Was watching re-runs of NCIS and the banter between Tony, Kate and Gibbs and just had the urge to write this.

Summary: A pregnant woman shows up at NCIS

Blood Relatives

The phone on Tony's desk rang on a sunny Monday morning; Tony was unfortunately in MTAC with Gibbs. Kate looked around, noticing that both Gibbs and Tony where nowhere to be seen, she got off her chair and moved towards Tony's desk.

"Special Agent Tony DiNozzo's phone, Special Agent Kate Todd speaking" Kate answered.

"Hi Kate, I've got someone down here looking for Tony. She is on her way up" John from the front desk told Kate.

"What does she look like?" Kate asked, she looked towards the elevator.

"Oh, you'll know her when you see her" John chuckled.

"Okay, thanks John" Kate replied, she put down the phone.

"Kate why were you Tony's phone?" Gibbs shouted, Kate looked up at the stairs. Gibbs had stopped, but he wasn't looking at Kate he was looking towards the elevator before he continued walking.

"Someone is coming up to see Tony" Kate replied.

"Yeah well, I think he might get a surprise this time" Gibbs mumbled in his usual way.

"Hello, I'm looking for Tony" A small female voice came from behind Kate.

"Well you have come to the right place" Kate replied she turned around, her eyes got round in her face.

"Is there something wrong" the woman replied she placed a hand over her expanding stomach.

"Nothing, nothing, at all. How far along are you?" Kate asked, trying to keep a straight face.

"About six months" She replied smiling broadly.

"That would make you Michelle then" Gibbs stated as he walked past them.

"Yes and No, Gibbs" Tony replied he walked towards Kate and Gibbs, from MTAC.

"How can there be a yes and no Tony?" Kate asked, she crossed her arms and tilted her head.

"I'm not Tony's ex girlfriend from six months ago. I'm his sister" Michelle stated.

Kate snorted, she covered it up with a cough; Tony shot her a glare.

"Big shock, that my macho brother never mentioned a sister or the fact that he's not as much of a womaniser as he plays to be" Michelle rustled a bag.

"You brought my lunch" Tony eyes lit up.

"Your usual, moo shoo pork and egg rolls. Also you toothbrush, an apple and some water" Michelle replied. She gave Tony a kiss on the cheek. "Gibbs I need him at 1630, he has to take me to the doctor" Michelle stated, she turned and walked off.

"She just walked off on Gibbs?" Kate said her eyes wide.

"She's worse than Gibbs" Tony stated.

"How can?"

"Kate I wouldn't" Gibbs opened the draw to his desk, he cocked his gun.

"Yes boss" Kate replied.

"We got a case, Tony gas up the truck"

There you go.

Parker Girl