You say paranoid, I say careful

Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Rating: G
Genre: suspense, angst
Characters/Pairings: Caroline
Any warnings: Mostly AU, fleeting mentions of character death.
Disclaimer: Vampire Diaries (tv series) and its characters are not mine. I only write fan fiction for funs and entertainment.
A/N: There is definitely to little Caroline-centric fics out there!


She remembers many times when she used to open the door and tell who ever it was to come in… or someone would ask if they could come in and she would answer with a quick and youthful ‚yes' or ‚sure'. Those times are long gone.

Nowadays she doesn't open the door with a 'yes' or a 'sure'. Even those words she learned are fatal.

Nowadays she carefully opens the door and stares at the person. She asks questions. Even when a pizza-delivery or a mailman comes, she's careful to note if he is someone she's already seen around before or not. She regards anyone stepping before her door with care. Makes sure to remember the face. Put the memory of it carefully away, stored and to be used again.

Some people would probably call her paranoid or over-careful. She's even heard worse ways of describing how she behaves.

Some people say that she's earned herself to be paranoid; with one missing ex-boyfriend; one dead boyfriend; a murdered mother and a kidnapped friend and another one thinking she was a witch.

She could tell those people to mind their own business or that they have no clue... of how much she really earned to be paranoid.

The missing ex-boyfriend, isn't just anyone. Her missing ex-boyfriend is no one else but a century old vampire who found his love interest and is now chasing her across the US.

She could tell people that her dead boyfriend used to be a fun-loving, nice guy. A quarterback. That he was called Matt and that he was probably the nicest guy she's ever met, that he was good to her. And that it wasn't just anyone who killed him. That it was in fact herself who had to stake him after him turning into a vampire and almost dinning on her. Or that she couldn't sleep for a full month after that, that she saw monsters in every shadow, that she had to sleep with all the lights on in her home.

She could tell people that her mother wasn't simply murdered. That she was tortured before she died. By vengeful vampires who thought they had a right to kill the sheriff of the town.

She could go on and tell people that her kidnapped friend wasn't just anyone. She had been friends with Elena from first grade. They had been through a lot together, and the fact that she was now missing; that not even Stefan seemed to know where she was – that all of that was killing her mentally.

And then there was her other best friend. The supposed 'crazy witch' who was in fact also a real witch. The only one she had left for support, the only one who she could trust nowadays.

She sighed. Maybe she was paranoid. Maybe she wasn't. She really couldn't tell anymore where reality ended and where her threatened thoughts and mind stared.