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Brennan woke the next morning to gentle kisses across her face. She slowly opened her eyes to find Booth sitting on the edge of the mattress, on her side of the bed, hovering over her. When he saw that her blue eyes had finally opened, he leaned down for a few kisses to the lips.

"Good morning," he said quietly against her mouth.

"Yes, it is," she replied with a sigh.

"So…after last night, I think I agree with you. We should've brought Angela and Hodgins," he said.

She laughed lightly. "Why?"

"When are we ever going to get the chance to have wild sex in a pirate ship again?" he lamented. Brennan grinned.

"Given Jack's obsession for pirates and Angela's general enthusiasm for sex, I think it's safe to assume that had we brought them and given them a room like this one, we wouldn't be the ones having pirate sex," she said.

Booth took a moment to ponder that possibility. "I guess you have a point."

"Fooling around on the bathroom counter was quite enjoyable, though," she said in a low whisper as she curled her fingers around his neck to hold his face in place near hers.

"The way you trembled around my fingers while I touched you…that was more than just fooling around," he whispered.

They began kissing again, and Booth maneuvered himself over her from the edge of the bed to lay by her side. She stroked her hand down his chest as they kissed and was surprised to discover that he wasn't wearing a shirt.

"Why are you half-dressed?" she asked.

"Bathing suit," he said. "We're going to Aquatica, remember?"

She glanced at the clock. The water park would be opening in 30 minutes, and it would take them at least 15 to drive there. "Why did you let me sleep so late?" she asked.

Parker chose that moment to walk out of the bathroom. He, too, was dressed in swim gear. He hopped up onto his bed and said, "Hi, Bones."

"Hi," she smiled. "Booth?"

"Listen…I think maybe you should stay here today," Booth said. "I'm worried about you going to a water park and having so much of your skin exposed to the sun all day."

"Don't worry about that," she said. "I'm fine."

"But you're already burned. I don't want it to get worse," he said.

"And what would I do here all day?" she asked.

"You can sleep in. I know you have your laptop. You can write. You can talk to Angela," he said. "You could go to one of the spas…get a massage and one of those lavender baths or whatever."

"I want to go with you and Parker," she said. "I'll be better with sunscreen today. I don't want to miss anything."

"Bones," he started, about to ask her if she was sure.

"Oh, I know, I've missed three months, so what's one more day, right?" she said sarcastically, tossing the covers back and climbing out of bed. She fished her bathing suit out of her suitcase and headed for the bathroom. "I'm going!"

Booth, as shocked by her remark as she had been at his all week, was speechless as he watched her disappear into the bathroom. Parker shifted his glance between Brennan and his father as he, too, felt the uncomfortable tension fill the room.

"What did you do?" Parker asked.

"I…have no idea," Booth said.

Brennan sighed as she shut the door to the bathroom and heard Parker asking Booth what he had done. She knew he was only worrying about the strong Florida rays worsening her inflamed skin, something she, too, felt a little nervous about. She knew he didn't deserve to be snapped at, but it was if, she thought as she began stripping out of her pajamas, she had unconsciously decided that their anniversary was over and she could be as mad at him as she wanted. She heard the hotel door open and close as the boys left to grab breakfast, and she wandered into the bedroom to grab her cell phone, quickly coming up with a solution to the sun exposure problem.

By the time Booth and Parker returned with food, Brennan had retreated back into the bathroom. Parker sat down at the table and grabbed a blueberry muffin.

"You should've gotten her flowers," Parker said. "You made her mad, and Mom always gets happy when she gets flowers. We're still going to Aquatica, right?"

"Yes," Booth said. "I'll go get Bones."

"What?" she snapped when he knocked on the door.

"Everything okay in there?" he asked. "And I'm sorry. You know what you can handle, so if you want to go, I really want you to come with us."

"I'm going to go," she said. "I'm just having a bit of a wardrobe problem."

He chuckled. She asked why that was so funny. He replied, "The one time I've ever heard you say you're having wardrobe issues is the one day where all you have to do is put on a bathing suit."

She opened the door and pulled him into the bathroom. She was wearing the bottom portion of her sea green bikini and had a towel curled around her naked chest. "I'm having issues because the top piece of my bathing suit does not sufficiently cover the mark you left on my breast last night, and I don't find that to be very appropriate for a public, familial setting."

He shot her a disbelieving glare. "I did not leave a mark on your breast."

She pulled the towel away from her body to reveal a large red mark on the upper right side of her left breast. "This was not there when I showered last night, so yes, you did."

He gently rubbed the pad of his thumb against the love bite on her chest. "That is so sexy," he mumbled. "But I don't even remember doing that."

"Well, I think it happened when I surprised you by unhooking the knot on your towel and firmly wrapping my fingers around your…" She was cut off when a knock at the bathroom door caused Booth to clamp his hand over Brennan's mouth. Parker wanted to know what was going on in there.

"Uh…Bones just wanted my opinion on her bathing suit," Booth said.

"I'm sure you look pretty, Bones," Parker said. "I really want to go!"

Brennan put the top of her bikini back on and looked down at her chest. "See?"

"Can I make a suggestion without you getting mad at me?" Booth asked.

"How could I possibly know how I'll react if I don't know what you're about to say?"

"Wear a t-shirt over the suit. It'll cover the hickey and protect you from the sun."

"That is an excellent idea!" she said.

"Don't sound so surprised," he said. "I have my moments."

"So do I," she grinned. "You're not going to have to worry about any of us being in the sun all day."

Once they arrived at Aquatica, the water park connected to Orlando's Sea World, they scanned their tickets to get into the park and headed for the locker rental line. When they reached the booth, Booth pulled out the fifteen dollars required to rent a large locker for the day.

"You don't need that," Brennan told him. She turned to the employee. "I'm Dr. Temperance Brennan. I called this morning about a cabana."

The man looked up her reservation on his computer. "A premium cabana, right?" he asked. Brennan nodded, handing over her credit card. He swiped it, passed it back to her, and said, "Amelia will take you to your cabana. Have a nice day."

The young girl named Amelia led them around the island-themed park to the double wave pool. They traipsed through the sand, weaving through lounge chairs as they walked towards the pools, and Parker grabbed Booth's arm, wanting to know where they were going.

"I have no idea, buddy," Booth said. "This is a surprise to me, too."

Amelia unlatched a small white rope at the end of the rocky island separating the two pools and gestured for the family to walk onto the island. They did so, and she reattached the rope. She told them it was just a little bit further and led them down a twisted trail on the foliage-covered island until they reached an open area with two large cabanas. The cabana had much nicer lounge furniture than the beach they had come from, as well as a ceiling fan and a mini-fridge stocked with drinks.

"Cool," Parker said.

"Well, here we are," Amelia said. "This is one of our premium cabanas. The fridge contains juice, soda, and water, 16 drinks in total. There's a locker for your things. You'll find towels, sunscreen samples, and a twenty-percent-off coupon for any of our gift shops inside. These canvas sides can be closed if you want some more privacy, and it's yours for the day."

She handed each of them a wristband to let employees know they were allowed to be on the island and gave Brennan a number for the customer service desk, explaining that if they needed anything or would like to order food, call and a waiter would be by. Brennan thanked her as she left.

"A waiter?" Booth asked.

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that?" Brennan asked.

"It's a little extravagant. We don't need any kind of special treatment," he said.

"But I paid for it," she said.

"It's not the greatest message to send Parker," he said.

"I'm a celebrity, Booth. I could've requested an escort at Disney to take us through the park and into the back entrances, thereby skipping all the lines, but I didn't, and Parker had to stand in line like everyone else," she said. "One day of luxury won't undo everything you've taught him. Plus, now we have a place to escape the sun."

"How much did you pay for this?" he asked.

"About two hundred dollars," she shrugged.

"Bones! That's more than we paid to get in the park!" he exclaimed.

"Uh-huh," she replied as if he had said something completely insignificant.

Parker was getting very antsy to get into the water, so Brennan deposited her things into the locker, secured them, and followed them out of the cabana. They began with Parker's most-anticipated attraction, Roa's Rapids. Roa's Rapids was a centrally-located river that looped around the middle of the park. Unlike lazy rivers, this river was fast-moving and didn't involve floating around on a tube. Due to the quick current, Aquatica required people of Parker's height to wear a life vest. Booth fastened a blue vest to the displeased boy, and they waded into the river until the current swept them away. Brennan started laughing as she surfaced after being dragged underwater when the current pulled them past a rocky island and jumping fountains.

"What?" Booth asked with a smile. Her laugh was infectious.

"This should not be this entertaining," she said.

Parker hopped onto Booth's back. "This is awesome," he said. "It'd be better without this stupid vest, though."

"It's to keep you safe, Parker," Brennan said.

"Dad could keep me safe," Parker said. "He's really good at that!"

They floated around the rapids river a few times before heading to Omacka Rocka, the newest attraction at the park. It was a single-rider tube slide that featured high-speed tubes and half-pipe funnels. Parker headed down the blue side as Brennan went down the purple. Booth followed his son and met them at the bottom.

"I ended up going backwards almost the whole way down!" Parker laughed.

"Me too," Booth said. "That was cool."

The slides they had just gone down shared a structure with Whanau Way, a set of four brightly-colored slides, two on each side. The two sides were mirror images, offering a total of two different slide designs. They chose to go down the yellow slide first. Brennan went first, by herself, and Booth and Parker, together, followed. When they hit the pool, Booth came up from underwater and looked at Brennan, who was standing at the top of the pool's stairs. Her dark wet bangs clung to her forehead, her skin glistened in the sun, his gray t-shirt was tied around her stomach, and the bare legs that emerged from her green bikini seemed to go on for miles. Booth walked out of the pool and kissed her.

"You're pretty," he said. She laughed.

"I imagine I look like a drowned cat," Brennan said.

He kissed her again. "You're pretty."

"Thank you," she said softly.

They went down a few more slides in that area and splashed around in the two wave pools for a while before they had lunch and Brennan retreated back to the cabana to avoid the worst of the sun's afternoon rays. After a few hours, Booth headed back to the cabana to check on Brennan. She had closed the canvas sides of the cabana, so he slowly peeled one back to enter, worried she may be sleeping. He found her lying in a reclined position on one of the loungers reading a book. The small fan was whirring above her, and an open water bottle lay on the small table beside her. She had removed the gray tee Booth had given her and was lying on the chair in just her bikini.

"Hi," she smiled as she saw Booth walking in.

"Hey," he said. "Why'd you close up?"

"I rented the cabana to escape the sun, and shortly after I returned, I realized the cabana alone wasn't sufficiently serving its purpose," she explained.

"Having fun in here?" he asked.

"Yes, actually," she said. "It's very relaxing."

"Good," he said. "I don't want you to be bored."

"I'm not," she smiled, reaching up to run her hand over his wet, bare chest as he sat down at the end of her lounger. "Where's Parker?"

"You'll never believe this," Booth said. "He ran into a kid that also went to that baseball camp in Maryland last summer. They said they're going to ride the racer slides until someone stops them. What are the chances, right?"

Brennan grinned. "That is an extremely unlikely happenstance," she agreed.

"You're going to come back in the water at some point, right?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "When the worst of the afternoon sun is over."

"Good," he smiled. "I want to lay in the lazy river with you."

Brennan grinned, then let her face fall. "Can we talk before Parker gets back? We need to talk…"

Booth lightly caressed her leg in comfort. "Okay, what's going on?"

"I don't know what exactly you said about our anniversary not being real, and I'm not sure I want to know…" she started. She saw him about to protest and said, "Please, I…I need to say this." He nodded, and she continued, "The comments you've made about all the time I've been gone, whether intentioned to be a joke or not, they've…it's hard for me to say this."

"Bones, you can tell me anything," he encouraged.

"They really hurt my feelings. I don't think you realize just how much they hurt my feelings," she said. Booth remained silent, unsure of what to say. Brennan looked at him, tears in her eyes, and softly asked, "Did I miss this up? Did going to Maluku wreck us?"

"You didn't mess this up," he said, moving closer to her.

"But you're upset," she said, letting a few tears fall.

"You're the one crying here," he said. He reached out and wiped her tears away.

"I'm still scared, Booth! Last year, I told you I was scared to be in a relationship with you because I was afraid I'd do something to ruin it, and I feel like I've ruined it. You've made me feel like I ruined it!"

"You didn't," he said.

"Then why did you say those things?" she asked.

"You're right. I'm…upset. The situation sucks, Bones."

"We could go to a counselor. Sweets, or…or someone else if you're uncomfortable with talking to him. I don't believe in that, but you're the one with the problem, so I'm willing to try if that's what you require," she said.

"No…no, honey…thank you, but we don't need anything like that. It's not an us problem. It's…I'm having a hard time accepting that our first year wasn't what I always imagined you and I as a couple would be like," he said.

"How so?" she asked.

"Well, you know, I thought we'd catch bad guys together during the day and fall asleep together at night, and then, suddenly, my partner quit her job and decided to jet off to Asia for a fourth of the year, and she took my girlfriend with her."

"Your partner and your girlfriend are the same person…me," she said.

"Yes, but I went from thinking I'd see you all day to not seeing you or really talking to you at all for nearly six weeks," he said. "You understand why this has been hard for me?"

"Yes," she said. "But I still believe it was something I needed to do."

"I know," he said. "I understand that. I want you to do things that you feel passionate about or that you strongly believe in. It's just been a weird adjustment for me."

She nodded. "I'm sorry. I realize now that my time away has been very hard on you."

"Yeah," he nodded. "Even though the day you got back that first time was one of my favorite days."

She cringed. "That wasn't a good day for me."

"It was wonderful," he said.

Booth stood in the baggage claim area of Dulles airport, eagerly awaiting his girlfriend's arrival. He held a small bouquet of daffodils in his hands, hoping they'd put a smile on her face. He knew she probably wouldn't be in the best of moods when she arrived. It had taken four flights and nearly a full twenty-four hours of traveling to get home from Indonesia, and Booth knew that was enough to exhaust even the best of travelers.

He almost didn't recognize her as he saw her coming down the escalator. Her hair had been cut short, bangs covered her forehead, and she was dressed as if she had stepped right from the dig site onto the plane. Her cheeks glowed pink from prolonged exposure to the sun. Her eyes scanned the crowd, looking for a familiar face, and when she finally spotted him, instead of smiling, her eyes welled up with tears. She walked over to him, dropped her carry-on to the floor, and fell into his chest for a tight hug, crying softly into his neck.

"Hey," he whispered. "Hey, why the tears? What's wrong, baby?"

She said nothing in response but curled her hand around his face and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, public setting be damned. When she pulled away, she breathed, "I love you."

He smiled. "You do?" She had never said that to him before. She nodded. "I love you, too, Bones. I'm so glad you're back."

"Me too," she said.

"You cut your hair," he said, playing with the ends of her new short locks.

"Miss Wick cut it. Is it bad? I haven't really had a mirror in quite some time."

"No, it's not bad. You're beautiful, honey. How do you feel?"

"Tired," she cried. "And hungry, and I just really missed you."

He handed her the flowers, earning him a grin, and picked up her bag. "Then let me take you home."

"That's why?" Brennan asked. "Because I said I loved you?"

"Well, yeah, you'd never said that before," he said. "What'd you think it was?"

"That night when you sat me on the edge of the bathtub, and you kneeled in the water and made love to me against the wall," she said.

"Well," he grinned. "That was good, too."

"Would you like to come with me in May? To Indonesia, I mean," she said. "You'll probably be bored most of the day while I'm working, but at least we could sleep next to each other at night."

"That's okay," he smiled. "That would take almost all of my vacation days, and I'd rather save some of those for when you get back."

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I hate it when you leave, but I love it when you come home," Booth said. "You let me take care of you, and I like taking care of you."

She leaned up for a few sweet kisses and said, "This is almost over. I'm going to be home for good soon."

"I know," he said. "And I'm sorry. My job this week was to make you feel loved and instead, I spent our first anniversary making you feel small."

"You'll just have to do better next year," she said.

He kissed her again and stood, walking to the side of the cabana. He pulled one of the canvas sides back and peered onto the quiet island.

"So it's pretty secluded back here, huh?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "No one has rented the other premium cabana, so it's been very quiet…very private. Why?"

He suggestively wiggled his eyebrows and sat back down on her lounger, rubbing his hand up and down her leg. "What do you think?"

"You can't be serious," she said. "Bathroom counter, no, but aquatic water park, yes?"

"Well," he said, pulling her onto his lap. "Maybe forcing myself to stop kissing you last night has caused me to see the error in my ways."

"Oh, has it?" she grinned, lightly teasing his lips with hers.

He lay back onto the lounger, pulling her down on top of him. "Yeah…and we've got a lot of lost time to make up for. I miss this when you're in Maluku, too."

She pulled back and stared at him, a look of surprise on her face. He laughed.

"What?" he asked.

"Maluku…you…you finally said it right," she said with a smile. "I mean, I know you know how to say it and only say it wrong to irritate me, but you just said it correctly."

"Don't expect it to happen again," he teased, pulling her back down to meet his lips.

A short while later, Booth and Brennan put their swimsuits, and the t-shirt, in Brennan's case, back on and walked hand-in-hand across the park to meet Parker. They walked up to the racing slides just as Parker and his friend slid down them. When Parker saw his father, he said goodbye to his old camp-mate and walked over to them.

"You guys look happy," Parker noticed.

"Well, we're at a water park," Booth said. "What's not to be happy about?"

"Does that mean you're done fighting?" Parker asked.

"We weren't really fighting," Brennan said.

"Well, are you going to stop being mad at each other now?" Parker asked.

"You could tell something was wrong?" Brennan asked.

"Yeah," Parker shrugged. "What now?"

"Gift shop?" Brennan asked.

"Yeah!" Parker agreed.

"Bones," Booth groaned.

"We got a free coupon with the cabana. We can't let it go to waste," Brennan said.

"Yeah, Dad," Parker said accusingly. "Come on, Bones. Let's go buy me something."

Parker grabbed her hand and started walking towards the gift shop. Brennan shot a look back at her displeased boyfriend. She grinned.

"Coming?" she asked.

Booth shook his head, an amused smile on his face, and began following them to the gift shop, eager to spend the rest of the day with his family.

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