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Wings of Phantom

Chapter 10 – The New

Phantom and Danny flew through the sky as fast as their wings could take them, both heading towards Sam's house. Clockwork said that she would undergo the transformation soon, and they couldn't spare any time. Danny gained speed as the mansion came into view, and phased through the wall with Phantom, instantly spotting Sam laying on the ground, groaning in pain with blood soaking the back of her shirt.

"SAM!" shouted Danny, rushing to her side. She looked up, and was about to say something when another wave of pain rushed through her, causing her to gasp, gripping her arms and shutting her eyes tight.

"It… hurts…" He rubbed her shoulders, and she looked up at him, and Danny gasped. Her eyes where glowing an even fiercer violet, and her back began to arch as a disturbing ripping sound echoed through the room. The wings tore through skin and fabric, folding out to their full length.

They were black with violet tips, and they were beautiful. Danny wiped tears from her eyes as he pulled her into a hug, stroking her hair in a comforting manner.

"Is… is that your ghost half?" she said weakly, looking at Phantom. Danny nodded, and Phantom waved. "That's weird… and why do I have wings?"

"Sam…" Danny stood, helping Sam to her feet. "You are a part of a war now. The Fallen are the servants to the Royal Dragon ghosts, like prince Aragon. This time though, we must fight against them." Sam tried not to look shocked, but failed miserably.

"So I have to help fight against a powerful Dragon guy who tried to force me to marry him once?" Danny nodded. Sam smiled. "I can't wait to pay him back…"

"We have to go to the Village the Fallen live in. If we don't get enough on our side, we have no chance at all." Phantom said, and Danny nodded. He turned to Sam who was smiling.

"Lets do this."

"Hey! Can I join in!" They all turned to the ghost girl that appeared in the middle of the room. It was Dani, and she had Wings. They where white with black tips, and her hair was streaked black and white. Both her eyes where ice blue, and glowing.

"How?..." Danny said.

"Clockwork got to me first, said that he knew you wouldn't have time. Then again, when doesn't he know everything?" Danny smiled, and hugged her tight.

"I'm glad you're okay, and we can defiantly use you on our side. We're gonna need all the help we can get…"

-End Chapter-

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