Title: Hot Mess
Rating: R
Chapter: 1
Fandom: Degrassi: The Next Generation
Summary: Clare uses her womanly whiles to protect Eli. Eclare. Flare. Misfits!
Comments: "Hot Mess" by Cobra Starship.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the idea.

Clare stared at her reflection in the body mirror fixed on her bedroom wall. She turned to the left, the right, and even turned to her back, checking herself out over her shoulder. She was dressed in a black halter corset with white polka dots and outlined in red tulle, black leather leggings that shined in the lighting, and bright red peep-toed high heels which added another three inches to Clare's height – all courtesy of Darcy's closet. Her faced had been glossed with a pale cream that she believed to be foundation, her cheeks flushed a soft pink from blush, and her eyes seemed almost smoky from the heavy dark brown eye shadow.

She smacked her bubble gum pink lips together in thought as she looked back up at herself, fluffing her curls which were pulled half back. "How could boys possibly be turned on by such an image? Disgusting."

But she had to do this. She had to make this sacrifice if only for the safety of Eli.

She looked down at the ring ornamenting her left ring finger. "Pure hearts wait." She grimaced, slowly pulling the ring off her finger and rested it on the top of her desk.

Clare took a deep breath, grabbing Darcy's black leather jacket off her desk chair, and slid it on.


When Clare arrived at the ravine, she almost doubled over from the smell of drugs, alcohol, and urine. She opened her mouth, letting out a heavy cough as if to catch her breath. She stopped mid-cough at the sight of the boy she was looking for. She straightened up and headed over to the picnic table he sitting on top of, sashaying her hips seductively – the way she had seen both Darcy and Alli do so many times.

Fitz smirked at the sight of Clare – clad in nothing less than sex in a bottle. He bit his bottom lip, his leg shaking with anticipation. "Hey Sexy," he greeted.

Clare wanted to wince at the pet name, but grinned instead. "Hey yourself," she stated, popping her hip out to the side which caused her chest to rise out in the air. She slowly slid her jacket off her shoulders, letting it drop to the ground. She shuttered when the cold air wrapped around her so suddenly, causing Fitz to jump to his feet – though Clare doubted it was because she was shivering.

Clare took deep breaths slowly, her chest bouncing with each breath.

Fitz could not help but stare, licking his lips. The most conservative, reserved girl in school was standing before him in practically nothing. He took a few steps closer so he stood right before her and reached out, resting his hand on her left breast.

Clare closed her eyes, trying not to let out a gasp. She chewed on her bottom lip before looking up at him, "Fitz."

The sound of his name coming out of her mouth caused Fitz's eyes to fill with lust. He gave her breast a squeeze, wrapping his other arm around her waist to pull her closer. He leaned down, whispering, "Clare…"

Clare's eyes fluttered shut and she let out an involuntary moan at the feeling of his breath in her ear. She could feel her heart racing in her chest, thinking it would pop out from the extreme anxiety pulsing through her veins.

"Let's go somewhere," Fitz slid his free hand down her spine before resting it on the small of her back, playing with the hem of her slippery leggings, "private."

Clare's eyes widened at the request, but did not falter otherwise. She wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling herself up to his level, and crushed her lips against his. He kissed her back willingly, only to have her pull away. She took in a deep breath, nodding nervously, "Of course."

Fitz nodded, pulling half away from her so he could walk, but kept a good grip on her elbow to tug her along.

Clare looked around as they walked away, but paused at the sight of Johnny DiMarco sitting in a chair, drinking a beer while he read a book. She squinted in the dim light of the moon and fire to catch the title – Of Mice and Men. Drinking alcohol and reading a deep book - definitely Johnny.

Fitz took notice of Clare's attention and let go of her arm. He turned around, heading to a table and grabbed a bottle with a yellow label. "Edwards." Once Clare turned to face him, Fitz threw the bottle at her.

Clare gasped in shock, catching the bottle. She turned it around, reading the bright yellow label with fiery red words: vodka.

"Something to relax you, Gorgeous," Fitz stated, continuing his way to a van.

Clare followed him, clutching the bottle tightly in her hand, but stopped instinctly at the sight of the vehicle. The van looked like something out of a horror movie. The white paint had chipped, showing off the multiple times it had been painted before – with reds, blues, greens, blacks, and even yellows. The wheels had come off – she assumed to keep the car from shaking too much when people had sex inside – and rested on the bottom of the body. She quickly unscrewed the cap off the vodka bottle and took a long swing – it was the only way she would ever get in this death trap.

She coughed as the alcohol burned in her mouth, but gladly took another sip – for Eli.

She put the cap back on, crawling inside backwards. She closed the door and turned around, facing Fitz. She gasped at the sight of him shirtless in the little moonlight that shone through the windows. She fluttered her eyes, looking down at the faded red shaggy carpet on the floor of the van.

She twisted her fingers in the threading nervously as his fingers traced up her arm slowly. She took in a soft breath as the delicate touch ran along the top hem of her corset just above her right breast. She closed her eyes, her body tensing at his touch.

"You know… it's not fair that you get to wear a shirt," Fitz whispered hotly in her ear, his nose playing in her hair, "And I don't."

When Clare did not respond, Fitz laid a soft kiss on the side of her neck, pulling her into him.

Clare shook in his arms, partially from the cold, but mostly from nerves. "It's cold," she stated as he untied the lacy back of her tight corset.

"Then I'll have to warm you up." Fitz's words were cheesy, but they gave her comfort. It was something KC or Eli would have told her after walking to school in the rain.

The phrase was so consoling she did not realize her top was gone until she felt his warm mouth consume her breast, causing her to gasp suddenly. She stumbled back to get away, but only ended up lying on the floor.

Fitz quickly placed himself on top of Clare, trapping her. He crushed his lips against hers – she swore they were officially bruised from the force – and slid his hands up her sides quickly, fondling her breasts as if it would turn her on.

And it somehow did, surprising Clare. She could feel something warm forming inside her as if burning to get out – an odd passion she had never experienced before. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, kissing him back harshly when suddenly he pulled back.

"So…" he whispered hotly in her ear, grabbing her knee and wrapping it around her waist to pull her even closer. "What did you come here for, Sexy?" He skimmed his fingertips slowly up and down her covered thigh.

Clare closed her eyes in thought. Her blue eyes popped open, staring straight into his, and quivered underneath him as she spoke quietly, "If I sleep with you…" she started, swallowing hard to rid of the lump in her throat, but it only made it worse because her mouth was so dry, "you leave Eli Goldsworthy and Adam Torres alone."

Fitz's eyes gleamed with power as he smirked. He rubbed the bulge in his pants up against her most sensitive spot – causing Clare to toss her head to the side with a moan. "Okay," was his simple reply. "But we're doing this… my way."

Clare nodded softly, closing her eyes, as she felt his hands try to tug off her skin-tight leggings. She sighed heavily, resting her hands on his to relax him, and leaned up into him so she could reach behind herself to pull down the zipper on her leggings. She grabbed him by the back of his head, pulling him into another heated kiss.

Fitz willingly kissed her back, prying open her lips with his tongue, and quickly tugged off her leggings, along with her underwear. He swirled his tongue along the inside her mouth, causing a string of moans to leave her throat and into his mouth. He slid his hand down her spine, making her shiver anxiously, and he laid her back down carefully to toy with the buckle on his belt.

Clare tried to contain her giggles as he struggled to get his own pants off, pulling his boxers down with them. He furrowed his brow at her, "Don't laugh."

And without another word or movement, Fitz shoved himself inside Clare. Clare tensed in pain, turning her head to the side, and closed her eyes to hold back the tears that threatened to spill out. Fitz did not seem to notice or care, enjoying the tight pleasure Clare's virginity gave him.


When Fitz saw Clare at school the next day out front of Degrassi, he half expected the amazingly hot hooker dressed in her slippery leggings and sultry top which he had the honor of having sex with the night before.

Yet Clare was back to her normal self. She had half of her auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail with a white bow decorated with green polka dots and was wearing a green sweetheart cut dress with a strap that hung the dress perfectly over her neck. She had her golden cross necklace hanging down the cleavage of her dress. She stood there with her black and green shoulder back, clicking her black Mary-Jane heels together as if she was waiting for someone. Then a small gleam caught Fitz's eyes – oh, no she did not.

Fitz fearlessly stalked up to the girl in question. He reached out without a word, taking her hand.

Clare jumped in surprise, looking up at him. She snapped her hand back from his, "Fitz…"

"What the fuck are you doing wearing that anti-sex ring?" Fitz demanded, reaching for her hand.

Clare's eyes narrowed at him, "Not now, Fitz." She turned away from him, heading up the steps of Degrassi only to be followed.

"Then when?" Fitz questioned with a smirk.

Clare froze, letting out a deep sigh, "Lunch. Ravine."

Fitz nodded, running his hand up her arm slowly. "Just can't get enough of you, Mary," he hissed in her ear before walking passed her into the school.

Clare bit her lips together in deep thought, staring at the ground. Mary. Obviously from the bible, duh. But which one? Virgin Mary? Mary Magdalene? Or that one Mary everyone forgets about? Clare prayed for the latter of the three choices: forgotten.


Clare spun around with a relieved smile. "Eli." She was breathless as always.

Eli frowned at her in concern, furrowing his brow, "What did he want?"

Clare shook her head, shrugging, as she lied, "Just wanted to see if he could borrow my English notes. I told him I'd give them to him at lunch." She started inside.

Eli rose a questionable eyebrow, following behind her quickly, but grabbed her arm to turn her back to him. "Clare, you shouldn't be hanging around him," he stated once she faced him. He sounded concerned, but Clare could tell if she said much to him at this moment he would turn cocky. "He's bad stuff. You're…"

"I'm what, Eli?" Clare challenged his words, cocking an eyebrow.

"Lovely and I don't want to see your lovely face hurt," Eli replied, cupping her chin in his hand.

Clare stared into his bright green eyes, taking in a sharp breath. She bit her bottom lip as he leaned in, closing her eyes to prepare herself.

But, once again, Eli did not kiss her and just said, "I'll see you in class." He dropped his hold on her face, walking away.

Clare watched him, frustration raging through her. "Ugh!" she growled, pulling her shoulder bag back in place on her shoulder. Damn that boy.