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Brooke walked across the cold parking lot holding two cups of coffee. It had been a long night and she knew Dean would need that little extra something warn to get him up and moving around.

They had been out late taking care of a nest of vampire and they needed to get back on the road as soon as they could. They were due to meet up with John over in Mississippi that night.

She walked inside the room only to see him still fast asleep on his stomach, stretched across the bed. Brooke just smiled to herself and kicked the door shut with her foot, causing Dean to jump up, "Morning sunshine." She said as she sat the hot cups on the table next to her, "We need to get moving."

Dean glanced at her and then looked down at his watch, its 5 in the morning babe. Just come back to bed."

"No can do Dean. Your Dad is waiting for us and we need to get moving. We have a long way to go."

Dean just plopped his head back on the pillow, "Just give me ten more minute here."

Brooke placed her hands on her hips and shook her head. As long as she had know him, Dean had never been a morning person.

She walked over to the bed and yanked the covers off of him, "Sorry Dean but you need to get up. I got you some coffee so hurry up before it gets cold." She stood there but Dean never moved, "Dean Winchester I know you are not asleep now get up." Once again he never moved.

Brooke sighed and moved to the front of the bed. She leaned down and began to shake him when he reached over and pulled her down to the mattress, "Dean stop!" Brooke yelled, trying her best not to laugh.

Dean just lifted his head and smiled at her, "You know there is only one way to get me going in the morning Brookey."

"Sorry but if you wanted a little early morning booty call them you should have been up an hour ago like I was." She said trying to get out of his tight, yet loving grip, "So come on, let me up."

"Not this time sweetheart. I say we just leave tomorrow. We deserve a vacation." He leaned in and began kissing her neck.

Brooke closed her eyes at the feeling of his lips presses to her skin, "Dean...not now." she moaned out.

"You know you just want to stay here, naked in bed with me all day," he said and began kissing up her jaw line, over to her lips "Doing whatever you want with me."

She was finding it so hard to control herself at this point has his hand slipped up her shirt and over her flat stomach, "You know I do but try telling that to your dad when we don't show up. He will kill us both if we aren't in Tunica tonight."

Dean just pulled back and smiled at her, "Yeah I know. Ok I am getting up."

"Thank you." Brooke said and climbed out of bed first.

"What if you just give me a little something on the way?" Dean winked at her.

Brooke stood there with her mouth open, "Dean Winchester you have a dirty mind."

"Yeah I know," he said and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her slim waist, "But you love me for it."

"Lord knows I do and only he know why."

He kissed her softly on the lips. He had never been truly happen until the day he met her in that small bus station over a year ago and they hadn't been apart not even one day since. She was the love of his life and one day, he was going to marry that girl.


Brooke paced in front of the small bed in yet another motel room. She was about to do the last thing she even wanted to do but it was for the best and she knew it. "Hey is everything ok?" Dean asked as he came out of the bathroom. He knew something was wrong by the way she was biting on her nails.

"Yeah I'm fine its just that…" she stopped herself when she looked into the green eyes that she had fell in love with, "I just not feeling well. Do you think you and John can take care of this one?"

"Yeah sure baby. You just stay here and rest. We won't be gone long." Dean leaned in and kissed her and she couldn't help but bring her hands to his face. She knew this would be the last time she felt his touch.

When she pulled back, Dean was smiling down at her, "I love you Dean. You know that right?"

"Of course I do. I love you more." Brooke just smiled as they heard the door open, "Hey dad, you ready?"

Brooke turned around to see John Winchester standing in the doorway. She glared at him, knowing just what he was thinking. She wanted to hate this man for making her do this but she couldn't. She knew he was right, this had to be done. "You guys be careful." Brooke said. Dean kissed her on the cheek and walked out the door and out of her life.

Later that night, Dean walked into the room and saw no sign of Brooke; "Brooke are you here?" he called out. He sat his bag down on the floor and looked over at the table and saw a note and picked it up, unaware that this letter would change his life:


I am so sorry to have to do this to you like this but I can't be with you anymore. I do love you more than you may think right now but believe me when I say that me leaving is better for both of us. Its time we moved on. Please don't try to find me. I wish you the best in life and please be careful out there.

Love always,


Dean sat down slowly on the bed. He felt as if his heart had been ripped from his chest and stomped on over and over. Why would she leave after what they had together? Things seemed so perfect between the two. He never once got the impression she was unhappy with him. He crumbled up the note and threw it in the garbage. If this was the way that she wanted it to be then so be it. He didn't need her. He knew from that day on, he would never trust another girl with anything, especially his heart.


Brooke pulled up to the old salvage yard and got out of the car. She had not seen Bobby in close to 3 years but with everything that has been going on, she knew she needed some help out there.

She walked up to the door and knocked. It wasn't long before the older hunter came to the door with a smile on his face, "Well if it isn't Brooke Andrews. How are you girl?" he said as he opened the screen door and pulled her into a hug.

"It's good to see you too Bobby. How have you been?"

"I am still alive aren't I? I can't complain about that."

"I hear ya. Listen I was hoping I could talk to you."

"Sure. Come on inside and get you something to eat."

After eating, Brooke told Bobby how over the past few months she had encountered not one but 5 demonic possessions and something wasn't adding up.

Bobby knew just what she was talking about. He had also has had his share of demon encounters and he knew something big was coming.

"What do you think all this mean?" she asked him.

"Kid I wish I could tell you. It wasn't two days ago that Dean and Sam…."

Those names caught her attention, "Winchester?" she stuttered out.

"Yeah. Do you know them or something?"

"Or something…..I know Dean I guess you could say but anyways, what did they say?"

"Not much. They were looking for their dad and a demon followed them here, possessing some poor girl. Once they exorcized her, they took off."

"Did they find John? How are they?" she asked with panic in her voice.

"Kid I hate to tell you this but there was an accident. John and Sam seem to be alright but Dean, well Dean aint doin so good."

Brooke felt as she had been kicked in the gut, "What's happened?"

"Car accident a few days ago. He is in a coma last I heard. I towed the car here and I have to tell ya, I am surprised they survived it."

"What hospital are they at?" she asked but before he could tell her, someone pulled up to the house."

"Brooke go out back until I find out who this is." She nodded and walked out the back door.

Once outside, she looked over and saw the beaten impala that she once called home. He and Dean lived out of that car for a year and it broke her hear to see it in that condition, "Dean I'm so sorry." She whispered as she ran her hand over the metal, "Dear God let him be alright."

Brooke slid down to the ground and pulled her knees to her chest. This was not supposed to happen. Her leaving was supposed to keep him safe.

She buried her head in her crossed arms and it wasn't long before she heard footsteps. She jumped up, wiped her eyes and then was looking into the eyes of none other than Dean Winchester, "Dean, thank…"

"What the hell are you doing here Brooke?" It was obvious to her that he wasn't happy to see her there.

"Uh, I just had to talk to Bobby about something and he told me about you accident. I am glad to see that you are ok."

Dean scuffed and rolled his eyes, "Yeah I bet. Listen sweetheart, we kind of have something going on right now and I would love it if you would leave alright."

"What's going on? Sam and John are ok... aren't they?"

"My family is none of your damn business anymore so just please get your shit and go. We dont need you and I certainly dont need you!" Dean walked around her, making sure his shoulder hit her on his way by. Brooke felt her heart break but she knew he had every right to hate her and by they look in his eyes something wasn't right.

She walked into the house and saw Bobby standing with a tall, dark haired man, "Hi" she said as the door closed.

"Hi, I'm Sam."

"Dean's brother. It's nice to meet you. I have heard a lot about you."

Sam shook her hand, "Who are you may I ask?"

"My name is….Brooke, Brooke Andrews."

Sam's expression changes a little at the sound of that name, "I have heard about you too. Cant say they have been all good things." He said, "No offense."

"If they came from Dean then I can only imagine what he has told you."

"Yeah well it's been a rough year for us and now with dad gone things are about to get worse."

"Wait, John is…..is he dead?"

"Yeah. He passed this morning."

"I'm...I am so sorry to hear that. John was a good man."

"Thank for that."Sam nodded and walked around her to go look for Dean.

Brooke looked back at Bobby, "I think I should go now."

"I think you should stay. I have a feeling that there is more going on out there and plus, Dean may need someone to talk to about this at some point and you seem to know him."

"I think I would be the last person he is going to want to share his feeling with."

"Speaking of which, why don't me and you go into the den and you can tell me all about it. Times like this, its good to have people around you can call family. We are going to need it."

Brooke looked back at the door once more and saw Dean standing with his brother beside the wrecked car. She knew he would not want her there but then again, maybe this would be their second chance. She wanted him back in her life but she knew this wasn't going to be an easy task. She had heard months ago he was no longer the same Dean Winchester she once loved.

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