Title Chapter: Their Little Predicament.

Rating: M

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Warning: There be naughty bits.

Author's Note: Whelp, I've completely neglected this fic-which I promised myself never to do. Seriously, it's been six freaking years. *cries* Alas, real life won out and now I'm considering putting it up for adoption. I also did a read through of chapter one, and holy crapola, it sounded awful. Plus, has completely borked up the formatting. I've done some changes, but it's still not to my liking. I'm going to do the same with other other chapters. Plus, revisions will help me familiarize the story.

Anyway, a lot has changed with Naruto. The series ended and all the characters' fates are revealed-so this means, this fic is AU. The story is set a few years after the war, and Kakashi is Jounin, as oppose to Hokage like he is in Canon.

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They were suppose to be gone in a few days, but according to their contact Kouta, a storm was on it's way. So, they decided that it would be in their best interest if they waited a week before departing. Kakashi wasn't exactly pleased when he heard the news. He wanted to be back in the village for Naruto's surprise birthday party that Sakura was throwing, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), that was impossible. Of course, his pink haired student will not be pleased; and she will definitely make her disappointment known, when he gets back. Kakashi groaned as he rubbed his temples, listening quietly as Kouta told him where he and his partner could stay for the time being. His partner, Hinata Hyuuga, was a last minute replacement for Shino for a small tracking and recognizance assignment. Hinata had proven to be reliable, and they were able to get everything completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. This pleased Kakashi, and they happily set off after spending a mere three days spent on the island. It was then that they were met by their contact, who told them the unfortunate news.

"Anyway, my cousin said that the room he has is decent for the two of you. I mean it beats camping out in the jungle again…eh?" Kouta said, laughing nervously. Hinata simply smiled, while Kakashi gave the older man a defeated look.

"Oh why the long face, Kakashi? You are in paradise. Enjoy it!" The man bellowed as he stood up, grinning down at the silver haired jounin. Kakashi sighed. He could only accept his predicament. "Come on you two, follow me," he then said, beckoning the two ninjas. With a defeated groan, Kakashi stood and followed the man towards their living quarters. Hinata also followed, without saying anything at all. They weaved around the busy streets, wiping the sweat from their brows as the island humidity reached its peak. Kakashi looked over at Hinata, who had now unzipped her jacket and rolled up her sleeves, fanning away to get some relief from the unbearable heat. They nearly reached the end, passing a row of vendors, who were pushing their merchandise in their faces.

"Get out of our way," Kouta yelled shoving the sellers out their path, while Kakashi and Hinata dodged them. "It's always like this, when a bad storm is on the way. People tend to get supplies to bunker in from the worst of it, and these leeches are trying squeeze in some sales to make some quick money," he said as he ushered them down a small path, which led them towards several rows of houses. It wasn't long before they were standing in front of a large green building, decked with red doors and shutters. It was a very old and hideous building, which stood out among the others like a intimidating sore thumb. The paint was chipped and peeling, as if it hadn't benefited from a paint job in decades. While Kouta fumbled around in his pockets to search for the key, Kakashi took a quick look around the area. The other buildings seemed quite empty—one of which had a few windows broken out of it, while others had tall grass and weeds taking up root, wrapping around the them like vegetative armor.

"Here it is! It's not much, but like I said it's—."

"Better than camping out in the jungle," Kakashi interrupted with a smile. The older man chuckled and opened the doors to their temporary residence. Once inside, they were nearly bowled over by how hot it was. Kouta quickly ran to the nearest window and pulled it open, letting some air into the room. As Kouta went to open the others, Kakashi took a look around, and noticed the apartment had only one large room. In the middle of it was a large bed with a canopy above it, covered with what appears to be mosquito netting, along with a small sofa placed right under one of the windows Kouta had just opened. In the far corner of a room was a platform, where the kitchenette stood, complete with a stove, sink and icebox.

"How long has been since someone stayed here," Kakashi asked as he brushed the table with his index finger, which was now coated with dust.

"A few months ago—the last guy was a traveling merchant, who stayed here with his mistress," answered Kouta.

"Um, excuse me Kouta-san," Hinata spoke up, as she gestured towards the bed.

"Ah, don't worry about that sweetie, my wife came by earlier to change the bed linen," Kouta assured her. Hinata gave the man a weary look.

"I think she means that there is only one bed," Kakashi said. Hinata nodded in agreement.

"Oh! There should be an extra bed stored somewhere," he said, looking around the room. Once he found it, he pulled it out and rolled it towards Kakashi.

"It's here so you won't scandalize that young lady over there," He said, nodding his head towards Hinata, who quickly blushed and looked away.

"You don't have worry about that," Kakashi said, feeling uncomfortable at the man's implications.

"You know this little place had a few uses back in the day. First it was someone's home, then it was used as a simple storage building, and recently my cousin bought it and converted it to a place for rent. He owns an inn not to far from here, but the whole place is book solid, so he gave you guys this place instead. So how do you like it so far," Kouta asked, waving his arms around.

"It's doable," Kakashi answered—not caring as long as he doesn't have to deal with wild creatures and pesky insects. The island was full of creepy crawling insects and wild animals that proved troublesome while camping.

"What about you princess…I know you Hyuugas only like the best." The old man questioned, waiting closely for the former heiress' own input. Kakashi noticed the man was practically bouncing on the soles of his feet.

Hinata gave the room a quick look around before answering. "It's quite nice…better than what we had to live with a few days ago."

And Kouta grinned, while bouncing excitedly like a ten year old boy. "That's good to hear! You know this place is kind of special. People told me that whenever they stay here, something magical happens."

"Right," Kakashi said, sounding skeptical at the Kouta's absurd claim.

"It's true. People tend embrace their wilder instincts."

"Wilder instincts? What do you mean?" Kakashi said, feeling suddenly curious-it reminded him of one of Jiraiya's novels.

"People feel freer," The man answered, grinning ear to ear.

Kakashi had to catch himself from rolling his eyes at the man. He had enough of the man's strange proclamations and was ready to bid him a goodnight."Well, it's the norm for a lot of exotic vacation spots, so it's nothing new. People come here to let their hair down, and they do just that. Unfortunately, Hinata and I came here on business, and that will continue-now if you excuse me it's getting kind of late," Kakashi said as he nodded towards the darkening sky.

"Trying to get rid of the old man, huh? No worries, just saying this place is a bit special… you don't have to believe, if you don't want to."

"It's an interesting bit of information, Kouta-san," Hinata said, attempting placate the old man.

Kouta gave Hinata a toothy grin and gave a slight bow before heading towards the door."If you two need anything, you know where my residence is, and also keep safe. This storm will be troublesome," Kouta warned. He turned to head out the door, but then stopped."Oh, almost forgot," he said as reached into his pocket and pulled out a key. He threw it towards Kakashi who caught it with ease. The old man finally left, leaving both Kakashi and Hinata alone. They didn't say anything for a while. They moved around in uncomfortable silence as they unpacked their necessities. Kakashi watched as Hinata slipped her sandals off and placed them next to the door, before moving towards the sofa to sit down.

Kakashi finally spoke. "From what I understand, we won't be able to leave this place until a week and half. Our boat won't leave port until the storm is completely passed and is safe for travel.

"To bad we cannot contact Lady Tsunade and tell her what is happening," she said.

Kakashi nodded as he paced around the room. "Don't worry about that right now. She knows that we are fully capable people." He assured her. Hinata smiled at him, which made the jounin heart suddenly skip. He paused for a moment at the strange sensation but was pulled out his thoughts by the rumbling of thunder up ahead."You know, I better hurry up and get some food and supplies. It seems like the storm is on its way."

"Do you need any help," she asked as she stood from her seat.

He shook his head. "You wait here—no need for the both us to go."

"No, I want to go. Besides, you may have a lot to carry on the way back," she said.

Kakashi suspected that she didn't want to be left alone in this strange place, which was understandable—this place had a strange imposing presence that didn't sit well with him. Suddenly, the old man's strange words echoed in his mind. Kakashi shook it off. "If you say so," Kakashi said. Hinata reached for her sandals to put them back on, while Kakashi closed the windows, in case it rained before they got back. He had a feeling that the storm was the least of his worries.