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What Happens On Eros...


You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Doctor Martha Elizabeth Jones


Doctor Thomas James Milligan

The Doctor placed the lacy white invitation decorated with red and pink roses and wedding bells on the console. He didn't need to read the rest; he had no intention of watching the woman he loves marry someone else.

Donna walked into the console room; she spotted Martha's wedding invitation lying haphazardly on the console. "You finally open it." she observed. "Will you be wearing your tux?"

"I haven't decided if I wanted to partake in the festivities." He replied, climbing under the console to repair a few loose wires.

"Doctor you can't do that." She protested. "Martha is one of your dearest friends. You got to be there."


"She expects you to be there." She bends down and looked at him. "Doctor it will break her heart if you don't show up."

"How do you think I feel?" he mumbled under his breath.

"What's that?"


"Oh no you don't Space boy." She said, dragging his lanky body from under the console. "You are going to talk to me."

"Donna I have to…" She put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "Alright, right." He sighed in defeat. He stood up and scratched the back of his perfectly wild hair. He was about to revealed his secret.

"Why don't you want to attend Martha's wedding?"

He looked at her with his big sad puppy dog expression on his face. "Isn't it obvious?" He said as if that explained it all.

Donna stared at him for a few minutes then it dawn on her.

"No way." She gasped, hitting him on the forearm. "You're in love with Martha?"

"Surprise." He joked, a ghost of a smile appeared on his face.

"How long have you felt this way?" Donna asked softly. She was surprised he had those kinds of feelings for Martha. The last time the three of them spent anytime together was at Jack's birthday party several months ago. She remembers the Doctor and Martha sitting off from the others whispering amongst themselves but she didn't think nothing of it, those two always had a close relationship.

"I had known how I felt about her since Messaline." He confessed. "My brother informed me although we share the same memories; he wasn't in love with Rose but with Martha. John Noble made it perfectly clear he wasn't going to be used as my substitute to placate my sick fantasy of living happily ever after with Rose."


John leaned against the wall with his arms folded, staring in Martha's direction. He wanted to talk to her while he still had he chance. He had so many things to tell her before the Doctor abandons him with Rose in the parallel universe.

The Doctor saw him looking longingly at Martha and frowned. Why wasn't he looking at Rose that way? John pushed himself off the wall, he was about to approach her when the Doctor stepped in front of him.

"You come with me." He hissed in his ear. John followed his brother to one of the many rooms on the TARDIS for privacy.

John wasn't too pleased with the plans the Doctor had for his life, to dump him on a parallel world away from everyone he knows, without asking him what he wanted to do.

The Doctor turned to him, his eyes narrow.

"What is it?" John asked, as if he didn't already know the answer.

"Stay away from Martha Jones." the Doctor warned him. "I'm giving you to Rose."

John scoffed at his audacity."You have it all figure out don't you Space boy?" he sneered, letting the Donna in him come out. "You're in love with Rose so I must be in love with Rose?"

"You have my memories, you know how I feel about her." the Doctor countered, wondering why John was fighting him on this.

"And I know how you feel about a certain doctor." John shot back; daring the Doctor to deny his claim.

The Doctor's face faltered.

"I might look like you, and have your memories but I also have Donna's stubbornness and independence streak." John reminded him. "I will not confirm to what you think I should be or how I should feel."

"But Rose…"

John rolled his eyes. "Doctor give it a rest, Rose will not be happy with me because I am not her Doctor, I don't come with a Tardis. I am human." He stated. "In the end we will both end up hating each other."

"But surely you can learn…"

"Nope, not going to happen." John interrupted him. "I'm in love with Martha Jones."

The Doctor shook his head; this has to be a bad dream, he had never figured in the factor that his human self will prefer Martha over Rose.

"Doctor everything is going to work out." John assured him upon seeing the perplexed look on the Doctor's face. "I will have my Martha Jones and you can have yours if you open your mouth and beg her forgiveness for the shitty way you had treated her for starters."


John smiled as he patted his brother on the shoulder. "As for me I am going to use your memories as a perfect example as how not to treat my Martha Jones."


"Doctor there is no fool like an old fool." John reminded him before he left his brother alone with his thoughts.


"John didn't hold anything back did he?" Donna replied with a smug look on her face.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "He takes after you." He deadpanned.

Donna smacked him on the back of the head.

"Ouch." He said, rubbing the back of his head. "What was that for?"

"You are pathetic." She said. "You are going to let Martha walk away from you without putting up a fight?"

"Didn't you read the invite?" he replied. "They had set a date."

Donna rolled her eyes. "So." She huffed, "You still have time."

"Donna…" She grabbed his mobile from the cradle, "What are you doing?" he reached for the phone; Donna pushed him away. "Come on Donna." he whined

She ignored him as she pressed Martha's number.

"Who are you calling?" he asked. "Is it Martha?"

Donna rolled her eyes at him, the phone rang.

"It is Martha isn't it?" he reached for the phone again,

Donna slapped his hands away.

"Hello?" Martha greeted with a bright smile in her voice.

"Hello love, this is Donna."

"Oh hi Donna, where's the Doctor? Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine, couldn't be lovelier."

Give me the phone. He mouthed.

Donna shook her head. "The reason why I'm calling is the Doctor will like to take you on a trip sort of like a bachelorette party type getaway."

He stretched out his hand.

"That would be great." Martha agreed. "It is really sweet of him wanting to throw me a bachelorette party. Is he near by? I want to thank him."

"He is right here." Donna handed him the phone. "She wants to speak to you." The Doctor looked at her as if she had handed him a pear. Donna gestured for him to place the phone to his ear. Now. She mouthed.

The Doctor cleared his throat and placed the phone against his ear. "Hello Martha." He greeted, sounding like a smitten teenager.

"Hello Doctor." Martha greeted. "I want to thank you for your thoughtful gift. I am really looking forward to spending some time with my best friend."

He cringed at the word friend. "Well you know me Martha, always thinking about my friends."

Donna shook her head in pity.

"Where are we going?"

"Um…Where are we going?" he repeated. "Where would you like to go?" he looked at Donna.

Some place nice and sunny. She mouthed.

"…some place nice and sunny." He repeated to Martha.

With no giant bugs.

"With no giant bugs."

Donna smiled, giving him the thumbs up sign.

"Mmmm sounds fantastic." Martha said. "So what is the name of this fantastic place?"

"What is the name of this fantastic place?" he repeated. The Doctor looked at Donna, pleading for her help.

A mischievous glint shone in her eyes.

Eros. She mouthed.

What? He mouthed back.

Eros. She mouthed more slowly.

"Eros?" he repeated out loud. "Eros!" he exclaimed in horror.

Donna nodded, satisfied.

"Eros sounds decadent." Martha laughed. "Just what I need."

The Doctor laughed as he simultaneously gave Donna a withering glance.

"What shall I pack?"


Donna, feeling sorry for Martha took the phone from the Doctor. "Martha, pack your tiniest bikini and a bottle of sunscreen." She replied. "Leave a note for Tom and expect us in five minutes." Donna disconnected the call.

The Doctor's jaw dropped.

"What?" She asked innocently. "Where we're going Martha isn't going to need anything else."

"Eros Donna?"

"You can thank me later." She replied with a wink." This reminds me, I need something or someone to keep me company while you are wooing the fair Martha." Donna punched in Jack's number.

"Hello Doctor." Jack greeted in a low seductive voice. "Change your mind about my offer?"

Donna cleared her throat, looking at the Doctor amused. "What offer Jack?" she asked, taking great pleasure in seeing the Doctor turned five shades of red.

Jack chuckled. "Hello red."

"Hey gorgeous." Donna responded breathlessly. "I have an offer for you."

"What is it?"

"A trip to Eros to chaperon the Doctor and Martha."

A wide grin spread across Jack's lips. "The Doctor and Martha?"

"Yeah, he is taking her there for her bachelorette party getaway."

Jack laughed. "Does the Doctor know what goes on in Eros?"

"Of course he does." Donna replied, winking at the Doctor. "That's why he's taking Martha."

"I'm in."

"Good, we will be there to pick you up in a few." Donna disconnected the call. "Come on Martian boy, time a-wasting."

The Doctor moved towards the console. "You feel pretty pleased with yourself, don't you?"

"Of course I do." She agreed. "Doctor if I left it up to you, you will be celebrating Martha and Tom's golden anniversary and all the while thinking what if…"

Donna sighed as she wrapped her arms around her friend. "Doctor I want you to be happy." She said. "And if I can do anything to prod you along then I will."

A wide smile spread on his lips, having Donna around was an adventure in itself.

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