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Where we last left off, Hogwarts has been destroyed, and Voldemort has been defeated, along with Malfoy Sr. However, all of the Deatheaters still remain. It was to be the foursome's seventh year, however, with the school destroyed, everyone's education is put to an abrupt halt.

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Within three weeks of Hogwart's destruction, the Forbidden Forest had regained what magic and life it had lost. Most of the student population had scattered to the four winds, going to what magical schools could accept them in a hurry.

The celebrations were dying down from Voldemort's death, and now the Ministry was scrambling to find a new place for their students. The staff that remained were in constant meetings with the Ministry of Magic, their days filled with debates on where to build a new school, how much it would cost, and many, many other things.

To be frank, there wasn't enough money to go around, building another school like Hogwarts. Harry was sick and tired of the reporters hounding them, and part of him just wanted to go back to the muggle world, where no one knew them.

Harry glared at the reporters at the front gates as he hurried in, greeting a House elf absently. The gates shut after him, not admitting the reporters. He walked further into the grounds. The House elves had made quick work of the destruction, cleaning it up pretty quickly. Hagrid's hut and the stables were all that remained of the school- most likely because they had been built by hand, separately from the rest of the school, when Hagrid had been given the Gamekeeper's position fifty years before hand.

Only a handful of students had remained behind on the grounds, because they had no where else to go. Harry, Luna, Neville, and Draco were in a tent not too far away from Hagrid's hut, while Susan and Daphne shared a tent of their own. Hermoine came back and forth from the grounds and Hogsmeade, where she was renting a room.

Dean, Colin, and Dennis had remained as well, and were sharing a tent together. The small grouping was all close to the Gamekeeper's hut, in a semi-circle, with a fire pit somewhere in the middle.

The House elves were still on the grounds as well, and were fashioning a home for themselves out of the few remaining stones left of Hogwarts. The creatures of the forest walked the grounds freely, and they all knew that once winter hit, the humans were going to have to leave.

Susan, Daphne, and Hermoine had tested out of their NEWTS, as had Harry, Luna, Neville and Draco. Dean, Colin, and Dennis had opted out of going back to school- with their parents dead, they couldn't go anyways.

Harry gave a slight nod to Colin as he passed the boy, who was putting some firewood in the pit.

"It's going to be cold tonight."

Harry sighed roughly, and saw Neville come out of their tent. He went to Harry's side, and hugged him. "Hey…you okay?"

"They're planning to build a new school in Bristol."

Colin looked up in surprise. "Really?"

Harry shrugged. "It won't be finished, they're hoping, by next fall. It's going to have to be built the muggle way." He leant into Neville's chest. "The reporters were asking me tons of questions. I feel like…they're expecting me to do something…fantastic, and magically save Hogwarts."

"But it's gone. What are they expecting you to do?" Neville asked softly.

"I don't know." Harry made a face, looking down at his feet. "We can't stay here, Nev. Sooner or later, the Ministry or somebody will kick us off this land."

"It's public property. No one owns it."

"I know that, and I'm sure they know that, but they'll do anything to try to get us to do what they want."

Neville ran a hand through Harry's hair. "Harry…maybe we should go to the muggle world."

Harry pulled away from the other boy, frowing. "I feel like we're running away, if we do that."

Neville took Harry by the hand. "Let's talk about it with Draco and Lu tonight, okay? We can't just wait here and see what happens. I'm not talking about leaving the magical world completely…just…not living here. We can work here, and do business here, but I think living here is just…too much."

And Neville was certainly right. In the past three weeks, there hadn't been a day when at least one of them hadn't made the paper. It was getting a little tiring, honestly.

Harry made a face, knowing that Neville was right.

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