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Author's Note: As you all know Bella has to move to Chicago with Edward temporarily until his house sells and he get's transfered to Forks where we all know they will live happily ever after. This is just their time in the wendy city because I wasn't quite ready to let these two go and it didn't look like you guys were ready to either. Hope you like it.

The Word of the Day is Chicago

It was almost as if the cab driver just knew I had been trying to convince Edward to pay his tip in pennies. I wanted to leave our legacy on Chicago. Why not start now? But Edward argued that Chicago was beautiful... sometimes like late at night when you could not see the stars. I had stepped out of the air port not twenty minutes ago but I was not impressed. Edward said he wanted to be able to prove me wrong before we got thrown in jail. He teased that none of the police here had worked under Charlie's managment so that wouldn't save me. He was teasing... right? I wonder how many times Charlie being the Cheif had saved my butt. I probably would have gotten at least a night for assult when I punched Eric Yorkie at our high school graduation. Long story.

But to get back on topic Edward had vetoed my cab driver idea. We weren't going to tip in pennies that had been sucked into the vortex that I refer to as my purse so long ago. But the guy was still acting all shifty. He's looked in the rearview mirror so many times I had actually convinced myself we were being followed but when I looked over my shoulder all I could see was a blue mini van following at a respectful distance. She looked annoyed as a soccor ball flew over the passenger seat from the back but not haggered enough to snap. But then again what did I know? Maybe our shifty cab driver owed back child support or something.

"Okay," I whispered to Edward. "What is his problem?"

He raised his eyes and the cab drivers own eyes flashed back to the road. See? Shifty.

Edward's eyes narrowed and I nudged him in the side, feeling a little more alarmed about the mini van. Of course she didn't look like a serial killer but when you really thought about it ho has more reason than a soccor mom to go crazy and kill a bunch of people? They're at the end of their rope like 24/7.

"Maybe he can sense there's something different about your genetic make up," he whispered back.

I rolled my eyes. Edward had stumbled across a re-run episode of Heroes one day recently. I don't know how he had missed the mayhem when it first came out. It was okay I suppose. The Japanese guy was funny and the scientist was hot but after a while all I could think was, that cheerleder's dating her uncle! But Edward thought it was great.

"Quick are we being followed by a guy in horn rimmed glasses?"

I sighed. Actually I'm not so sure he even likes the show. But he's definitely excited to have found a new way to irritate me.

"Nope," I shook my head. "Just a renigade soccor mom."

He laughed, shaking is head before scooting forward on the seat.

"Hey, Buddy?"

My eyes widened. You're not supposed to coerse with the enemy. Has he learned nothing from that stupid show?

"Keep staring at my fiance and I'll have to tip you in pennies."

"What?" I shreiked. "Edward, he wasn't staring at me as in checking me out or anything."

I shot an apologetic look at the driver. How embarrassing!

"He's probably making sure mommy dearest back there doesn't turn all serial killer," I reasoned. "It is Chicago."

The cab driver frowned, confused, as Edward busted out laughing.

"Better yet," he chuckled. "Keep ogling my girl and I'll leave her here with you for the afternoon."

My mouth dropped open and my eyes narrowed. He did not just threaten someone with my mear presence! But the can driver's eyes didn't leave the road again after that. Stupid truck-napper! He thought he was so funny.

How funny would he be when he had to go to work in all pink. I'd just bought a new red bra; now all I had to do was get it in the washer with his EMT uniform.

"Come on, baby," he called. "I love you."

I grinned.

"I love you too," I sang, checking out the new digs.

Edward's apartment was small but tasteful. He'd said his aunt was an enterior designer and if I had to guess I'd say Eddie-boy loved his auntie very much because as tasteful as the giant flower painting was it didn't exactly scream Edward lives here. As a matter of fact nothing about the apartment screamed A guy lives here.

I chuckled, shaking my head.

"My house is more masculine than yours," I called teasingly.

There was silence from out in the hall way and I frowned. Man I hope he wasn't one of those smart people that leaves a spare key with the front desk.

As Edward had paid the cab driver, in bills sadly, I'd remembered the red bra hadn't been one I'd packed. So I voluntered to unlock the door for him since he was carrying the suit cases and then I'd locked him out. I'll admit it was amature and childish but it was the best I could come up with during the short elevator ride.

So for the past ten minutes Edward had been standing in the hall reciting the different reasons why he loved me. Ha! He thought he could get out of this with flatery? He should know me better than that. The answer is always chocolate!


Hmm, still nothing.

I tip-toed to the door, looking out the peephole but all I could see was an empty hall way.

I frowned.



"If you've been kid-napped by a renegade soccor mom scream once," I called.

Still nothing. Dang! He probably did have a spare key at the front desk. Maybe if I took the stairs I could beat him down there...

I flicked the lock up, flinging the door open. It was worth a shot.

"That was very mean, Ms. Swan."

He had grabbed me and thrown me over his shoulder before I could even take a step outside the apartment. Since when did he have super speed?

He kicked the door closed as he stalked into the apartment.

"Edward, put me down!" I demanded. "Hey, Mister, watch the hands!"

He ignored me, turning in a circle.

"Bella?" he called. "Bella, love? Where oh where did you go?"

I smacked his shoulder, trying to get up right because all of the blood was rishing to my head. He hopped a little so I fell back over his shoulder so I did what any self respecting woman would: I pinched his butt.

"You sound like a nursery rhyme, Mother Goose," I snickered.

"I'm Mother Goose," he laughed, setting me on my feet. "Who needs to watch their hands now?"

I bit my lip against a smirk as I put on an innocent look.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said.

He snickered.

"Sure you don't."

His eyes flickered over my shoulder and he frowned before scanning his apartment quickly.

"I've been robbed!" He exclaimed suddenly. "In reverse!"

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