Hello, everyone! This is sequel to the story I recently posted called "The Girl in the Theme Park" about Booth & Brennan's case in Disney World. I don't think it's completely necessary to read that story first (that's a case story, and this definitely isn't,) but I would recommend it since this story is going to have (mostly minor) references to that one in it.

For those of you that read the first one, sorry for the delay in this sequel! I haven't had a lot of time to write, as my family just spent a month vacationing here. That month included visiting Magic Kingdom with my sister, and after writing "The Girl in the Theme Park," I'm fairly positive that I'll never look at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride the same way again. It's always been one of my favorites but now that I turned the largest and darkest room of the ride into a murder crime scene? Yeah, totally creepy.

That being said, this story is set a year after the other one ended and will probably be about four chapters long. I hope you all enjoy it! As always, Bones and Disney aren't mine. I just like borrowing them. Don't forget to review!

A quiet stillness filled the spacious office as the room's only occupant rested on her couch, silently filling out paperwork. Dr. Temperance Brennan made a few more notes into the file resting on her lap and stood, gathering that file and the sizeable pile on the coffee table in front of her into her arms. She strode over to her desk, pressing the button on her desktop computer's monitor as she settled into her seat. A small grin graced her face as she set the paperwork down in front of three translucent blue ghosts, figurines that her boyfriend had insisted upon buying for her office during their trip to Disney World the year before. She opened a file and began typing up her report when a young voice filled the darkened hallway.

"Bones?" Parker Booth called.

Brennan spun her chair around so it was facing the open doorway. "Down here!" she called. The movement in the hallway seemed to stop.

"Bones? Where?" Parker called.

"It's the only room with a light!" she called.

Her ears filled with the sounds of footsteps rapidly speeding up until the nine-year-old blonde finally appeared in the doorway and paused. "You're back!" he exclaimed, running towards her for a hug. "I miss your glass walls."

Brennan chuckled. "I do, too, sometimes," she admitted.

Seeley Booth entered the room to find his son and his girlfriend locked in a sweet embrace. "Hey, honey," he said.

"Hey," she smiled. She pulled away from Parker and looked him in the eye. "Parker, I've been back for a week now."

"I didn't see you last week," he said.

"I suppose that's correct," she conceded. She looked him up and down. "You seem to have grown an exceptional amount in the month since I last saw you."

"Dad says I hit a growth spurt," Parker said.

"I would be inclined to agree," Brennan said. "You're going to be as tall as me soon."

"When are you going to go back to your old office? It was cooler," the boy said, walking around the room. "I've never been to this part of the Jeffersonian before."

"A couple more months," she said.

"Alright, Bones, pack it up," Booth said.

"What? No, I still have to write this report," she said, pointing to her computer screen.

"We need to go," he said.

"You were not supposed to come get me for another hour and a half," she said.

"Well, someone just couldn't wait any longer," he said, gesturing to Parker.

"Why do we have to go right now?" she asked.

"Because we're going to Disney World!" Parker cheered.

"Which is exactly why I need to finish this report before I take the whole weekend plus four days off," she said.

"Dad checked the ride list, and I'm tall enough to ride everything!" Parker said. "Except I can't drive a racecar by myself."

"You can drive me," Brennan promised, referring to the Speedway ride in Magic Kingdom. Parker grinned.

"Okay!" He picked up a small figurine from one of her shelves. This one was a small Mickey figurine, painted to look like a skeleton in a Jeffersonian lab coat. He held it up so Brennan could see. "Is there a Skeleton Mickey at Disney?"

"Oh, no, Parker. Angela painted that. She made a Mickey for everyone who took part in last year's Disney ca…" Brennan started. Just before said finished with the word 'case,' she noticed Booth wildly shaking his head no. "Vacation," she finished. Booth nodded his approval.

"How come you guys didn't take me last year?" Parker asked, a slight pout on his lips.

"It was kind of a last minute thing," Booth said. "But you know why we're going tomorrow, right?"

"Because you and Bones are celebrating your one-year anniversary," Parker said. He turned to Brennan. "But not really because you've been in the Malooey Islands for, like, three months, so you haven't really been together for a year."

"Maluku," Brennan corrected. "And my trips to Indonesia have no effect on how long it's been since your father and I became a couple. The Earth has almost made one full revolution around the sun since we got together, so it's still our anniversary."

Parker shrugged. "Dad said it. Not me."

A glimmer of hurt washed across Brennan's eyes as she glanced up at Booth. "He did?"

Booth quickly broke eye contact with her and glanced down at his shoes. Before either of them could say anything, Parker grabbed one of the hitchhiking ghost figurines from her desk.

"Is this from Disney, too?" Parker asked.

"There's a haunted house that says a ghost is going to follow you home," Brennan explained. "Your father insisted on taking that literally when we saw those in a gift shop."

"Are we going to ride that?" Parker asked.

"Of course. It's her favorite," Booth said. He turned to Brennan. "Is that report something you can do at home?"

"Yes," she said reluctantly.

"So grab your stuff, and let's go," he said. She shot him a skeptical look. "I won't bother you!" he promised.

"Yes, you will," she said.

"Ah, but you have packed, and I have not, and neither has Parker, so I have more than enough to keep me busy for a few hours," he said, gesturing to the luggage she had brought to work with her from her apartment that morning.

"Okay, but if I don't get this done tonight, I can't go," she threatened.

"You better leave her alone, Dad!" Parker exclaimed.

Booth grabbed the luggage she had packed for their Florida trip, while she gathered the things she needed for work. After everyone was ready, Brennan flipped off the lights and locked up her office, following the Booth boys to the parking garage.

When the offer to head the Maluku Islands excavation had presented itself, Brennan had been eager to accept. Everyone could see that she was longing for a change, that her heart just wasn't in solving murders anymore (or, as she feared, her heart was in it too much.) Booth, however, had looked nothing short of crushed when she had suggested putting their new relationship on hold for a year while she traveled to Indonesia to discover the origins of humanity. Not wanting to risk ruining their newfound romance, she had asked to lead the home team in Washington instead of becoming a permanent fixture on the dig site.

Her new department worked out of a different section of the Jeffersonian, so she took a sabbatical from her position in the Medico-Legal Lab and moved to a different building to work on the newly recovered ancient remains. Booth had been no more thrilled about the temporary severing of their partnership than he had over the prospect of her leaving for a year, but he resigned himself to the fact that Brennan doing a different job in DC was better than Brennan doing a different job halfway around the world. Her position as Stateside Coordinator, however, did require some travel, especially to aid in the transportation of the recovered artifacts and remains. In the past year, she had spent a total of fourteen weeks in the Maluku Islands, divided among just three trips. Brennan had returned from her third trip to the dig site just six days ago.

Later that night, as Friday turned into Saturday, Brennan collapsed against Booth's chest, the sounds of their heavy breaths filling the air. He brushed her short hair away from her face as she pressed slow, open-mouthed kisses to his bare chest.

"Bones," he groaned, caressing up and down her back.

She lifted her head, attaching her lips to his, and locked the legs that currently rested at his sides firmly against him. She grabbed his shoulder and rolled to her side, coaxing his body to roll with her. Brennan wrapped her legs fully around his waist as she hit the mattress while the couple shared deep, languid kisses, his hands stroking her back and hips while her fingers twined into his hair. She slid her legs slowly down his to tangle them together and finally pulled away from their kisses with a blissful grin.

"I love you," she whispered.

He placed his hand against her cheek and gave her three more gentle kisses. "Love you, too, baby. That was some damn good anniversary sex."

She chuckled. "I completely concur about the quality of the sex, but it's not our anniversary yet."

"Unless we do it again tonight, it's all the sex we're going to have until we get back."

She looked alarmed. "Why?"

He laughed quietly. "Did you forget about the nine-year-old that's coming with us?"

"Hotels have showers," she said seriously.

"Bones!" he replied, his eyes widening just a little. "We cannot have shower sex one room away from Parker!"

"Why not? Parker's only one room away right now," she pointed out. They were speaking in hushed tones to keep him from waking up.

"It's different in a hotel, Bones. I'd be furious if Rebecca did that with some guy. Hell, she doesn't even want us sharing a bed on this trip," Booth revealed.

"What?" Brennan asked.

"She made me promise that I would sleep with Parker and give you your own bed," Booth said.

"Aren't you worried about Parker telling her we're not doing that?" Brennan asked, not even considering the possibility that Booth might comply with her wishes.

"No," Booth said.

"Well…why not?" she asked.

"Because we're going to bribe him with the toy of his choice from Downtown Disney tomorrow evening," he said.

She chuckled and looked at the time. "We should get to sleep. We have to leave in seven hours."

"Ugh, I know," he groaned. "But I'm not very sleepy."

"Me neither," she sighed, knowing the morning would be hard on both of them.

"Flip over," he whispered.

He turned the small TV by his bed on to a classic movie channel as she flipped onto her other side so she was facing away from him. He turned the volume down low and pulled her into his chest so they were spooning. Brennan rested her head against her bent arm and tangled their legs together again. Booth pulled the bed covers to only their hips and slung his arm loosely around her waist.

"I just realized that maybe we should've asked Angela and Hodgins to accompany us on this trip," Brennan said, referencing a conversation they had had when planning their return to Florida. Booth looked confused.

"What made you think of that now?" he asked.

"Because you just grabbed my hip and pulled me into your body, and I was thinking that if we had decided to bring Angela and Hodgins, then we could've left them with Parker and gone dancing…you know…like last year," she whispered, recalling the night they had spent hours grinding against one another on the starry-lit dance floor. Booth pulled her in a little bit tighter.

"If we had decided to bring them, I'm pretty sure Angela would expect you to take her dancing and leave me with Parker," Booth imagined.

Brennan grinned. "Your hypothesis is most likely correct."

With Brennan wrapped securely in Booth's arms, they settled in to watch the black and white movie, something they often did between making love and going to sleep when they spent the night at his place. Booth tenderly caressed her skin as they watched the movie. He drew circles onto her stomach with the palm of his hand for several minutes before trailing his hand up her side and down her outstretched arm. Their fingers laced together for a few moments as he pressed loving kisses to her shoulder blade.

"Booth," she sighed in pleasure, her voice growing heavy with sleep.

"Shhh…" he whispered.

He knew his gentle touch was soothing her to sleep, as it usually did, and he stroked up and down her arm several times before descending softly down her nude torso again. His caresses grew more intimate as she got closer to slipping into unconsciousness. Booth dipped under the covers to drag his fingers across her hip just once before he brought his hand up to softly rub her nipples and breasts. He was rewarded with a soft moan.

"Ohhh…" she sighed after a while. "Oh, that feels really good."

"Good," he replied, cupping one of her breasts in his palm for a moment before dragging his thumb across the peak again.

"What happened to my pajamas?" she sleepily mumbled. "I should put them back on."

"You don't like pajamas, remember?" he teased, not wanting to stop touching her skin.

"And you don't like the thought of Parker seeing me naked, remember?" she said.

He groaned, removed his hand, and shook his head as he stood from the bed. Half-asleep and she could still outsmart him. He gathered their night clothes from around the room, unlocking the door on his way back to bed. She shimmied into her panties and t-shirt without getting up, while he replaced his boxers before crawling in behind her. He pulled the covers up to their chests and settled back into position behind her after one last kiss goodnight.

Just as they predicted, Parker ran into his father's bedroom just a few hours later. He flung the door open and thrust the light switch up, throwing the formerly dim and peaceful room into a harsh light.

"Oh!" Brennan moaned, scrunching up her face as the overhead lights came on. She covered her eyes with her hands and rolled, burying her face into Booth's chest.

"Parker!" Booth growled.

"We're going to Disney World! Let's go!" Parker exclaimed, running out of the room.

Brennan uncovered her eyes and stretched against the pillows before curling into Booth's side. "Just like you were last year," she smiled.

He grunted his agreement as he felt her warm lips brush briefly against his. "Was he already dressed?" Booth asked.

Brennan chuckled and crawled out of bed, swapping the unforgiving overhead lights for a few softer, more morning-friendly lamps. "Come on," she said. "You can sleep on the plane."

One uneventful flight into Tampa later, they piled into their silver rental car and headed away from the airport. When Booth turned onto the highway to St. Petersburg instead of the one to Orlando, Parker's eyes grew wide.

"I thought Disney was near Orlando," Parker said.

"It is," Booth said.

"Then you're going the wrong way!" Parker exclaimed with worry.

"We have one stop to make first," Brennan said somberly.

After a brief stop to buy a bouquet of flowers, Booth pulled into a St. Petersburg cemetery. He traveled a little ways along the winding road before stopping to let Brennan out.

"Five minutes," she promised as she got out of the car. Booth nodded.

"Why are we here?" Parker asked as she walked away. "Did one of her friends die?"

"Not exactly," Booth said. "It was…work stuff."

"Is that why you came to Florida last year? Did somebody die?" Parker asked.

"Yeah," Booth nodded.

As she approached Billie Bierle's grave, Brennan found a woman standing by the tombstone. It took her a moment, as she only met her once during the investigation, but she eventually recognized the woman as the victim's mother.

"Hello," Brennan said awkwardly. Anne Bierle turned to look at the new arrival.

"Dr. Brennan," she smiled. "What are you doing here?"

"Agent Booth and I are taking his son to Orlando for Spring Break," she said. "Since I was going to be here, I wanted to pay my respects."

"You remember my daughter's case?" she asked, touched. Brennan leaned down to place the flowers on Billie's grave.

"I…remember all of the people I help," Brennan said honestly, not wanting to tell her that her daughter's case wasn't exactly one that would be easily forgotten by anyone involved.

"Thank you," Anne said, taking Brennan's hand as she stood. "The people you help…that's a nice way of looking at what you do. I've been coming here every day lately."

"That's understandable," Brennan said, softly placing her hand over Anne's for comfort.

Anne dropped Brennan's hand and focused her gaze back on her daughter's grave. "They finally set a date…for the trial."

Brennan nodded. "I know."

"You heard?" Anne asked.

"My team and I were notified once a date was set since we will be required to travel down here and testify," Brennan explained.

"Oh, of course," Anne nodded. She was silent for a few moments before she said, "Are you guys…good at that? Trials and things…I mean…you've never let any really big killers go, have you?"

"No," Brennan lied, thinking about her father. "My team is quite skilled in every aspect of our jobs."

"Good," Anne smiled.

"I need to go. Booth's waiting for me," Brennan said. "But we'll see you in June."

Anne nodded. "Thank you for coming, Dr. Brennan."

"Sure," Brennan smiled.

"Have a lovely trip," the woman said.

"Thank you," Brennan said.

Brennan climbed back into the front seat of the rental car and took a deep breath. Having witnessed the unexpected meeting, Booth reached over and grabbed her hand, threading their fingers together. She smiled at him, and he placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Are you okay, Bones?" Parker asked after everyone in the car had remained silent for several seconds.

"Yeah," Brennan said, turning to give the younger Booth his own reassuring smile. "So are you ready for three and a half days of theme parks?"

"Yes!" Parker said gleefully.

Brennan fastened her seat belt back into place and nodded to Booth. He quickly checked his mirrors, fired up the ignition, and began the drive to Orlando.

Just in case anyone wants to know - the Mickey figures I talked about Angela painting in the beginning of this chapter are Disney's new Vinylmation collection. You can buy all kinds of crazy painted Mickeys or design your own. It seemed like something Angela would be into.

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