Tender Moments

"Bellllllaaaa…." I heard a voice behind me say.

"Yes?" I asked, smiling while stirring the pasta I was making on the stove.

"Hello, my beautiful wife." He murmured in my ear, folding his arms around me and resting his head on my shoulder. I put the wooden spoon down and leaned back into his suit clad chest. I closed my eyes as he kissed my neck, his hands resting on my protruding belly.

"Damn, you smell good." He said into the soft skin below my ear.

I laughed, turning around in his arms, my lips finding his. He kissed me softly for a moment before pulling away and saying,

"Can you believe its been a year already? It seems like just yesterday… It was the best day of my life, no- the day you told me you were pregnant- that was the best day of my life." He said, smiling hugely.

That was definitely the best day of my life so far. Our wedding day was a close second though, as he said.

Today was our first wedding anniversary, and it had been almost six months since I had told him that a little one would be joining our family.

"I love you so much". I said, resting my forehead against his chest, closing my eyes.

"I love you more." He said, using that crooked grin that he knew I loved so much. And then he dropped to his knees in front of me.

"And I love you, pretty baby." He said, kissing my stomach softly, before resting his cheek against it.

He said the words with so much love, it made me want to cry. He was going to be such a great dad.

As the tears brimmed over, he looked up to my eyes and quickly stood up.

"Bella, what's wrong?" He asked, taking my face in his hands.

Just when I was about to answer, I felt a sharp kick from my abdomen. I gasped and grabbed his hand, placing it on my tummy in the same spot I had felt our baby's little feet.

I was six months pregnant, yet I had never felt any major kicking like the one that just happened.

Just then, I felt another kick, and by the look on his face, I knew Edward had felt it too. First, is features were dominated by shock, but it soon turned to joy, and a huge smile overtook his face.

"Oh my gosh, Bella…I am so happy." He said before kissing me, with his hands still resting on my stomach.

"I love you so much. More than you'll ever know." He said after pulling away. I laughed and hugged him.

It's tender moments like these that make life worth living.

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