This is my first Ken x Chrome so I hope I didn't ruin the pairing for you. I made this on request of my friend. I hope that you aren't still mad at me for all those cruel heartless things that I have said to you...sorry it's not that long...I got home a day or so ago so I'm still really tired...I promise that I will write a lot more during school. Please enjoy the story for now^^;

She never liked walking around in public, but she tried not to let people's stares bother her. She must have been quite a sight to them, purple hair, eye patch with a skull on it, green miniskirt, green shirt that didn't cover her stomach and all of the skulls that she had on her boots and belt. It didn't help that she was really skinny. When she walked, she often had her head down so people couldn't see her 'ugly face'. She had no choice but to be the one to buy stuff for her group, they usually end up starting some kind of fight or argument; plus she didn't want to be a burden to them.

Walking back to Kokuyo land with the two bags of sweets, she almost wished they could buy normal food so they wouldn't always be starving, but they didn't have money for things like that and she didn't want to bother the Vongola about it so she kept silent. She never bothered asking how her two close friends got the money in the first place. Just as she thought this, she noticed a hundred yen on the floor and kneels down to pick it up. That's what she noticed that someone was following her. She turns around to get a full view of the tall male and saw and older male with orange hair, facial face, white hat and glasses. He hid behind a large tree, scaring her and making her run back home with the plastic bags held close to her chest. She runs through the main door and into the main area where she runs into her two larger companions.

"Watch it, ugly girl!" snarls the angry blond. She flinches; dropping her bags and falls on the floor shaking, still afraid of her stalker and whimpering softly, she wonders why anyone would stalk her. She feared that the male was an enemy spy or assassin who was waiting to kill her and her friends; or worse….she shivers at the thought, causing the other two to worry, "I didn't hurt you….did I?" The loud voice was now filled with worry.

"Are you okay Chrome?" Chikusa asks, kneeling down next to her, gently putting his hand on her shoulder.

Ken, though he often acted as if he hated Chrome and spoke harshly to her, quickly helps her with the bags while Chikusa helps her up. Chrome smiles slightly and says in her usual soft voice, "Thank you…Chikusa…." She looks at both of the boys, holding her hands tightly together before speaking as calmly as she could, "I believe that someone is stalking me…"

Chikusa flinches slightly at her statement while Ken gets angry, "WHAT?" Chikusa takes the bags from Ken, not wanting the violent dog to crush their food, while Ken puts both of his hands on Chrome's shoulders and shakes her roughly, "Who's the bastard that's stalking you?"

Chrome whimpers, closing her eyes and shaking again. Chikusa puts the bags down on the table that was in front of their couch before putting his hand on Ken's shoulder, "Ken…." Ken glares at Chikusa, who is shaking his head at him.

"Che." Ken growls, taking his hands off of Chrome and shaking off Chikusa's hand, "Forget this…" He kicks at something before walking out of the room.

Chikusa sighs softly and glances at Chrome to notice that she was still shaking. She whimpers softly, "Chikusa… it my fault that Ken is mad?"

Chikusa shakes his head, "No….Ken just doesn't know how to show his feelings, and he's too shy or too prideful….either way he doesn't know how to tell you…."

Chrome tilts her head slightly at Chikusa, confused, "What do you mean?"

Chikusa shakes his head, "It's not to worry about…."

._. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .-.

Ken punches the wall, frustrated, "Damnit!" He sighs, slowly sliding down and hugs his legs, "How can I tell her…..she's too cute…I don't even know what to say when she's around….." He suddenly notices a shadow and gets up, finding himself face to face with Chrome's stalker. Ken snarls, "So YOU'RE the one that's upsetting Chrome…that stupid Vongola is nothing but trouble." He growls, putting on wolf teeth.