Marlene and Antonio lay in the grass, staring at the wonderful colors of the sunset. The sight was beautiful, but it was going to end soon, and the two otters were wide awake. Marlene turned to Antonio.

"What do you want to do after this?" Marlene queried. Antonio glanced back at her.

"I don't know," Antonio replied. Suddenly, Marlene jumped to her feet.

"I know! We should play Virus!" She suggested. Antonio stood up next to her.

"Virus?" he repeated. She nodded.

"Yeah! Want to see if the whole zoo wants to play? I'll explain how you play it later." Marlene started to walk over to the penguins' HQ.

"Sure!" Antonio followed her.

"Virus? A game? Sorry, we're to busy to play games." Skipper snapped. Marlene and Antonio had asked the penguins, but Skipper said no.

"Come on, Skipper! It'll be really fun!" Marlene pleaded. Skipper crossed his wings.


"Wait, Marlene, how do you play it?" Private asked.

"Well, it's the opposite of tag. One animal counts to 30, and all the other animals hide. Then the animal who counted goes around and tags the other animals. Which ever animal is tagged is also it. The last animal to catch the 'Virus' wins. But the first animal to get tagged is it the next game." Marlene explained. Private grinned. Kowalski put his wings next to his face and smiled. Rico danced around the room. Skipper glared at the two otters.

"Sorry Marlene, but we're to busy to play 'Virus'." Skipper turned to the other three penguins. "Isn't that right, boys?" But when he looked at them, they were all staring at their feet with sad expressions of their face. Skipper rolled his eyes. "Come on, men!" They didn't change.

"Skipper, you better let them play," Antonio said. Skipper turned to him.

"We don't take orders from you!" Skipper sneered. Suddenly Private waddled up to Skipper, smiling.

"Skippah, this can be great practice!" Private exclaimed.

"Huh?" Skipper asked.

"Think about it! One of us gets tagged, they get the 'Virus' and turn on us!" Private said. Skipper smiled.

"Yes! Good thinking Private! This can be practice on, 'What to do if one of us turns on each other!' Way to go! That's it, boys, we're playing!" Skipper announced. Every cheered.

"Virus!" Rico squealed.

"YES MOMMA, WE'RE PLAYING A GAME!" Kowalski screamed. Everything went quiet and everyone stared at him. He chuckled. "Um, heh heh…"

"Okay, Skipper, go tell the zoo!" Marlene ordered him. Suddenly the penguins left their HQ, along with the otters.

"Okay, so you all know how to play this, right?" Marlene yelled. Everyone nodded. They had gathered all the animals in the zoo that wanted to play, which included Marlene, Antonio, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private, King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Tasha, Cori, Toby, Sahara, Hisser, Max, Ktika, Jason, and Savio. "Okay, now with the rules. Some of these rules may only go for a few of you. Now," she turned to Rico, "no vomiting up special weapons that might help you win. Next," she turned to Kitka, "no flying! You can hover above the ground, but you have to make sure every animal can reach you. And," she turned to Savio, "No strangling or eating animals, no exceptions! Okay, and no hurting each other! This is a fair game! And the last and most important rule… HAVE FUN! Also, who wants to be it first?"

"I'll be it," Jason the wolverine raised his paw. Marlene pointed at him.

"Okay, Jason, you're it. Remember, count to 30, and no peeking! You have to count at that sidewalk light over there. Also, you all have to stay inside the zoo! And cover your eyes, Jason, so we know you're not cheating. Okay, go!" Marlene exclaimed. Jason covered his eyes and started to count while everyone hid. Marlene was so excited! She was going to play Virus with the zoo!