I want to expressly apologize to you for two things:

One that this is not the next chapter of my series. And 2, that I've made you all wait so unfairly long.

I'm currently writing the next chapters now while writing this apology to all of you.

My story has had to go through a few revisions for a few reasons, one that characters and plot twists were looking too much like characters in Legend of Korra and I did not want it to look like I was copying their plot idea.

I've changed the ending of my story to what I was going to have it be originally, but will be still trying to gear this towards going through their lives up to book 3 and a bit of beyond. The time I have had to come back and look at my chapters I've spent re-reading this fanfic and going back and doing my best to fix grammatical errors and formatting tweeks along the way as best I could.

Now that I have a clear goal of where this is going, and my life isn't as mind numbingly hectic between work searching/college/ and being sick that came out of nowhere and lasted longer than it should have…I can finally focus and patiently wait through the amounts of writers block I always have to wait out to start putting stuff down on paper, metaphorically.

I hope you all will enjoy the next chapters I'll be uploading, and that you'll stay with this story as I try to bring us to the Finale of THIS portion of the story that will involve in all certainty whether Ty Lee or Aang lives or dies…or not.

Dedicatedly and apologetically yours

The Everman