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Scenes start in a backwater Netherworld.

Overlord Zetta is seen standing over a fallen leader of what appears to be a Carrotman tribe.

"That's right, vegetable!" Zetta says. "Bow down to the most Bad-ass freakin' Overlord! Hyahahahaha!"

Off to the side, a blonde woman with a back and white ceremonial dress with hovering edges is seen standing off to the side.

She has a disgusted look on her face as she views her Overlord.

"Tch..." She thinks to herself. "This is the mighty Lord Zetta...A power-obsessed Overlord with a horrible evil laugh to boot. To think I love this man."

Salome does what she can to speed up the leaving process, which includes recruiting soldiers from the Carrotmen that were now a part of Zetta's Netherworld cluster.

Once duties were finished, she meets up with Lord Zetta as he prepares to leave.

"Ah, you should've seen me, Salome." Zetta says. "Man, I was awesome."

"Of course you were...You always are." She says with a sigh.

"Something wrong?" Zetta asks.

"N-No, it's nothing." Salome says, turning her back as an obvious signal.

"Ok, then." Zetta says. "Let's go home."

Salome's face become one of slight anger as her turned face becomes saddened.

She and Zetta return to the Overlord's Castle, warping from the world.

Scenes switch to the Overlord's Castle, two days later.

Zetta is seen sitting on his throne, Salome at his side.

He is adressing complaints from his world's native villagers.

A Archer-like farmer is seen bowing to him on one knee, also trembling in fear.

"L-Lord Zetta..." She manages, talking in a british-like accent. "Our crops have withered and died. We lack no money to save our farm...I humbly ask for a very small loan. 500 Hell is enough...We can work for you to pay the debt off...P-P-Please! You must help us."

"Why should I?" Zetta says. "You know the rule of the Netherworld. If you can't get money, steal it! Besides, there are other losers with bigger problems, why should I spend a penny for the sake of one out of a thousand. Not only that, but how do I know you aren't a spy in disguise, maybe funding a little rebellion, huh?"

"My Lordship, please, I beg of you, help us!" The Archer says. "We would never turn against the most powerful Overlord in the cosmos! Besides, we are much too ill-equipped to steal! We're only at level 10!"

Salome looks at Zetta, knowing what will most likely happen.

"Zetta, she's telling the truth." Salome says. "Why would she be crying otherwise? Besides, what would mere farmers have to gain from reblling against you? They'll just die if they do and they know it. Don't be a jerk, Zetta."

Zetta looks at Salome somewhat angrily.

"Salome, I have warned you to address me as Lord Zetta when dealing with others." Zetta says.

Salome gives him a look as cold as ice.

Zetta is slightly taken aback, but regains his composure.

"We'll discuss this later." Zetta says.

Zetta looks down upon the pitiful Archer demon, crying her heart out for the sake of her family.

If it was Zetta down there, he'd just summon his sword and force the money from the ruler. Or kill him and take his place...

"So, what's it gonna be, Lord Zetta?" Salome says, obviously angry with him.

Zetta attempts to yell at her, then reconsiders it.

"Fine, take the money." Zetta says, angry. "My servant Salome shall take from the official funds. I expect you to work your ass off for the debt. I'll be coming to your'e farm to recruit you in two days."

Zetta gets up and leaves the Throne Room angrily.

As Salome ushers the Archer away, having given her the funds, she knows why Zetta's mad.

"Hmph." Salome says. "That's what he gets for being pompous. Although, maybe I did go a little too far..."

Scenes switch to Zetta's personal chambers, two hours later.

Salome is seen standing outside of the closed door.

She takes a deep breath...and knocks.

"Who's there?" Zetta shouts from the other side. "I thought I told everybody not to disturb me!"

"What do YOU want?" Zetta says from the other side.

"Just to talk...Can't you spare a moment of your'e time to talk to me, Zetta?" Salome asks.

"Fine, come in. But close the door behind you." Zetta says.

She does so, standing behind Lord Zetta, who's back is facing her, sitting on a porcelain chair.

"Make this quick, Salome." Zetta says.

"I wanted say I'm sorry for earlier..." Salome says. "I know I might've went a bit far, especially since that demon was there, but I have feelings too, Zetta. You just treated me like another one of your servants. If you want to be more than just Master and Appentice, you need to do your part, too. I'm not a Succubus you can just summon at your command."

"Hmph." Zetta says, his back still turned. "Even if we are lovers, we are also Master and Apprentice, Salome. That's how it works."

"Don't you love me, Zetta?" Salome says.

Zetta is silent as a nervous expression manifests on his unseen face.

"Well, I think I have my answer." Salome says. "Good night, Lord Zetta. Have sweet dreams."

She spits the last word with malice as she leaves the room in a huff.

Zetta quietly contemplates his situation.

"Why is Salome acting so weird? Besides, she knows I'm an Overlord. This is what I do. I kill, pillage, rule, then repeat the process. Besides, she's just a human turned demon. She doesn't know her place. But, why is my heart so heavy? Don't tell me I actually feel sorry. Nah...Maybe it was that Black Steak I had for dinner...Whatever...I'll get over it."

Scenes switch to Salome, laying on her bed in another section of the Overlord's Castle.

"I knew he wouldn't answer me..." Salome thinks to herself. "This isn't what I wanted. I thought Zetta and me were a team...A couple, even...But all he wants is to maintain his power...This isn't the life I wanted.

Salome cries herself to sleep, her sobs being heard by two Healers who are walking outside of her doorway.

Scenes switch to the next day.

Salome is again standing by Zetta's side in the Throne Room.

A Male Fighter enters the room, then kneels on one knee out of respect, and remains in that position.

"Overlord Zetta, Alexander, the God of Destruction is attacking the village of Montoga again." The Fighter says. "We attempted to team up with the village's Corn Demons and supress the attack, but we suffered heavy casualties from Alex's right, Raiden. The grunts we used to counter with were only at Level 20, so I fear that I am the only survivor, the villagers enslaved. What shall we do, sir?"

"Strut, what did I tell you?" Zetta says. "Only disturb me if there's a real emergency!"

"I believe you misunderstand, my Overlord." Strut, the Fighter says. "This village is the main source of our Hell gathering VIA the villager's tributes. If this village is taken, we are losing profits."

"Hmph...Alright, alright..." Zetta says. "Tell the grunts to hold out until I arrive. Those that can't send Alex's forces back at least a little receive a deduction in their paychecks. Now, get moving."

"Understood, my Lord." Strut says.

He bows once more, then runs out of the room, in the direction of the village.

"Sigh...I just can't catch a break around here..." Zetta says. "Salome, you go in my place."

"No, Zetta." Salome says. "You agreed to go to that village. Besides, aren't you the only one who can defeat Alex? If you don't go, he'll think he's won. Not only will his men gain a morale boost, but it won't look good on your dossier. The Overlord who ran from his rival."

"Your'e right." Zetta says. "But you go with me. Fair?"

"Fair." Salome says.

Lord Zetta gets up from his throne and summons his army.

He chooses ten soldiers.

Two Male Fighters, Two Female Sword Masters, Two Female Mages, Two Healers, and Two Soldiers.

The group then teleports out of the area VIA Zetta's aura.

Scenes switch to the Village of Montoga.

Thunder Demons are seen tying up Corn Demons and placing them onto what appears to be a wagon.

"You'll never get us!" one Corn says. "Zetta will come and kick your asses!"

A Green Thunder Demon whips the Corn once, then places onto the back of the truck with the others.

Corpses of Zetta's soldiers, mostly Fighters and Sword Masters, are strewn across the area of the village.

The corpse of Strut the Fighter is seen being used as a pedestal by a shoed foot.

Point of View shifts to Alexander, who the foot belongs to, his green hair and robe moving in the wind.

"Hahaha!" Alex says. "Zetta's so dumb. He'll come here to protect his profits, and I'll end up taking his castle. With Raiden handling the castle attack and my left-hand here, I'll finally bring Zetta down!"

A White Saber Kitty with purple stripes across it's shoulders and a scar over it's left eye appears before Alexander.

"Mew." It says.

Alexander kneels down as it whispers in his ear.

"Yeah?" Good." Alexander says. "Ready, men!"

Five Thunder Demons, Four Saber Kitties, the White Kitty from earlier, and two Iron Giants flock towards Alexander.

"Lord Zetta's gonna be here any minute! I want his soldiers gone. But, Zetta's mine! Anybody that lays a finger on Zetta will be killed by me if he doesn't get you first. Understand?"

A purple aura is seen half a mile away from Alexander as Zetta and his squad come into view.

"Alex!" Zetta shouts, his squad coming into view as they stop short of Alexander and his.

"Well, well. What's wrong, Lord Zetta?" Alexander says. "You love your villagers that much? What a benevolent ruler you are!"

"Fuck the villagers!" Zetta says. "This village is my cash cow, and you can't have it! Men, attack!"

Salome and the squad member rush towards Alex's the White Kitty leading the opposing squad.

Alex and Zetta walk a few feet away from the village and face each other, each a foot away from the other.

"So, we play this out like usual?" Zetta asks.

"Yep." Alex says. "Whoever wins gets the Netherworld and all of it's spoils."

Zetta's Mana Aura begins surrounding his body as Alex's electrical aura does the same for him.


"Heeerrreee I Coommmeee!"

Zetta and Alex collide with each other, an explosion covering them up for two seconds.

When the smoke clears, Zetta has his sword in his right hand, while Alex has his drumset upon his back.

Alex beats on his drums as small lightning sparks fly at Zetta.

Zetta rushes in, slashing and destroying the sparks as he goes. Alex jumps in the air just as Zetta slashes at him with his sword.

Alex then summons electricity in his hands, shooting a massive blast of thunder not at Zetta, but his sword.

The swords acts as a lightning rod, shocking it and Zetta at the same time.

However, Zetta recovers instantly, slashing at Alex after another bum rush attempt.

Zettathen summons his Mana power into his sword, jumping into the air, then slashing at Alex with an illusory sword made from the Mana.

The Strike connects, Alex shielding himself, but still taking the brunt of the blow.

Zetta and Alex both land to the ground, Alex hitting it with a "Thud!"

"Give up already, Alex." Zetta says, laughing. "You'll never be able to rid the world of such a symbol of badassery as myself! Just bow down to me and this'll stop."

Alex stands himself up, then starts laughing.

Zetta looks at Alex with confusion.

"Did I hit yoru head with that last attack?"

"No." Alex says. "It's just so funny..."

"What is?" Zetta asks.

"You mentioned this village bein' your cash cow, but what's happenin' to piggy bank right now?" Alex says.

"Oh no!" Zetta says, relizing what Alex means. "Alex, you bastard! All soldiers retreat to the castle, it's under siege!"

The soldiers flock towards Zetta.

Salome is standing herself up, slashing her dagger through a Saber Kitty just he's about to leave.

"Zetta, wait for me!" Salome says.

"Sorry, Salome, but this is too important!" Zetta says, transporting from the area.

"ZEETTTAA!" Salome yells, blood trickling down her eyes.

Alexander re-enters the village as he watches Salome stand herself up.

"Looks like your boy-toy abandoned you, eh, Lady Salome?" Alex asks.

Salome's eyes turn blood-red as she lunges at Alexander, managing to pin him to the truck his prisoners were in, her dagger at his throat.

"DON'T MENTION HIS NAME TO ME AGAIN, YOU LITTLE SHIT!" She yells, slashing his throat with the dagger.

Alex gurgles out blood as Salome teleports out of the area, leaving Alex in a pool of his own blood.

The White kitty from before appears before Alex's body and casts a healing spell on him, causing the wound to close itself up, the blood re-entering the body as if it's alive.

"Man, Zetta pissed her off..." Alex says, standing himself up. "She's probably gonna try to kill him. Why don't we go get Raiden and head home? Maybe we can watch the fun later on..."

White and Alex teleport out of the area, leaving the prisoners tied up in the truck.

"Um...ain't they gonna take us away?" One of the tied Corns asks another.