Emmett POV

As I looked up at the grand building that continued from where I stood to halfway down the street, I wondered yet again how Jazz had convinced me to break into this place two weeks ago. Then I remembered it had been me who had convinced him. I sighed loudly.

"I know right." Jasper shook his head. "We are never going to fit in here. We shouldn't be here."

"But thanks to you two muppets we are, so stop your whinging." Edward shoved Jasper as he spoke.

"Yeah, muppet." I shoved Jasper from the other side. Jazz regained himself and squared up to me. On his tiptoes he was still a good five inches smaller than me. It was laughable, it really was.

"Oh, get off your high horse Em, this is just as much your fault, if not more." Edward said, stepping in the middle of us. "Now come on, lets get this over with." He pushed Jasper towards the stairs that led to what I guessed was the front door. I followed behind the two of them, and started reliving the last time I was here.


"Get out, and stay out!" shouted the landlord of the Hare and Hounds.

"I don't think he likes us." Jasper slurred. We were all drunk out of our heads and had been kicked out of the pub when I tried to seduce a lovely looking lady. Only problem was, this lovely looking lady had a very angry husband. Lets just say things didn't go my way on this attempt.

"You know what Mr Whitlock," Edward replied "I think you may be right."

"I don't like it when people don't like me." Jasper pouted as he slung his arm around Edwards neck.

"Get off of me you girl." Edward aimed his arm in Jasper's direction, completely missing his target.

"Hey! At least you got that girls number" I said as I put Jasper's other arm around my shoulder. He appeared to be the most drunk out of the three of us as he stumbled down the street. I could never tell how drunk Edward was though, he did a good job of covering it up.

"That's… that's very true Emmett." Jasper grinned. "She was hot."

"Yeah she was." Edward nodded.

"Wonder when I should call. Leave it a couple of days right?" Jasper looked at me first and then Edward. Assuming it was a rhetorical question I didn't give him an answer. Edward however suddenly didn't look in a fit enough state to be able to put together an answer. Maybe he wasn't so good at covering after all.

"Yes Jasper, leave it a couple of days Jasper, good idea Jasper." Jazz said sarcastically to himself.

"How about, shut up Jasper?" I suggested.

"Oh, now he can speak. How about you Edward. Cat got your tongue?" Jasper shook Edward. It was at that moment that the pavement got to see what Edward had been eating and drinking tonight. As did my new shoes.

"Well, cheers Eddie. That's brilliant. I thought they looked a bit boring, they got a nice new pattern now." I grumbled.

"S-s-sorry Emmett" Edward whispered.

I shook my head, dismissing his apology and looked up in front of me. None of us had been looking where we were going and it appeared we must have taken a wrong turning somewhere. A massive building stood in front of me. It looked like nothing that would ever be in my neighbourhood. Definitely taken a wrong turning.

"What is this place?" I asked the other two. They both shrugged and collapsed on a bench a few feet away.

"H-A-O-T-A. What the hell is that?" I asked no-one in particular. I stepped into the road to get a closer look. As I walked across I saw just how big the place was.

"I'm going inside to clean up. You losers coming or what?" I turned to look at them whilst shaking the door. Locked. Damn it. The drink seemed to be urging me to be more daring though. Window it was.

"No. I am not coming!" Edward suddenly burst out. "You can't make me. I wont go." He stomped his foot on the floor. "Leave me alone."

I smothered a laugh. I'd have to remind him about his tantrum tomorrow. If I remembered that was.

"Yea, I'm coming" Jasper ran into the road without looking. He was so lucky there wasn't a car coming. I shook my head at him idiocy and turned back towards the window.

"Hey! Wait up! Don't leave me!" Edward somehow still had the sense to check the road before running to join us.

"Doors locked" I told them "Gimme a boost up to this window so I can see whether it's open."

"Hell no man." Jasper shook his head. "We cant just like, break in or whatever""

"Watch me." I argued back. "Edward you gonna help me?" I turned to where Edward had been stood and was now slumped on the floor. Take that as a no then.

"Come on Jazz, don't be such a wuss. Just help me up. Ill go in, then we can leave."

Jasper still shook his head. "Your too heavy dude. I wont be able to hold you."

I took that in for a minute. He was probably right. Looking around I tried to find another way in. All I could see around us was grass, trees and a broken off bit of concrete from the curb. That was it, I'd break the window. I bent down, grabbed the piece of concrete and took a step back from the window.

"Emmett, no!" Jasper shouted. But he was too late. I'd already thrown it and a loud smash echoed around us. This woke Edward up with a start.

"What the hell!" He yelled, jumping to his feet.

"Calm yourself Edward. Just a window smashing. Come on, I'm going in." I jumped up and grabbed the window ledge. Using all my upper body strength, which is rather a lot may I add, I pulled myself into the building.

"Woah! Check out this place."

It was serious posh. Trophy cabinets lined the walls. Pictures of dancers, some in tight leotards, others in more of a street dance type get up. I looked to my other side. Lockers. What was this place? Some kinda school?

"Yo! Jazz man. You gotta see this. Chuck Edward up to me and then come in here."

"Nah. Im good down here. Just hurry up. My mom's gonna be wondering where I am."

I laughed loudly. "Don't be so whipped. Come on."

"I am not whipped! Fine. Edward's coming up."

I leant out of the window and took Edward from Jaspers hands.

"Where am I going?" Edward mumbled.

"Into," I paused. I didn't actually know where we were. "H-A-O-T-A" I finally answered.

Edward shrugged and walked towards a chair in the corner.

Jasper's hands suddenly appeared on the window ledge. "Em, help! I'm falling. I'm gonna die. And I never got to call hot girl."

I grabbed his hands and pulled him through into the hall where I stood.

"Jeez. What is this?" He asked me. I shrugged and started down the corridor. One room was a dance studio. Dance studio, after dance studio, after dance studio. Finally something different.

"Wow! Check out this recording studio!" Jasper shouted to me as I pulled Edward along.

"We shouldn't be in here." Edward complained, aiming a punch at my chest which about as much power as one month old.

"Yeah, okay." I answered him. "We're leaving in a…..oh my god!" I walked into the biggest theatre I had ever seen in my life. Not that I'd been in many, but this was huge. "Edward, check this out! Jasper, get in here!" I walked towards the stage that was full of props and costumes. I tried on a hat and heard a laugh from behind me. Jasper had followed me towards the costumes and was grabbing a large coat. I found a sword and held it out towards him.

"On guard!" I shouted, jabbing at him. He smirked at me and turned his back. Miffed, I continued to poke him, hoping for a reaction. He didn't disappoint. He grabbed a chunk of wood and swung for me. We continued to play fight until Jasper tripped on his long coat. He continued to laugh though as I repeatedly hit him on the head.

"Alright, alright. Let me get up."

Thinking I was helping, I pulled on his coat. He pulled one way, I pulled the other and I fell. Straight into a rack of costumes. Which hit a prop. Which hit another prop. Around me the whole set was falling apart before my eyes.

"Jasper, quick! Grab it!" I yelled. Jasper leapt to his feet and grabbed the falling piece.

"Edward, get over here and help brother." I started picking up the stuff around me.

"Sorry McCarty, no can do. I will however turn the lights on for you. Wonder if this is it."

Edward pressed something on the wall.


"Uh oh." I heard Edward mutter.

End of flashback

The outcome of that evening out was not good. After being caught by the security of H-A-O-T-A we were sent to the police station. This seemed to sober Edward up rather quickly. We were found in the middle of a very much destroyed set, with the stupid coat and hat still on. They didn't need much more evidence to charge us. We had to spend the night in a cell though, each of our parents refusing to come and bail us out. After a restless nights sleep, the police sergeant entered. Followed by my mother. Now it was my turn to be whipped. After a week of being my mom's slave, I was taken to court, along with Jasper and Edward. There was no denying mine and Jazz' part in the evening, but Edward was a different story. I argued that he technically hadn't done anything to the place and that he was too drunk to really know what was happening. The judge however argued that he was found in the building, therefore had broken in with us. We were told that the principal of H-A-O-T-A would rather we helped around the building than were sued. So, it was some kind of school then. And that's how we ended up here.

"Hey! Watch were you're going!" A girl yelled, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry." I mumbled, rushing after Edward and Jasper. Not before I saw a smile grace her face though, once her eyes found my face. It was undeniable that the three of us were good looking boys. We had a good time with the ladies but it wasn't like we were jerks. Nice lads, I'd say. Just.. got caught up on a fun night out. I rolled my eyes to myself as I looked around. People rushed here and there, going from room to room. Some blocked up the hallways as they stopped for conversations. Others were dancing around in the studios I'd seen on that fateful night.

"Where should we go?" I heard Edward say, somewhere in the background. But he didn't have my attention. Someone else was very much owning that at the moment. She looked like she was teaching a class. She was going through the movements slowly, the girls and a few guys behind her copying her. Her hips moved easily, the few loose hairs that strayed from her bun swayed around her face as she danced. Her blonde hair shone in the lights. The people behind her had nothing on her. She moved so easily, I was speechless. And that didn't happen often. I drifted towards the door of the studio, nearly knocking over people as I went.

"Oi, Emmett. Where are you-oh!" Jasper gave me a knowing look as he followed my eye line. He grabbed Edward's shoulder and pulled him after me. I still wasn't paying full attention though. The girl was laughing with the boy next to her, trying to teach him the moves. It was obvious to me that he already knew what he was supposed to be doing and was simply prolonging his time with this beautiful girl. And my god, was she beautiful. The most stunning thing I had seen in my life. Her smile lit up her eyes. Her perfect lips curved upwards into that grin. Her nose wrinkled as she figured out another way to teach the boy the moves. She brushed her fringe away from her face and tucked the loose pieces behind her ears. Purple diamond earrings shone from her ears. I shook my head. Why was I noticing all these small details?

"Earth to McCarty. Do you reach us?" Edward laughed.

"Shut up man. I'm busy." I smirked as I tore my eyes away from the girls curves. My eyes had started to wander and I needed to stop that before she noticed.

"Yes we are well aware of that." Jasper smirked back at me.

"Alright, lets go!" I heard someone yell from the front of the group. The voice was like music. Music that I would dance to. And I knew who it would belong to. "Ready?"

A chorus of yes' filled the room. Everyone got back into their positions. I realised we were still stood in the door, watching the situation unfold. We needed to go to the reception, tell whoever was looking after us this month that we were here. But that was far down my to-do list. At the moment, she was at the top.

"Can we stay and watch?" I whispered to Edward. He laughed and nodded. I turned my attention back to her. She skipped her way towards the music player, hit play I assumed and made her way to the front of the group. I thought she would join in but she turned to face the group and counted in for them.


The group moved through the dance. Everyone seemed to be doing different things and yet somehow, it was so well put together. I could see her smiling to herself. She was pleased with how it looked. She nodded her head along to the music and seemed to be moving to the music subconsciously. The dance finished with a fast piece of music and a sudden stop. She clapped her hands and grinned at the group.

"Guys, that was the best one yet. It's gonna be great, I just know it. If you've got any questions, see me now. If not, I'll see you all Wednesday" She turned her back on the group and walked back over towards the music player, changing the CD. I watched some peole start to move to pack up their stuff as five or six guys that were in the class all gathered around one other guy. They all started whispering stuff too him, egging him on for something. He blushed and shook his head until one of them pushed him in the direction of the music player. Oh. He was going over to her. I watched with interest. He tapped her on the shoulder and she turned her head slightly to look at him. He smiled and looked like he was asking her something casually. Just as he started to relax, she held up her hand and shook her head. She replied with something and gave him a small smile. He nodded and turned his back on her, returning to his friends. One of them gave him a thumbs up and he just shrugged. I was so caught up in watching this I didn't hear someone approach us.

"Excuse me. Can I get in please or are you going to block the door all day long?" A voice piped up from behind us. All three of us turned and then had to look down dramatically. The girl that stood in front of us, accompanied by another, had to be about 4ft 11. She really was tiny. She smiled up at all of us and I suddenly realised none of us had reacted. I moved out the way for her, to let her and her friend through.

I noticed both Jasper's and Edward's eyes had opened wide. God, I hoped they were looking at different girls.

"Sorry girls." Jasper smiled back at the small one.

"Yeah, sorry." Edward's eyes followed her friend, a brunette with big chocolate eyes.

Oh, thank god for that.

"No problem" the brunette replied. "Come on Alice."

The small one, who appeared to be called Alice, had stopped and was looking over all of us.

"Hold on. Are you new?" She asked, looking at each of us in turn.

The brunette girl sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Be patient Bella." Alice laughed.

The brunette was called Bella. All I had to do now was find out Little miss Gorgeous' name.

"Yeah, we're..we're..we're.." Jasper stuttered.

"New" Edward and I finished for him at the same time. "They told us to only come in at three o'clock on the first day though." Edward continued unnecessarily.

"Wow. They let you in with one month to go?" Bella asked. She seemed shocked.

"One month until what exactly?" I asked.

Alice and Bella smiled to each other. "The show." Alice answered.

"The show?" Edward asked, emphasising the word 'the'.

Bella nodded.

"Oi, short-stuff. Get your butt over here. You too chocolate drops!" A musical voice called from the front of the room.

I smirked "I assume your chocolate drops?" I nodded my head in Bella's direction. She nodded her head. "Don't ask. She says my eyes look like chocolate drops." Shrugging her shoulders, she walked off towards the other side of the dance studio. Damn, I wish I could follow after her.

"Welcome to H-A-O-T-A." Alice smiled, shaking each of our hands. I could have sworn she lingered at Jasper but who was I to say anything.

"Erm, what exactly does that stand for?" Jasper asked the question that we had all been wondering for the last two weeks.

Alice smiled again, she was clearly enjoying herself. "Hale's Academy of the Arts."

Jasper and Edward looked at each other with a raised eyebrow.

"Anyway, have fun. Maybe we'll see you around." She waved and moved over in the same direction Bella had.

"Oh dear lord. She's amazing." Jasper gushed as soon as Alice was out of hearing distance.

"She seems sweet bless her." Edward agreed. "I hope I get to see Bella again."

I knew I was having the same thought here as the other two. And I also knew I would be the only one to act on it.

"Well," I announced, "I'm staying here to watch."

"I'll join you."

"Ah, why not. We have nothing better to do."

I grinned at both of them. Just the answers I was hoping for. And expecting. I headed into the room and moved towards the back into a chair. Jasper and Edward sat on either side of me, awaiting a good show.

"I'm just not sure if its ready." I heard my perfect woman say. "Can you tell me what you think Alice? And you Bella. And tell me what to do with the music. And then.."

"Will you get on with it?" Alice laughed. "You know how amazing you are at it so just show us already."

Little miss Gorgeous looked taken aback and continued to stare at Alice. After a few seconds they both burst out laughing and she moved towards the music player again. "Fine, fine. Whatever."

I moved in my chair, making sure I had a good enough view. The chair squeaked and Bella turned around to find the source of the noise. She smiled when she spotted us sat watching and nudged Alice to draw her attention to us. Alice winked at Bella and they both turned back to watch the dance. The music had started and if I wasn't very much mistaken it was "Commander" by Kelly Rowland. I knew Jasper liked this song for its beat so I wasn't surprised when he perked up a bit at the sound of the first beat. I could see her counting herself in. And then it began. The most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life. She moved like nothing I had ever seen before. It was beyond belief how well she kept in time to the music and how easy it seemed for her. She twisted, bended and flipped. She popped, locked and dropped. It was obvious she was born to perform, and it was also obvious she loved it just as much as it seemed to love her. She didn't stop once and everything seemed to go to plan. Alice and Bella were smiling to each other, obviously enjoying the performance. I very much doubted they liked it as much as me but they clapped in time with the music and mucked around pulling out silly dance moves. The music finished all too soon for my liking and she dropped into the splits. It was at that moment that my jaw dropped to the floor. She stayed put for a few seconds before getting to her feet.

"Well? What do you think? It's too boring isn't it?" She said quickly.

"No way Rose! It's amazing!" Alice exclaimed.


Just as beautiful as she was.

"Are you sure?" She asked. She still seemed unsure.

"Rosalie. I honestly didn't think you could top last year. But I think you just did." Bella grinned at her.

Rosalie. I liked that. I liked that a lot. I could get used to saying that name.

"Thanks guys. So Alice, do I get to see yours now or what?" Rose asked.

"Hell no. Not after that. Later this week maybe."

Rosalie nodded and headed back over towards her belongings.

"Well, wasn't that something." I whispered to Edward.

He nodded. "I'll say."

"I love that song!" Jasper exclaimed. I hoped we'd keep this conversation quiet. Jazz obviously had other ideas. At the sudden noise all three girls looked in our direction. Bella and Alice laughed at Jasper whilst Rose looked over all three of us. Her eyes glanced over Edward and Jazz and then found mine. Her eyes widened and that made me smile. I felt confident so I winked at her. This made her smile slightly and then she turned back to her bag.

"Did you like what you saw boys?" Bella asked us teasingly. I looked up and found her and Alice walking towards us.

"Very much so." I nodded.

"Yes. That was… entertaining" Edward laughed. Bella looked towards him and he grinned at her. He was gonna scare her off if he kept looking at her like that.

"So are you guys taking dance here?" Alice asked.

All three of us looked towards each other quickly.

"We're not too sure yet." I answered honestly.

"Maybe we could grab a coffee down the street later and help you decide?" Alice offered.

"All three of you?" I asked quickly and eagerly. A knowing look entered Alice's eyes just like it had with Jasper earlier.

"I'm sure Rose could find some time to join us." She turned her back towards us. "Oi, blondie. Fancy a star bucks later with this lot?"

Rosalie seemed to be struggling with her bag. She didn't even look back at us as she replied "Yeah why not? 4 o'clock okay?"

Alice looked back at us for confirmation. We all nodded quickly and she shouted back to Rosalie "Yeah. That's great."

Rose gave her a thumbs up and went back to fiddling with her bag.

Bella opened her mouth to speak when a woman dressed in a suit ran in.

"Miss Hale, your father wants to speak to you."

Why did that name sound familiar?

Rosalie got to her feet and sighed. "I'm just coming Susan."

Susan nodded and ran back out of the room.

"Greeeat" Rosalie said sarcastically. "I have a feeling I'm going to need that coffee Al."

Alice smiled at her. "Good luck sweetie."

Rosalie rolled her eyes which caused Bella and Alice to giggle.

As Rose walked towards the door Bella called after her "And don't be late!"

Rosalie laughed and waved in our direction.

"Does Hale sound familiar to you?" I whispered to Jasper as soon as she left.

Before Jazz could answer, Alice did it for him. "It should do. Hale's Academy of the Arts?"

Hang on. "But that would mean.." I started.

Bella nodded "Her dad owns and runs this place."

Ok. So I'd broken into her dad's school, destroyed his theatre and was now stuck working for him for a month? Suddenly, I didn't feel so confident anymore.