Hey, this came out of pure boredom, I know it short but bear with it, if you dont find it funny dont tell me it sucks, this is based on a true story, I tell you at the end


( maybe...)

light was snickering as he carried a plate of one slice of cake, the top was frosted white with a red straw berry rested in the frosting, and the middle of the cake has a red streak in the center. the cake looked perfected. he carried the piece to a window and placed it at the frame resting in the open view.

" light what are you doing?" Ryuk asked when he spot what light was doing. " shush!" he hissed forgetting that he the only person that can hear him.

light step to the side his back pressed against the wall out of the view if someone would look through the window.

there was a pause while light waited for something. they waited for minutes and minutes. " what the point of this?" Ryuk asked getting bored. " shh.' light whispered, " do you hear that?" Ryuk paused, there was a small sound. a voice actually.

" what is that?" Ryuk mumbled looking out the window, he looked than WHAM! L came out of no where, it looked like he was going to dive through the window to get the cake, but the window was closed so he pressed against the window.

" HOLY SHIT!" Ryuk screamed, L came out of no where when he looked out the window, light on the other hand was laughing his ass off. " oh my god!" light said between laughs, " every time!" light was laughing so hard he fell on his side gasping for air,

" what ever, I'm going to get an apple." Ryuk mumbled floating out the room, and L slowly slid off the window his tongue making a saliva streak as he fell off the window.


So yeah that it, I was in my room when i heard my cat running down the halls, i didn't want her to be in my room so i closed it, but heard a wham, when i opened it she was walking away embarrassed. it was funny.

i thought this is a good idea, but maybe not, hopefully you enjoyed:3