A/N: Sequel to A Zutara Story. Since this story is going to be told from Saph and Kya's POV, I have to make them seem smart. Keep that in mind...

Next Generation

Chapter 1: Vacation

Kya's POV

Me and my little sis were looking out the window at Mommy and Daddy. They were kissing..that's so cute!

"Awww," sissy said, interrupting their moment. I giggled as they caught us watching. We got back in our beds as the sun went down, and we tried going to sleep, but we were too excited. So we kept talking.

"I can't wait! It's gonna be so fun!"my sister said. Daddy said we would have a fun vacation.

"I know! I wonder what surprises he was talking bout,"I said, rubbing my chin. I wanna have the best first vacation ever!

"I hope Mommy and Daddy have fun!" Of course they will. Daddy was planning, so of course.

"Yeah, me too! And Daddy said we were gonna leave tomorrow!"

"REALLY?" she screamed this time. The door opened and Mommy and Daddy were standing there. Sissy and me covered our open eyes with the blankets, as Mommy and Daddy came closer to us.

"Come on princess, we know your awake." Daddy said, stroking my hair.

"Yeah, come on sissy."I said, shaking her body. She didn't move. She was sleeping.

"Honey, your sister's asleep." Mommy said.

"But she-"I looked over at her again and she snored."oh never mind." I wish I was able to do that. She falls asleep hecka fast!

"Get some sleep, Ky-ky,"Daddy said, kissing my forehead.

"Good night, baby,"Mommy said, hugging me. I lay back down as her and Daddy left the room. Some time later, I fell asleep, dreaming about the best vacation ever...

"Wake up, princess," I hear as Mommy wakes me up. I rub my eyes and I look at Daddy, who picks me up. He walks down the hall, out of the palace, to the boat place(dock) and we get on a boat. On the boat, we walk down the stairs, down the hallway, and into a room. The room had one big bed, two small beds, and a couple things on the wall. Daddy sets me on the big bed and Mommy and Daddy sit next to me.

I sit on Daddy's lap and suddenly, I feel his hands attack my waist.

"DADDY STOP TICKLING ME!" I am laughing so much that I wake up sissy. "DADDY! YOU WOKE UP SISSY! HAHAHAHA! STOP IT!"

Daddy stopped tickling me and sis came over and sat next to us.

"My turn!" she says, causing us to laugh, and her to get tickled.

After we had breakfast, Mommy came into our bedroom carrying a poster.

"Hey Zuko, remember this?" she said to Daddy, handing him the poster.

"Can I see? Can I see?"Saph and me say at the same time.

"Brings back memories," Daddy said, handing the poster to us. The poster has a picture of Uncle Aang, Auntie Toph, Daddy, Mommy, and the words 'Ember Island Players present The Boy in the Iceberg (improved)' on it. Under neath the words, it says 'where the Avatar and his friends are now'

"Oh Zuko, can we go?"Mommy asks.

"Yeah Daddy! I wanna go!" I said, even though I don't know what they are talking about. I look over the poster again. Oh! It's a play!

"Yeah, it's a good idea for the girls to see what a bad person there father was." he says. What? Daddy's not a bad person!

"Come on Daddy! Your not bad!" Saph says, tugging on his shirt.

"Yeah, and anyways, you've changed," Mommy says, kissing his cheek. I guess I made an obvious disgusting look because Daddy had chuckled after he looked at me.

"Alright, alright. We can go. How about tomorrow?"

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