A Criss Angel Love Story

Characters: Miranda, Criss, Ginger,JD, Costa,Stacy

Story: What if the mystical Criss Angel fell in love with a kultzy girl? this is the story of this klutzy girl and her magic man.

Chapter 1

Miranda s POV

I wake up... another day at the Luxor... another day I waste. I go and take a shower, as I strip off my pajamas getting ready to jump in the water. My three year old daughter Ginger starts to cry "it's O.K. Gin mom's coming!" I called to her. I take a quick shower, getting out I put on my robe then hurried to Ginger s room.

"What is it dear?" I asked my little girl. She looked so much like me, with her chocolate colored skin to her raven hair. She looked up at me, her purple eyes glowed in the dark room like her father's for mine were green and gray "Momma, I m scared" she said holding me close. "Why sweetheart?, was it a bad dream?" I asked stroking her long straight hair, She shook her head yes "Ginger, I have to go to work now" I said standing holding in my arms I set her down my feet as reached for a Criss Angel T-shirt and jeans, I hand her the outfit. She took it "do you have to Mamma?" her pretty voice said looking at me "yes my love" I said ushering her toward the bathroom. "O.K. mamma" she walk into the bathroom. Before she shut the door I said "I'll make breakfast after I get dressed" I watched her walk in on her small legs she turned to me "I want Captain Crunch" she said closing the door I smiled I loved my Ginger bear.

Once I dropped off Ginger at my friend Stacy's I drove to the strip I couldn't find a parking spot anywhere near the Luxor so I parked a block away for it. I saw some guy doing illusions,after the trick he did the crowd of people started to yell Mindfreak I suddenly stopped in my place. Criss Angel the Criss Angel I couldn t think straight,my mind was in a blur, Criss Angel did his mouth thing to the camera then they went on a break I kept looking at my Angel, I didn't know he left my line of view when he tapped me I turned only to suck in a breath. He was close! "Hello I'm Cri-" I cut him off "I know who you are" I squeaked out looking at my heels "you don't have to be afraid sugar" he said I felt him staring my anger flared "I'm not afraid of you Criss" I said with venom "O.K. whatever" he said.

"So what's your name?" Criss said leaning back some to see my face I raised my head "... Miranda" I said looking around and not at the beautiful man in front of me. "Miranda," I like the way my name came out his mouth "I like that name, where were you headed?" Criss asked me smiling really big "Work.. at the Luxor" I started walking away as I remembered work "Hey want a ride!" He called out to me I had to stop, I looked behind my shoulder "Sure whatever" I said I did not want to walk all the back to the Luxor in striper heels. We walk up on a black sports car "WOW! That yours?" I asked amazed "yeah that be mine" Criss open the passgner door for me then got in we drove toward the Luxor.

End of chapter 1