The Cellar Door: Epilogue

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A few months later and Jasper and I were still together. We never got to spend as much time together as we wanted, as he was still currently in school. It seemed he went year round. He also worked so many nights he barely had time to sleep at all, I was worried he was going to run himself into the ground. Maria teased me about that as she said I did the same thing.

On one of our rare occasions to be together we met at The Cellar Door. It was close to him and now held better memories for us, and the drinks were cheap. We even got to know a few regulars there pretty well.

Taking a swig of my beer I waited on Jasper until I felt someone come up behind me. Full lips brushed against my neck and instinctively I moaned, knowing it was Jasper. Twisting my head around I kissed his lips sucking the bottom one into mine, pressing my tongue against it at the same time. Groaning at me, he pulled away and ran his hand along my back to my ass. Fuck, we needed to leave soon.

Jasper's quick withdrawal of his hand and his stiffening before he distanced himself from me, alerted me that something wasn't right. Before I could even see what it was I heard a voice I honestly hadn't expected to hear again. "Jasper," James drawled.

Spinning on the bar stool I glanced at James, the last time I'd seen him, he was fucked up. Today he looked, well, he looked happy. Happier than I'd ever seen him, in fact. "James," Jasper stated his name coldly.

"So you two are together for real now, then?" James asked, looking to either of us to answer.

Jasper replied, "It's none of your damn business."

At the same time I answered, "Yes, we are." Taking Jasper's hand in mine, I wanted to show him that he had nothing to worry about. Why the fuck would I leave him for James? I'd been down that road, and Jasper was so much better than anyone I'd ever been with before. Jasper gave me a slightly angry look tinged with worry. Standing up I stood close to Jasper and dared him to move away from me again.

James let out a deep sigh, "Jasper, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done all those things to you."

Jasper barked out a laugh, and said, "Apology not accepted. You hurt me more than anyone ever could have. Go back to Peter, you ass."

James dipped his head in disappointment. I wondered if his apology was sincere or another of his games. I'd be on my guard until I knew for sure. "Peter left me. He's with some woman called Charlotte," he divulged.

Confused, I popped out, "I thought Peter was gay."

Jasper shook his head, still looking at James and not me as he said, "No, Peter is bi." Hmm... if I had been able to be with a woman I might have gone there too after James. He was the biggest asshole I'd ever been with.

"Please Jasper, please don't cut me out of your life anymore," James pleaded. "I miss you." Then his eyes darted to me and he said, "I won't even interfere with your relationships anymore." So had he taken my advice and found one of his own?

Jasper seemed to be crumbling, I could tell he wanted his brother back, but he didn't trust him. I wished he could have James back, but I didn't want him getting hurt again either. Leaning into him, I whispered, "It's up to you. I'll stand by you whether or not you take him back." I was almost afraid that I'd be the reason he wouldn't take him back and I didn't want that on my conscious.

Someone came up behind James and slapped his ass. This new guy looked happy as he leaned forward to shake Jasper's hand. "You're James' twin brother, Jasper, right?" Jasper nodded in assent and the guy looked at me as well. "Ah, so you must be the ex, Edward, then."

"Yes, and you are?" I asked and shook his hand, as the two brothers seemed to be glaring at each other.

"Well, my name is Alec, isn't it? I heard all about the both of you and what James did to make you leave," he answered honestly. Did James tell him everything? Why the hell would he be with him if he had?

"Come on, love. You did what you needed to do, let Jasper make up his mind if he wants you in his life again or not," Alec told James, steering him away. It seemed to me that Alec was the dominant one there. Maybe that's what James needed.

"What do you think?" I asked Jasper.

"I think I like Alec, I'm not so sure about my own god damn brother," he replied angrily.

"Just think about it, don't rush any decision," I told him. Wanting to leave and get Jasper away from the environment as I could feel his anger radiating to me, I said, "Let's get out of here."

"Your place or mine?" he asked, a question that was asked so many times.

Pulling the key out of my pants pocket, I said, "What about our place?"

Jasper's eyes widened and he gasped. "Are you saying what I think you are?" He had to ask to make sure, he knew my aversion to moving in together. After him working so much and never seeing him though I couldn't take it anymore. I never wanted him to leave.

"I am. Will you move in with me, Jasper?" I asked and was nearly knocked over by the force he hugged and kissed me.

"Yes, of course I will," he answered taking the key from my hand and placing it on his key ring. "Let's go home."

As we were walking out of the bar I saw James and Alec in the corner watching us with grins on their faces, both of them holding each other close. Perhaps everything would work out with James in the end. Perhaps not. Whichever way it went I'd be there for Jasper, I wouldn't leave him.

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