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Is it really necessary
Every single day
Making me more ordinary
In every possible way

"Whoa, thanks man! This really means a lot, ya know?"

With a chuckle, a familiar purple haired trainer looked down at the younger boy which had just defeated him, and sincerely wished him good luck with the last elite (He would need it, of course) before looking on sadly as the young boy ran off.

With a sigh, Lucian sat down on the chair in the middle of his elite room, and opened his book to continue reading where he had last left off. Lately, his skills had been slipping, he was being defeated more and more easily each day when a challenger arrived-and all because of the silly 'crush turned love' which he had on the first and youngest Elite.

"Oh Aaron..." he sadly mumbled. "Just thinking about you puts me completely of my're turning me more ordinary, you know? Soon, I'll be nothing more than a mere trainer if I keep on losing like this..." finishing exclaiming his thoughts aloud, Lucian turned his head to look out of the window. Rain.

This ordinary mind is broken
You did it and you don't even know
Leaving me with words unspoken
You better get back cause I'm ready for...

Deciding that it would be best just to try and clear his head, Lucian buried his head in his book for what he hoped was going to be a long reading session - the best way in which he knew how to relax. (And the only way which took his mind of Aaron, as far as he was aware off at least.)

It wasn't long however, before Lucian realised that this wasn't going to happen. Looking up from his book as he heard the door to his room open and then shut quietly behind the intruder again, he was looking at none other than the boy who he was trying to forget.

"Heya!" Aaron unknowingly exclaimed, whilst walking over to peer over his elder's shoulder, always interested in what the man was reading.

"He...just doesn't realise does his? He doesn't know what he's doing to me..." Lucian inwardly thought as he gave the boy a smile, whilst shutting the book earning a pout from the bug type elite.

"Aww come on! You never let me see what you're reading!"

"That's because you wouldn't understand it, and you'd bug me until I told you what it is about it simpler terms." The older man appeared to coolly exclaim, watching as Aaron appeared to make himself comfortable by sitting cross-legged on the floor.

"Heh...on another note...this is the third time which you've lost this week am I correct? For as long as I've known you, you've never lost that many times in a YEAR, but now, just in one week? Something must be wrong, what is it?"

Shocked at the normally gentle boys conduct, all Lucian could do was stare into his piercing green eyes, the look in them telling him that he was trying to be serious.

"But...what do I tell him? It's not like it's a trivial matter which can be easily discussed...and even he realises how bad I have become. Maybe he does realise after all? Or maybe he's just asking because he cares? Or maybe...maybe he's just asking out of pity." Lucian mused on all of the possible outcomes, trying to rack his mind for something, anything, to say as an excuse. And, for once in his life, Lucian did not know what to say.

More than this
whatever it is
Baby, I hate days like this
Caught in a trap
I can't look back
Baby I hate days like this

Glancing out of the window once more in a vague attempt to think of something, all that Lucian could mutter was; "I hate days like this..."

With a sigh he got out of his chair and went and sat in front of the boy, deciding that being at eye level might make explaining this to him a bit easier. (Or maybe it was just a vain attempt to stall more time?)

"Well?" Aaron simply stated whilst folding his arms and cocking his head to one side, a gesture which Lucian just couldn't help but chuckle at. He was trying to be so serious after all, and seriousness plus Aaron's childish features make for a funny combination.

"I've just had a lot on my mind lately."


"Uhmm..." Panicking, Lucian mentally scolded himself for saying that in the first place. He was cornered now, trapped by Aaron's inquisitive nature, a nature which was also a stubborn one which would not leave without an answer.

"Come on Luciaaaaaan. There's no going back now, and you know I won't leave until you tell me what it is which is bothering you." Aaron egged on, just like he could read the other man's mind.

When it rain, rain, rains
It rain, rain, rains
When it rain, rain, rains
It rain, rain, rains
When it rain, rain, rains
It rain, rain, rains
When it rain, rain, rains
It rain, rain, rains
More than this...
Baby I hate days like

"Everything always happens in one go..." Lucian whispered with a sigh.. "It's like the rain, once it starts it will carry on raining, eventually making you somewhat hate the day...that's what I feel like now."

Before letting Aaron open his mouth to reply, he continued his speech. "Aaron, I've been thinking about a certain person, and I think you should probably know who it is by now. And if not...then maybe it should be kept that way. Now I know that they probably don't realise this, but they're breaking my heart without even consciously doing anything. That's what's been throwing my game off lately, okay...I just don't know what to do with myself about it anymore..."he trailed off and laughed slightly as he stood up, before looking down at the boy seated before him.

"Strange isn't it? I'm supposed to be this book learnt man who should always have something to say, but look at me now..."

Trying to be ordinary
Was it me who was the fool?
Thought you found the man you wanted
until you turn him into something new

As he turned around to go do something to distract himself, Lucian wandered to himself whether he was a fool for telling Aaron all of that. Sure, he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box, but Aaron wasn't that stupid. He must know about his feelings for him. And if he didn't before, he sure as a shellos would now.

"Nice one, Lucian." The man said to himself through gritted teeth.

"Lucian..." A hand upon his shoulder made the man in question jump, and turn around to see Aaron standing there with his hand upon his shoulder, a sad look upon his soft face.

"If...If you're talking about me, then I'm sorry..." not being able to make eye contact, Aaron looked away whilst Lucian stared at him, startled by his boldness.

"And even if it isn't me..." he tentatively continued, "I want you too know that you've been having the same effect on me. But that doesn't matter, I'm the weakest out of the lot of us, so it doesn't matter if I lose as much." He let out a small, yet sad laugh.


Being the one to not let Lucian continue this time, Aaron finished what he wanted to say.

"I really am sorry for making you lose all these battles, Lucian...I feel like because of this, I'm changing you...I don't want you to be different! I just want you to stay as the same strong trainer which I first met, and grew to look up to as my idol and inspiration." Now blushing furiously, the almost childlike boy let go off Lucian's shoulder and turned his back to him, tying to regain his normal porcelain face colour, and fight back the tears which he knew were eventually going to come. He had accepted his status as a 'baby' after all.

Well even if our minds are broken
There's something that I need you to know
It's nothing like the life we wanted
You better move on
Cause I'm ready for

"Aaron...are you okay?" this time, Lucian touching Aaron's shoulder instead.

Quickly wiping his eyes with his sleeve just to make sure no rogue tears had escaped without his permission, Aaron turned around and smiled at the taller man.

"You know...I really hate days like this too. The rain makes everything more sadder."

"Including your grammar?"

Lightly punching his arm Aaron laughed, glad that nothing which was said had affected the relationship between them.

"Alright alright, Mr,Picky."

Smiling, Lucian decided that this wasn't really how he expected the conversation to turn out, but was extremely glad that it did.

"Hey...I guess rainy days can't be THAT bad." He stated.

"And why's that?"

"Because it made you come here today and say all of that to me."

A now startled Aaron looked up at the older man, the blush returning to his cheeks almost as soon as it had faded.

"Y-you mean...?"

Receiving a curt nod in reply, all Aaron could do was express his gratitude physically, and this was in the form of him running up and hugging what was soon be his new lover.

After all, the normally talkative boy was for once at a loss for words.

You're leaving me with words unspoken

You better get back because I'm ready for

More than this.

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