Well apparently the last eliteundershipping fic which I wrote was the most popular one out of the lot. ^^; So... I guess here's another. This will be a compilation of seven individual and unrelated stories, based on each of the colours of the rainbow. Well then...enjoy? xD


The evening was descending upon the castle which held Sinnoh's prized elite four. For being so high up in the mountainside, the sunset from up there was a majestic sight, full of beauty and warmth. To see it was a true privilege for both human and Pokemon's eyes.
For one of the elite four, he never failed to appreciate the amazing sight. Every night, when the weather was clear, Aaron, the green haired bug loving member of the elite four, would just lean over the railings at the very peak of the castle, watching the sunset unfold in perfect peace and silence.

"The world is so beautiful at this time of day..." The childish boy leant forward into the small breeze which he could feel, closing his eyes in pure happiness as the wind gently stroked his face and hair.
He smiled his boyish smile as he opened his eyes again, only to be greeted by a flock of butterfree which were passing by just above the waterfall. This really was the perfect scene, a truly great place to relax after a long day. But Aaron had to admit, that being out here by himself did get a bit lonely...and when he started to feel like this, he often found himself thinking about a certain trainer in the Elite Four.


Aaron's smile quickly faded as he thought about him once again. He let out a brief sigh and slumped down so his arms were propping his chin up, to prevent it from touching the hard railings.
The feelings which Aaron had for Lucian both confused and scared him. Would people think that it was wrong if he confessed? What if Lucian didn't feel the same way-then what? Sighing once again, the boy closed his eyes and laid his head against his 'substitution for a pillow' arms.
"Oh Lucian..."

"What is it?"

The green haired boy quickly jumped bolt upright, the unexpected visiting startling him. "Crap..." he inwardly thought. "What a time for me to be thinking out loud."

Despite jumping up, Aaron stayed in the same spot, raking his mind for some excuse as to his outburst then. He heard the door to the roof shut with a faint click, and then listened as the man in question footstep's got nearer and nearer to him. When they finally stopped, the short burst of silence was broken by speech.
"I'm sorry, did I disturb you?" At the sound of Lucian's voice, Aaron stiffened, the mere sound of it sending shivers up his spine.
"Ummm, err...no, of course you didn't!" Aaron struggled to find the right words, stuttering over them, mentally kicking himself for making him seem like such a fool.
But to his amazement, Lucian just gave a gentle, fond chuckle, before he leant across the railings himself-in a much similar fashion to what Aaron had earlier.
Aaron just stared at the violet haired man, the red of the sun shining off his glasses. Who knew that red could be seen in such a nice way, instead of just violence and anguish like it usually is deemed to be the colour of.

"So...why were you saying my name earlier?" the book learnt man enquired, snapping Aaron out of his trance.

"I guess that I was just lonely, is all..." came the simple reply, in which he instantly realised his mistake.
"But if that's so, then why didn't you say any of the others names?" Lucian adverted his gaze over to the boy who was now looking away, clearly embarrassed.

"Well, I..um..I..." Aaron felt himself going teary, much like he used to when he was younger. If he ever got lost or got hurt somehow, he would cry. Now he was older, he found that he cried in awkward situations such as this one instead...

Lucian felt a pang of guilt as he stared at Aaron, the child obviously been put into an uncomfortable position because of him. He quickly stood up and made his way over to him, pulling him into a tight embrace, determined that he would not be the reason as to why he would cry.
A shocked Aaron looked up at Lucian, his eyes wide with disbelief at what just happened. His gaze was returned with a soft smile, as the man holding him reached up and wiped the beginning of tears away from his face. "I'm sorry" he whispered, as to not disturb the mood, "I shouldn't have asked something so personal"
A small smile graced Aaron's face as he buried his head into Lucian's chest. "Like you didn't know the answer anyways..." he said in a half bitter, half playful tone.
Lucian carefully rested his head on top of Aaron's, holding the boy even tighter than before. "I know, I just wanted to hear you say it yourself-so I knew that it was true."
Aaron lifted his head up and gazed into purple eyes. "I said it because I like you more than any of them. My feelings for them don't even come half as close as the ones which I have for you." After Aaron had finished, both of the males felt a warm blush appear across their faces.
"Thank you..." said Lucian simply, as he sat down on the floor, pulling Aaron down for him to sit on his lap.
Aaron was slightly take aback by this, not sure whether to be happy or confused.
As Lucian placed a small kiss onto the top of his head though, he knew his answer. He wiped away the rest of his tears, and settled into the other man's chest, content in knowing that for at least the rest of that evening, he would be able to lay in his strong arms whilst watching the glowing red sunset, the first time in which he had done so not by himself.

Whoever first associated the colour Red with danger and hurt forgot about one small thing: the colour can also be used to represent the idea of love.


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