Garfield and Odie went to Calvin's lab. "Hobbes, are you insane? That's never going to work!" screamed Calvin. The two walked into the lab. "It will work and is going to." Hobbes said. "What's up?" Garfield asked.

"The tiger's had one too many cans of tuna! He thinks he made a collar that can make that Odie be able to talk!" Garfield looked at Odie, who was sniffing his dingleball at the time. Calvin turned the switch on the collar to 'on'. Garfield slowly unbuckled the collar and slammed it on Odie's neck.

Zapping noises were heard and then Odie slowly said"Hi... I can talk!" He immediately started saying random things."Be applied to county! That call was quite a good one! That's what I think I said? I know the bad apple juices and Roland fees will be copied onto scenes because then the goats will invade Europe. Things seem too soon to talk. When I have no GM and hikers upstream, he has seen his code. Did we find anything in the four and 90c popcorn? They seem to use the VD T's on TS the scene which is collecting "Lampley: the Movie" case and something like that."

Calvin and Garfield looked at Hobbes. "Congrats. You've made a monster." Garfield said.