Disclaimer: If I owned Half-Life, I wouldn`t be using a Dial-up.

Man`s Child

"I woke up one day, my father standing at my side in the lab. My body was numb, but I could move, my soul felt empty but my mind felt faster. My father, Gideon Petrov, smiled widely at my movements, forgave my follies and told me what happened.
"It was just an accident," he would tell me. Every night when I layed back down, my concious grew by leaps and bounds, my eyes could see in any light. The metallic table beneath my was my only constant, as they were always changing where I was placed and why it was done, but I survived it all happily."

"And then came that one faithful day when my home, a military research center known as the Black Mesa Complex, was invaded. My birthplace was attacked, my father`s brain devoured before my eyes and his zombified corpse sent loose on me. The zombie was no match for my strength, or my speed and reflexes, but it was still painful to me at an... emotional level, to be forced to kill his body again. Now the soldiers come, at first only one or two but then many. Gaurds tried to protect me from the lowly grunts of the enemy, what my uncle told me to refer to as "Slaves," but they got through anyway. My uncle died before me as I dismembered one of them with my own hands, impaling another with a safety rail for the death of Uncle Zitzev."

"And then I found him. A single scientist near the control room, who told me in his solemn final words to
"Stop them, help Freeman," all the while vomiting up blood from a deathstrike by a breed of alien I can`t name. He died limp in my arms and now, I wait for them to come again. I have armed myself, and I now protect those who would have protected me, from all sides in this bloodbath. The soldiers sent to exterminate us, the workers that are my allies and the aliens who would invade us. All of them will fall, for I am the child of humanity."

"Father would be proud."

- Mechanized Sentient 001, Mark I