2 years later

Dean sat on the couch in his living room with a beer in his hand and a smiled on his face as he watched Brooke play with their two year old son Parker. Life was perfect. Parked just turned one and Dean and Brooke just finished celebrating their two year anniversary. He finally had that life he always wanted. Well….almost. Things where still a little rocky in the hunter world but he tried to leave Brooke out of that. When he was home he was a husband and a father and he wanted to spend as much time with them as he could. She didn't need to know what the world was coming to. Demons where all over and Dean knew that wasn't a good sign. Also there was the deal. The deal he made to save Brooke. He knew one day Zachariah was going to ask him for a favor and he could feel that it was going to be soon. Dean would gladly give up his life for his family. He was just ready to get it over with…..or so he thought.

"Come on baby. Come to mommy." Brooke said and held out her hands to her son that was holding onto his daddy's legs. "Let go and walk to mommy."

Parker just shook his head and held on tighter, "Brooke, he will talk when he's ready." Dean said. "He's just a year old."

"I know but I want him to walk to me first."

"Not going to happen. He's a daddy's boy." Dean smiled.

"Yeah yeah." Brooke said and stood up, "So what can I make you for lunch?" she asked.

"Whatever you want. I'll go put this little guy down for a nap." Dean sat his beer on the side table and lifted his son into his arms, "You sleepy little man."

"No." Parker said, "No dada."

"Well I'm sorry but you're sleepy."

"Good luck trying to get him down." Brooke smiled.

"I think I can handle it." Dean said and leaned in and gave her a kiss then pulled back and gave her that sexy grin, "I think mommy and daddy need some play time."

"Is that so? Well maybe mommy doesn't want to play."

"Oh I know she does. Mommy is a little hell kitten." Dean winked.

"Just go lay him down." She smiled at him.

"Will you meet me in the bedroom?" Dean arched his eyes brow.

Brooke smiled at him and placed her hands on her hip and thought, "You get him to sleep and I'll be waiting." She smiled, "But hurry."

Dean perked up, "Ok dude to go to sleep for a few hours. Daddy is getting lucky."

Brooke shook her head as Dean walked out of the room. She missed him so much when he was away and she could tell he was bothered by something but she knew not to ask. They made that deal when she found out she was pregnant. She was out of the hunting life and Dean wanted to keep it that way. He wanted her and Parker to be safe and she knew it was best to step back and let him take care of his family and he did a damn good job.

Brooke lay under the covers waiting on Dean. It had been two months since they last had sex and she needed it and only he could give her what she wanted.

Dean walked into the room and closed the door. He had that look in his eye and Brooke knew he was about to rock her world. He walked over to the bed and jerked the covers off to see that she was one step ahead of him. "I was waiting on you." She said.

Dean reached down and undid his belt and pushed his jeans to the floor before pulling his shirt over his head and looking back at her, "Open your legs baby. Let me see you. I want to have a good look at what's mine"

Brooke bit on her bottom lip and slowly she opened her legs and offered him free access to her dripping center. Dean almost hurled his entire body onto hers, but held back. He had to take this slow, but he was failing fast. Her pussy was so pink and perfect. He imagined how it was going to taste.

When he reached he got down onto his knees and then his belly. Soon his view of her pussy was in high definition. It wept for him. The thought of him licking her clean sent a shiver through his body. "You smell so good. I bet you taste even better." He said before his mouth clamped on her pussy in a heartbeat. He sucked hard and fast as if she was the only thing that could satisfy his need to feed. Dean was losing control. She tasted so sweet he couldn't stop. He held her down with both hands as she moaned his name over and over again.

"Oh God Dean," She could feel his teeth biting the soft supple flesh that would send her into orgasm. He refused to stop his ministrations. Her juices were flowing into this mouth in bursts every time he licked her clit. But what made her explode was when Dean inserted two fingers into her while he sucked on her clit. Brooke gave up the fight to hold on and let the wave take her over. It was the most intense orgasm ever. Her screams of ecstasy quieted to mewls of surrender. When he finally released her and retrieved his drenched fingers, he immediately jammed them into his mouth to not waste a drop of her juices.

"Dean….," she called out to him weakly. "I need you inside me," she sang in an even weaker voice. "Please."

She was his and Dean couldn't fight the need to be inside her and claim her again. No other man would know how tight her pussy felt around a cock, because it would only be his cock that would win the prize.

His cock demanded entry into her wet heat and Dean would oblige the request. He rose to his knees and yanked her legs up and then around his waist. He gave her no time before he speared her tight pussy and rammed into her. "UH! Oh Dean!" she screamed when he hammered into her.

"Oh fuck," Dean cried out as his cock was smothered by her. He didn't want to move because he would cum and that just couldn't happen this soon.

"De…Dean, Oh God."

"So…fucking…tight." He moaned as he thrusted in and out of her.

Soon Dean found his rhythm and began to let loose. He knew there wasn't a chance in hell of him holding out like he would usually do with her.

Brooke licked her lips and looked up at him. "Kiss me Dean….. please."

Dean grabbed her waist and tugged hard so her ass rested against his thighs. Dean then leaned forward and Brooke met him half way. His ramming into her pussy never faltered which made the kiss even more memorable. As his dick glided in and out of her, his tongue wrestled with hers. Neither one sought to end the kissing. They would only break apart briefly from time to time to catch their breath and then return. Dean loved to watch her suck on his tongue while he plundered and plummeted into her blazing core.

Dean needed to cum. This was too erotic, too exquisite to try and hold on. He had to cum inside her. "Please be close," he huffed into her mouth as the speed of his fucking increased.

"Fuck me Dean. So close." It was a plea.

He felt the tightness in his balls. Dean pulled away from her kiss and placed his thumb on the button that would send her screaming.

Brooke felt the pressure on her clit and she was officially done. He looked down at her and he stared deeply into her eyes. "This…is mine," he said as the wave of pleasure pounded into him. His cock jerked, her pussy went rigid.

Brooke was the first to scream. His mission accomplished. She screamed his name over and over again. "Dean!" His cock was locked into a vise deep within her. He tried to move, but was held still as her muscles and her entire body shook.

Oh shit Brooke!" Dean screamed as he came.

Everything went still. Nothing moved around them, nothing else mattered n that moment. They had each other and their son. Life was perfect.

Dean eased out of her and rolled onto his back, "I love you, do know that right?"

Brooke turned onto her side and looked at him, "I know. I love you too, Dean."

Dean wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He would never admit it but he was scared. He almost lost her once and he was not going to lose her again.


Later on that night Parker woke up crying. To give Brooke a break and because he missed him, Dean got up and walking into the bedroom, "What's wrong little man?" he asked and lifted him out of the crib, "Bad dream?"

Dean bounced Parked as he walked around the room trying to calm him down. "Shhh, its ok. Daddy's here."

"That's cute."

Dean turned and saw Zachariah standing in the doorway. His fear had just become reality.

"What the hell do you want?' Dean asked as he help onto Parker.

"Just thought I would come see how you were doing living a double life." He said and walked into the nursery.

"I'm fine." Dean growled.

"Good to now. Now…..time to hand him over." Zac said.

Dean froze, "What?"

"I said time to hand him over. He belongs to us."

Dean couldn't believe what he was hearing, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I saved your girlfriend or I guess I should say wife and now its time to hand him over. A deal is a deal."

"Fuck you! You can't have him!" Dean said, "Anything ese."

"I'm sorry Dean but he is it. Whether you like it or not one day the apocalypse is going to happen and Michal needs him to stop it." Zac said.

"No. He's a baby!"

"Michael will train in to be the best. You'll see."

"I don't want to see!" Dean snapped.

"Sorry but you made a deal. He is ours. Its for a good cause. He will be a king one day. Don't you want that?"

"Get the hell out of here?" Dean said, "I will not let you touch him."

"You don't have a choice1" Zac snapped, "You made a deal!"

"I don't care! You can not have my son!" Dean yelled.

Brooke ran down the hallway and opened the door to the nursery, "Dean what's wrong?"

Dean looked around and saw no sign of Zachariah. "Uh….nothing., Everything is fine." Dean smiled at her, "Go back to bed."

"Ok of you're sure."

"I am. I'll be in soon."

Brooke walked out of the room and closed the door. Dean held onto his son. There was no way in hell he was letting some damn angel get to his son.

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