Okay, so I've had this character design for Danny FOREVER, so I thought I would write a story about it. It should be really good, and it will have hidden prophecies, Vlad, all that good stuff. Here you go! =3

Also, this is the re-written chapter! Hope you like! =3

Wings Of Phantom

Chapter 1 – The Warning

Danny looked at Mr. Lancer with a bored expression. He was completely and totally zoned out. While to others, he seemed to be paying rapt attention to the bald, overweight teacher, in his mind, he was purely focused on the dangerous spirits that could be in the same room as them for all they knew. Yes, Danny Fenton, AKA Danny Phantom, was really thinking about ghost'.

He yawned and continues to look at the teacher, and his mind flipped through the mental pages of his memory. Which ghost' would most likely attack during school hours? Which ones where difficult to beat? All this went through his head, that is, until the bell rung. Like a tensed rubber band, he sprung from his seat, and flew out the door in record time. He hurried towards the lunch room, and sat down at the normal table. He got out his packed lunch, and was about to take that first, glorious bit… when, of course, his ghost sense went off.

"Crap…" he muttered as he set down the sandwich, and went into the boys bathroom, and if anyone was around to have seen it, they would have seen a blue flash emit from behind the door. Danny Phantom flew out of the room invisibly, and flew outside, only to gasp in surprise.

"Clockwork?" he asked, clearly confused. "W… what are you doing here?" Clockwork smiled in a knowing way, and jestured for Danny to come with him. Sighing at the fact he would have to wait even longer to eat his lunch, Danny followed the time-controlling ghost into a nearby portal. Soon they were in Clockwork's lair.

"Danny, it would seem something… unexpected has come up concerning you." Danny cocked his head confusedly, but continued to listen anyway. "you will be experiencing… changes soon."

"It's called Puberty, and don't worry, my Dad already gave me… THAT talk, so-"

"No, no, not that. I mean you will be experiencing supernatural changes soon." Danny blushed in embarrassment, and nodded. "You see, in about… ummm… five minutes sounds about right. Yes, in about five minutes, you will be… growing wings." Danny widened his eyes. He was about to say something, when Clockwork interrupted him. "Yes, it will be painful, but you need to go home to your parents. They have to know, and they will need to help you with the process, and you will be fine in a few hours."

Danny widened his eyes, but knew the time ghost was right. After all, he knew everything. He would come back later and ask questions. He was about to leave, when Clickwork said one other thing that made him halt.

"By the way, you will be fused with your ghost half during this process. Good luck." And then, jus tlike that, Danny was teleported into the living room of his looked around frantically for his parents, and he found them in the kitchen.

"Mom, dad, I need to tell you something important right now." He said quickly. They looked at him in confusion. They didn't say anything though, just let him continue talking. "I'm half ghost, and my ghost half is Phantom, and in case you don't believe me, here's proof." And in one huge flash, he was phantom. They looked at him in shock.

"How?" asked his mom. "No, no, that doesn't matter. Why didn't' you tell us!" she asked, grabbing his shoulders, and looking into her son's now green eyes. He looked down, and sighed.

"I was scared…" he muttered. She gasped, then he felt the arms of his mother and father wrap around him.

"We're sooo sorry." Said his father.

"If we knew it was you, we would have never hunted you…" Danny smiled, but gasped in pain when a pressure formed from the inside of his back right between his shoulder blades.

It was happening.

He fell to the ground, and gasped for air. He knew it would be painful, but it felt like he was being ripped apart. He saw his parents above him, asking if he was okay, and what was wrong. He could only get out two words before he was sucked into the darkness of unconsciousness.

"Help me…"

(Important A/N)

Okay, so I've had this idea for a long time, and I thought that he would look awesome like this. here is the description of how he will look in the next chapter

Hair: Black with white bangs

Eyes: one green, one blue

Wings: black feathers with white tips. Wingspan of 12 ft.

Yes, he will have all his powers that he had in a ghost in this form. No, he will not be able to change into another form. This change will be perminate. He might have a few more powers added by me, and you if you have any ideas I like. He might even have to go to school still. Keep reading to find out.