJ and I were just going to pick up some breakfast. Would you like to come?" I asked uncertainly.

"Of course," Edward replied linking our fingers together and I smiled.

After breakfast we found a park for EJ to play in, I could tell EJ was having so much fun as he whooshed down the slide. Edward kept a close eye on him but never left my side.

I could tell that he was truly sorry for what he had done and I found myself loving having my husband back to how he was when we first got married.

We must have been there for a couple of hours as we heard the ice cream van pull up and decided to get some but on our way back from the park, Edward's phone started to ring and I silently begged he wouldn't answer it. Much to my dismay he did but the conversation did not turn out the way I expected.

And then I heard the words that made me fall in love with Edward all over again.

"I'm sorry but I quit. I refuse to lose my family because of my job. So if you'll excuse me I have my wife and son to attend to," The moment he hung up I was in his arms.

"Thank you." Was all I said before crushing my lips against his in a passionate kiss.

I could see things finally looking up for all of us and I knew with Edward by my side everything would be okay. But I also knew I would never forget what Edward had done to me and EJ but I was willing to give it one more shot. After all, what is love all about?

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