disclaimer: no ownership of pokemon
pairing: Riley/Cheryl
note: imagine how easy it was for me to fall in love with this couple. maybe my new OPT. who knows?
music: The World Without, by A Fine Frenzy.
note's note: style experimenting. and also apologies for not updating. i'm busy with school starting soon and everything.


(maybe all they needed was a escape. one over the hills and past the sea. one they could just dream.)


paper cranes and silver planes



(there was bulletproof loneliness)

She didn't like the city.

It was too noisy, full of false expectations, and lies that could be scented a mile away. She didn't like it, the way the bodies were always moved close to each other, huddling together, yet the people were always worlds apart.

She didn't like it, those eyes of the men who would glance at her body. The men at the street, they scared her. They scared her, very much. So much, that when she passed them in that old, dirty alley way, she clutched her pokéball, and didn't release it, until she was another face in the crowd.

She didn't belong there. She was too serene, too calm, and too innocent for such worldly sins. And there were bad people everywhere, people who dreamed of things beyond the galaxies. People who were built sturdy unable to crumble like a piece of paper.

like her.


(and sturdy walls of a façade.)

She met him by accident, when there was a mishap with her ticket that sent her off to Iron Island. Her rosy lips took in the island air, as her green green eyes took in the island's soul.

They took in his soul.


(she was lost in a labyrinth just like a princess)

He was looking at her, smiling. Wondering what a pretty; delicate girl like her was doing here in these cold cold mines. She was wandering and wandering, and he was wondering and wondering, before he just ignored it, until she stumbled upon him.

Just like another pretty little lady.


(and he was the prince, he waited his whole life to save her.)

Green irises widened at his smile, because his smile it was electric. And it shocked her, leaving her heart paralyzed as he spoke.

He asked her "why she was here," and she replied "there was a mishap with her ticket, but it didn't hurt to explore."

And he smiled back, because it was such a beautiful smile, and he was justsobeautiful, with raven locks and blue blue eyes that were as blue as the night sky. Then, then her heart started to beat so fast that she could hear it with every breath.


"Well, I guess I'll just have to help you explore. I can't have a pretty lady getting lost here, can I?"


He smiled, a boyish grin, extending his hand.


Her eyes lit up like a star, as she took his hand.



she was in love.


(so that they could live happily ever after.)

And so was he.




the end