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Chapter 5: The Morning After

Warning: (There are a few lemons sprinkled here and there.)

Morning had already arrived, when Hinata finally woke from her deep slumber. Taking a deep breath, she sighed in content, when she smelled the fresh rain wafting through the window, before shivering from the cool morning air. Beside her, lay a very naked Kakashi, who was still fast asleep, unaware of what was going on around him.

This must have been the most sleep he has ever had, she thought wistfully.

Rolling over, Hinata snuggled against her lover, throwing her left arm around his torso, as she thought back to last night. She closed her eyes as those moments she shared with Kakashi replayed in her mind. She shivered again before looking up at the open window, and sighed.

Reluctantly, Hinata moved from Kakashi's body, and walked to window, closing it tightly. Outside, Hinata could still see the light rain fall down as the dark clouds above covered the morning sky, cloaking the sun's rays.

I wonder what the others are doing.

Looking over her shoulder, Kakashi was still asleep—dead to the world as Kiba's mother would say. He looked so peaceful, which was a far cry from last night. Hinata remembered the look of desperation and hunger that was etched on his handsome face. It reminded Hinata of some wild animal that briefly took over his body, but kept some semblance of his usual personality. Still, Hinata knew it was Kakashi all the way. This wild and untamed side of him was definitely new to her, and she wondered if hew as like this with his other lovers.

Walking back to the bed, she took her place beside Kakashi's sleeping form, and drifted off the sleep. It was moments later when she felt Kakashi move over her body. She immediately she accepted him, spreading her legs wide as he slowly thrust his shaft inside of her aching flesh. They moved against each other in bliss until they were brought to an epic release—an instant wake up call for the both of them. She could feel Kakashi pour into her once more as she milked every last drop from him.

Opening his eyes, he turned around and saw Hinata curled up beside him sleeping peacefully. His eyes roamed over her pale figure, and he could feel the slight stirring in his cock from the memories of his body slamming against her supple flesh. Hinata let out a breathy sigh as she rolled over on her back, her breasts jiggled from the slight movement. He could feel that familiar feeling bubble up inside of him, as the stirring in his groin grew persistent. The more he watched her sleep, the more he felt that coil of desire, which led straight to his cock. He had to have her once more. Moving over her, he pressed against her soft body, and was met with Hinata's heavy lidded gaze. Hinata accepted him as he pushed deep inside of her warm flesh. He thrust into her with abandon until he felt Hinata tight walls contract around his member, setting off his own orgasm.

Hinata could feel Kakashi pull out of her, and roll onto his side. She looked over at her lover, who was breathing heavily from exhaustion—his eyes were closed tight as pushed his damp hair out of his face with a shaky hand. He was completely flushed as beads of sweat slid down his body like rain. Moving onto her side, she gently moved her hand against his broad chest. Kakashi was still as he relished in her soft caresses—every so often Hinata could hear her name against his lips.

"Did you sleep well," he asked—his eyes still closed. Hinata moved in closer as she laid her head on his sweaty chest.

"Yes I did," she whispered as she ran her fingers through the tight coil of hair that led to his now flaccid member. "I don't want to leave the bed," she added before kissing his flushed skin. Groaning, Kakashi pulled Hinata into his arms, and shifted their bodies until they both were spooning against each other—a remnant from last night.

"I don't want to leave either," he moaned against her ear, cupping one of her breasts in his large hand. For a moment Hinata wondered if he was talking about something else entirely, but that thought quickly faded as she felt him grind against her body as his hand made its way between her sticky thighs.

She was in for a long morning.

When Hinata finally awoke for a third time, Kakashi was no longer beside her. Sitting up, she stretched wincing slightly from the soreness of her body. She and Kakashi made love a few more times this morning, each time was more body bending and intense than the previous. Hinata blushed. Kakashi was a certainly a demanding lover, but she wasn't exactly innocent as well. One particular sexual position had Kakashi holding her leg up in the air as he slammed into her like animal; the orgasm was so intense that her leg had slipped from Kakashi's grip and she ended up hitting his head with the heel of her foot. Surprisingly, Kakashi simply shook it off, and continued to fuck her until he found his own release. Afterwards Kakashi collapsed on top of her in a sweaty heap—his body too exhausted to move. The intensity from their orgasms had every part of their bodies reeling. Even now Hinata shuddered from the memory, while she felt a lingering throb in her womanhood.

As she moved from her bed, she could feel some of Kakashi's essence pool out of her body. She was in need of a bath. Grabbing her yukata that was hanging on the bed post, she headed towards the kitchen. Looking at the stove, she saw that Kakashi had already made lunch, and was grateful for the jounin-sensei, because her stomach started to growl as soon as she smelled the delicious mouth watering food.

"Enjoy your nap," Kakashi said as he made his way out of the bathroom. He had woken up an hour earlier and decided to cook the both of them lunch. He watched as Hinata piled her plate with food, and quickly sat down, hunger evident on her still sleepy face.

"I thought you would never wake up," he said sitting down to join her.

"What time is it?" She asked before taking a bite to eat.

"It's after one o'clock."

"Oh," she said, looking embarrassed. People in her family had a rigid schedule, and had to get up before noon. Sleeping in wasn't encouraged, since it lacked discipline on the person's part. The last and only time she did that, her father was at her door wondering when she will get up. She had to explain to him that she came home late from a mission, and deathly tired from it. Luckily for her, he accepted her reason, but not before telling her to get up anyway.

Well, here father wasn't here. If he was, sleeping in would be the last thing that would anger him.

As she ate, she looked up and noticed that the ceiling fans were whirling above them. She then saw few of the lights were on, and she could hear a buzzing sound from the refrigerator. Before she could say anything about it, Kakashi interrupted.

"The power came back on, just before I left. Although, I'm not sure how long they will stay on."

"Do you know how long we will be here? It's been almost a week, and soon the village will wonder where we are. She said as she got up to put her plate away. Kakashi stayed silent for a moment, as he thought things through. Finally he spoke.

"There wasn't a deadline set for this mission, but I believe Lady Tsunade expects us back sometime this weekend. So when the weather is better, I will send a messenger bird out with a letter explaining everything that has happened, and to expect us much later."

"How much later," Hinata asked as she stood beside a seated Kakashi. He became silent once again; his distant eyes were glued to the bathroom door. Hinata considered nudging him, but quickly yelp when he pulled her into his lap. She could hear him chuckling darkly as his hand swept through her long indigo locks. Hinata felt a shiver go through her body, but for some reason she couldn't move from his embrace.

"As long as what I want to," He whispered in her ear. Hinata wanted to protest, but was quickly silenced when Kakashi opened up her yukata to fondle her sensitive breasts. He pulled on her turgid peaks as kissed down her neck, stopping at every erogenous zone that he had discovered last night.

"Oh, sensei!" Hinata cried out as she felt Kakashi's hand slide down to sink his fingers inside of sex.

"Hmm, I think Hinata-sama needs her bath." Suddenly, Kakashi picked Hinata up, and carried her to the bathroom. Inside she watched as he ran a much longed for hot bath, and was thankful for the power returning.

After the tub was full, Hinata slid out of her yukata and slipped inside the relaxing bath. Kakashi only watched as Hinata lathered her body with sweet smelling soap. His pants started to feel tight, and he shifted his body for relief.

"You know, Hinata. The tub is large enough for the two of us. So how about I join you," he said as removed his clothes. Hinata didn't say anything. She knew he was going to join her regardless. She scooted forward as Kakashi moved in behind her. They both sighed as the felt each others bodies pressed against one another. The water in the tub was starting to spill out, but they didn't notice or care. Hinata was too distracted by Kakashi soapy hands sliding across her body, while Kakashi could feel Hinata's round bottom grind against his arousal, forcing the silver haired man to moan.

"Hinata turn around," Kakashi ordered. He sounded like they were on a mission. Hinata did as she was told. More water spilled from the tub as Hinata shifted her body until she was facing Kakashi. He then pulled her against him until she was straddling his lap.

"You know what to do next," He said gruffly, leaning backwards against the tub. Hinata only nodded as she took his hard member in her hand, and placed it against the lips of her sex.

It was then, when she felt his girth push inside of her aching flesh, and saw the hungry look on his handsome face, that she realized he didn't give a damn about going back to Konoha.

Hinata spent the last hour writing in her journal, while Kakashi sat at the kitchen table reading one of his books. Hinata was worried. Was her suspicions correct, and Kakashi wanted the two of them to stay much longer, if not forever? For as long as she remembered, Kakashi was incredibly loyal to the village, and to abandon it just like made everything strange to her. After their romp in bath tub, he didn't say anything else, but only gave her a kiss on the lips, slipped on his clothes and headed out the door leaving her with the mess they made on the floor.

After she finished, she put her journal off to the side, and rolled onto her back, sighing loudly. She then looked over at Kakashi, who nose was still buried in his book—she can see his eyes darting from side to side as he devoured the text. Looking away from him, she turned her attention to the ceiling, admiring the strange decorations that covered it. They looked like seal markings. Shaking her head, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, smelling the lingering scent of their dinner.

"I wonder when the weather will pass," She spoke.

"I will give it a few days," he replied, his eyes still glued to his book.

"Then we can leave."

Kakashi didn't say anything. Looking over at him, Hinata saw Kakashi peering at her over his book.

"It's possible," he replied in a vagueness that was usual for him. Hinata could only nod, and turn away from the white haired man.

Kakashi tried to read his book, but was distracted by the nagging feelings he was having. He didn't feel the need to leave this place. He couldn't understand why, and it bothered him. Kakashi knew he couldn't keep Hinata holed up here forever. The others will start searching, and they won't rest until they were found. Hyuuga Hiashi would see to that.

Suddenly something in his mind snapped, and Kakashi saw a rush of thoughts invade his clouded mind.

We could move away from here, and onto a far away island just like this one, so Konoha could never track us down.

Or maybe, we could change their names, and live together in peace…like husband and wife.

Kakashi mind was in daze as he tried to rationalize the possible treason he considered committing. The sudden onslaught of thoughts pricked and prodded at his subconscious like tiny nagging pins.

Stunned, Kakashi shook his head. What was wrong with him? He can't do this to himself and Hinata. He can't abandon his village and home. Hinata wouldn't allow it—unless, she's convinced somehow…unless she becomes…

"Hinata are you on any birth control," he asked. Hinata, who was leaning on the edge of the bed to grab her fallen journal, was caught by surprise and ended up landing face first on the floor. Quickly, she stood up, and glared suspiciously at the older nin.

"Wh-what? She sputtered out.

"Are you on any contraception? I haven't been using any protection," Kakashi said pointedly. Something in his mind was screaming for her to say no.

Hinata opened her mouth to say something, but before she could answer they heard a loud knock at the door.

"Yo, is anyone there?" It was Kouta. Kakashi quickly grabbed his mask that hanging around his neck and slipped it on his face.

Turning on her heels, Hinata answered the door, smiling once she saw the pudgy man, grinning broadly at her.

"Nice seeing you again, Kouta-san," Hinata said ushering the man inside the apartment. Closing his umbrella, he stepped right in, before speaking.

"It's been awhile since I've seen the two of you. Decided to check up on ya, I hope you guys aren't bored. Unfortunately the storm has kept things around here slow.

"Oh no, Kouta-san, I'm enjoying the peace and relaxation…Kakashi-sensei as well. Kakashi only nodded.

"So, I see the power is back on this side of the island," the older man said, looking around the room.

"Yes, and I'm happy for that. I hope they stay on for the time being."

"Ah yes, with this weather you can't be sure about anything. From what I've heard the storm will be letting up soon. Afterwards the boats will leave port, and you guys can finally go home."

"Ah, Kouta-san, that's good news. Thanks!"

"No problem dear, but letting you know that you may not be able to leave until the end of next week at the least. Also, be cautious, anything can happen during that period of time, but just keep those pretty little fingers and toes cross…eh."

"Will do sir," Hinata said. Kakashi inwardly grumbled.

"One more thing," Kouta added. Hinata nodded for him to continue.

"Would you like to meet someone," Kouta asked grinning from ear to ear. Hinata's eyebrows rose at his question. Kakashi simply frowned and leaned forward in his seat.

"I-I guess so." She mumbled, stealing a glance at Kakashi, who looked at the man suspiciously.

"Well it's my nephew…I told him about you, and how you are the cutest little thing I laid eyes on. Well it got him curious, and he wants to meet you. I was wondering if it would be okay with you."

Hinata fidgeted. She didn't know how to answer.

"I know you probably not up to meeting people, but my nephew is a good natured boy, and gentleman. My darling sister raised him wonderfully." Hinata looked at the man's eager face, and finally made her decision.

"Well, I don't mind at all, Kouta-san. Hinata said. She watched as Kouta face beamed in triumph. Kakashi looked impassive.

"Ho Ho! That's good to hear. He's about your age, and has a good head on his shoulders, you two will hit it off quickly. How about tomorrow around 6 pm? Kakashi can come as well."

"That would be fine," Hinata bowed as she led him out the door.

See you all tomorrow," he said before waving off. Hinata closed the door. She looked over her shoulder at Kakashi who was drumming his fingers against the table. His eyes were unreadable, but from his body language Hinata knew he wasn't pleased.

"I can't believe you agreed to his invitation," Kakashi said. His voice sounded irritated and accusatory. Hinata bit her lip nervously.

"I was being nice, sensei," she answered as moved into the chair across from him. She didn't like the atmosphere he was radiating.

"Too damn nice," Kakashi said coldly.

"I don't understand. Why is it so wrong to meet Kouta-san's nephew."

"Hinata, he wants you to meet his nephew because Kouta has eyes on your clan's wealth and power. Yes Kouta is a nice and decent guy, but I've been around him long enough to know that he's very ambitious, and you sweetheart, with your nobility and family prestige, is his potential meal ticket."

Hinata was speechless at Kakashi's little outburst. He was being unreasonable. Yes, she figured that Kouta would want a union between her and his nephew, but she was only meeting the young man out of good will. Afterwards, she will be back in Konoha, and Kouta's nephew will be far from her mind. It annoyed her that he is treating her like she's some silly naïve thing.

"Why are you acting this way all of a sudden? It's just dinner. She explained.

"Yeah, but I'm looking out for your well being."

"No, I think it's because you are acting like a jealous little boy, and is looking out for yourself." She snapped back. Hinata felt a bit of satisfaction when she saw the Jounin's eyes widen in shock before he quickly went back to his usual impassive guarded expression.

Kakashi didn't say anything, but slowly stood up from his seat. The tension between them was become uncomfortable, and he needed to get away. The truth left a bitter taste in his mouth.

It was because, she was right, and it annoys me.

He headed towards the door, picking up his sandals along the way.

"I didn't answer you question from earlier," She said. Kakashi paused and turned around.

"The answer is yes. I bet that pleases you," she added, smiling at the white haired man.

Actually it doesn't. He thought ruefully as he inwardly sighed.

Without word, Kakashi gave Hinata a sharp nod before heading out the door, leaving the heiress with her own tumultuous thoughts.