James and Lilly Potter smiled down at their young 3 year old son Harry who was at the moment making faces at his new baby brother Danny who cooed happily and grasped his brothers fingers.

"looky mummy he grab my finger!" Harry squealed excitedly.

"thats our boys." James said with a smile as he looked up from his newspaper. Lilly knelt down by her two sons and ruffled harry's black hair and planting a kiss on Danny's head which had a darker raven black turf of hair. "harry is looking just like you every day dear." Lilly proclaimed proudly to her husband.

"yes and I see Danny has inherited your looks." James said amused. "I must say i have always wondered how you would look as a boy and now I will know."

"James." Lilly explained but than laughed despite it all. After all she knew that He would grow into being a fine young man and she and james both knew this..what they didn't know however was that neither would live to see them grow a day older.

The dark lord came only hours later. he slaughter Lilly and James Potter without mercy without a second thought. He stepped over Lillys dead body and stared dispassionately down at the two babies in the crib. The Older boy held tightly to his crying distraught baby brother. Harry glared up at this intruder. "Don't touch my baby bwrother." Harry demanded.

"You are not one to make demands now die." Voldemort hissed and with a wave of his wand he said the death curse. Harry covered his brother not unlike his mother did to the both of them earlier. A light surrounded them and to his surprise the bad man disappeared.

Harry felt sleepy and laid down next to his startled brother. Danny couldn't comprehend what just happened. In his 3 month old brain everything was all mixed up. He curled himself closer into his brother and began to whimper.


Serias Black still couldn't believe that his dear old friends were dead but yet here they were. He looked over to where Hagred stood cuddling the still sleeping Harry. Sirius himself held onto a still whimpering Danny. "Hagred let me keep them." he pleaded. "I am harry's godfather and I am sure Remus would like to see his godson more. Please.. don't give them to those wretched people. they don't even like our kind."

"I am sorry Sirius I promised that I would bring em to him besides you are being accused of treachery. They will never let you keep neither." Hagred said apologetically.

"I am sorry Hagred but I can't allow you to take Danny to them. He is just a baby. Harry is strong and will be able to handle them but Danny is defenseless." With that being said he apperated away leaving a surprised Hagred behind.


Sirius clutched the baby tightly as he glanced at his surroundings relieved. hopefully here in America they would be safe. that safe feeling left as quickl as it came for at that moment some death eaters came. Clutching Danny close he ran with all his might. he knew he couldn' outrun them forever. thinking quick he hid Danny in a bush outside a nearby house and changed into a dog. He ran with all his might into an ally hiding successfully from them.


Hearing a commotion Maddie stepped out of the house and looked around curiously. Her 2 year old daughter Jazz clung fearfully to her mother's pant leg. She let go however when she spotted something in the bush. Cautiously she stepped near the bush and peeked. Her eyes lit up however when she saw a raven haired baby stare up at her with happy blue eyes. "Momma there is a baby!" Jazz squealed as she clumsily lifted the baby up and showed Maddie.

"Oh my." maddie said surprised. she gingerly took the baby from her daughter and it cooed upon seeing Her and began to suck on her fingers hungrily.


Sirius was surprised to see Danny being held by muggles but at the same time relieved. they seemed like a nice family. with a wave of his magic wand he magically made the boys birth certificate appear inside the blanket in a place where this muggle woman would be sure to find it. They could take care of danny for now. At least than he would be sure that they were safe to make extra sure. He would tell Remies. After all he would want to know where his own godson was.


Maddie found the certificate and smiled. "Well Danny what do you say we find you something to eat." SHe asked lovingly as she carried the happy baby into the house.


meanwhile somewhere in England the Dursleys woke up to a nasty surprise. There on their doorstep was a sleepy Harry potter clutching a note adressed to them.