I. Hawaii and "Maybe Some Other Time"

"So, I was reading online last night about this place in Hawaii. It's called the Seven Sacred Pools. You slide down this waterfall, into a pool of water that feels like a million kisses all over your body," Patrick Jane told Teresa Lisbon and her fiancé, Emmett Oliver.

Lisbon looked intrigued. "Really? A million kisses all over your body?" she closed her eyes and sighed, like she was there. "That must feel amazing."

"It probably does," Jane agreed, turning to Emmett. "So, anyways. . . I know that this is short notice. You're getting married in a week. But I didn't have a chance to buy Lisbon a wedding gift. I would love to pay for you two to go visit this place. . . before or after your honeymoon."

Lisbon's eyes widened. "Jane. . . I – we – couldn't ask you to do that! That's way too generous—"

"I'm not talking to you right now," Jane cut her off, he looked back at Emmett. "So? How about it?"

"Didn't Teresa tell you?" Emmett asked. "I'm sure she would have."

"What did you tell me Lisbon?" Jane asked, glancing over at Lisbon.

"I didn't tell you anything," Lisbon answered. "Come on Emmett, we have dinner reservations in twenty minutes. We don't want to lose them."

"What didn't you tell me?" Persisted Jane.

"That Emmett and I aren't going on a honeymoon," Lisbon answered quickly. "I didn't need to tell you, because you would have found out when I came into work the day after the wedding. Now, come on Emmett—"

"Sorry honey, but I have to be somewhere right now." Emmett pressed a hasty kiss on her forehead. "A late meeting. . . they let me go for thirty minutes so I could come check in on you. But I promised them that I'd come right back. So. . . maybe we can meet for lunch tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow Jane and I are taking the team out for lunch," Lisbon answered slowly. "But Jane can manage by himself. Can't you Jane?"

"Sure," Jane said. "I mean, we are talking about three adults here. Not a dozen screaming kindergartners. Right?"

She smiled. "Of course. Right. Emmett, lunch tomorrow. . . sounds wonderful."

"Okay then, goodnight Teresa." Emmett turned to Jane and shook his hand. "Jane."

"So?" Jane asked after Emmett had left.

"So, do you want to join me for dinner?" Lisbon replied. "The reservation is under my name. And it'll make up for my skipping lunch with you tomorrow. I mean, do you have plans for tonight? If not—"

"I'd love to join you for dinner," Jane said. "Come on, I'm paying."

"And the stupid thing is, I still want to marry him, inspite of everything that's wrong with him," Lisbon said as they ate dessert.

"The heart wants what the heart wants," Jane answered. "Consequences be cursed."

"Except, I don't know if my heart wants him," Lisbon replied in a low voice. "My mind's telling me that he's the right choice."

"Even though he doesn't seem to care a thing about you or your desires and needs?" Jane asked, almost angrily.

"Yes," Lisbon answered.

"Well then, good luck to you. I hope you two are very happy together."

"You must think I'm crazy."

"No," Jane said. "I'd only think you were crazy if there were men lined up around the block, vying for your attention, and you were ignoring all of them for Emmett."

Lisbon smiled. "I like Emmett."

"You said like not love," Jane pointed out.

"Well, there aren't many people that I love," Lisbon answered. "And I love you more than any other person that I know."

"Well, don't let Emmett hear you say that. He's already jealous of you and I. He's convinced that we're having a scandalous affair."

"You and me?" Lisbon asked. "Me and you?"

"You'd only be confirming what he already thinks he knows."

"What do you mean?"

"If you tell Emmett that you love me more than anybody."

A song started to play and Lisbon smiled at Jane. "Do you want to dance?"

Jane shook his head. "Not tonight. . . maybe some other time?"

"Like never. Right?"

"I didn't say that," Jane said.

"But you were thinking it," Lisbon replied. "I've known you long enough to know what you're thinking."

Jane leaned over the table and kissed her cheek. "Good night Lisbon. Go home and get some rest. I'll see you first thing in the morning."

"I'll pay my half of the bill," Lisbon said. "No, I'll pay all of it. I asked you—"

"I said I'd pay, and I'm going to pay. What kind of man would I be if I didn't keep my word?"

"You'd be Patrick Jane," Lisbon answered, standing up anyways. "The man you've always been. Good night Jane. I'll see you in the morning."