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Author's Note: I'm only doing the prologue and the epilogue to what could possibly be a good story. I could do the in-between bits, but I'm a bit lazy. Perhaps if I get a few people who'd be interested in what happened in the years between (or after) these chapters, then maybe I'll work on that someday. ^_^

"Lily, I can't find my overcoat!" Severus called from the second floor. He was standing in front of a mirror, straightening his clothes, looking proper for the first time in his sixty years in Essence. He hadn't a reason to look nice before this moment, for it was only ever him and Lily, and they had gone way beyond formalities after all the years of spending time together. But, Severus mused, since the notice came, I should look my best.

"It's down here, buried underneath all your books." Lily shouted back from the first floor. Severus sighed. What a bother it was to have gotten a notice now. He couldn't have even believed he had received one, as there wasn't anyone he cared about still in the living world. But still, one came for him.

He glanced at the leaflet that was laying on the bedside table. It was a yellowed piece of parchment, with only a name and a time on it. At noon, he would be going out to the same field Lily had found him in, his first day in Essence, to see-

"Oh no, wait, it's your trousers." Lily shouted, her voice penetrating his thoughts. "I don't know where your overcoat has gone, Sev, why don't you just go without one?" The black haired man sighed again. How would he look his best without it?

He turned from the mirror and headed down the stairs into the living room where Lily was scrunched onto the couch, surrounded by stacks of books. She smiled at him as he entered, and put down the book she had been reading.

"Are you ready?" she asked, excitedly. Severus shrugged.

"As ready as I could possibly be." he said, in monotone. "But I don't understand why I was chosen for this one. You'd think the person he cared about the most was Dumbledore." He let himself fall onto the couch next to Lily and felt her lean against him. Putting an arm around her, he leaned into her as well, the two cuddling warmly.

"Dumbledore never made it here, you know that." Lily whispered into Severus's shirt. He nodded. The aged wizard had been rejected from Essence, for reasons unknown. The roster that had been put up in the middle of the housing area had a list of those living in Essence, and those that had recently departed to their new lives. And the old Headmaster of Hogwarts had been on neither list. Severus sighed.

"Still, I can't imagine that I am the person they'd want to meet the moment they were dead." he said. Lily chuckled at him.

"Why wouldn't he?" she asked. "You were the most important person for that one moment in their life, and without you, the War wouldn't have been won." Severus scoffed. He highly doubted that. Removing his arm from Lily, Severus stood up, and stretched, brushing down his clothes for any creases.

"Well, I suppose I should be on my way." he said, running his hand through his long black hair. He had let it grow out since he arrived in Essence. Lily thought it suited him more, and he was more than happy to please her. Lily stood up from the couch and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You're going to bring him home here, yes?" she asked, whispering into his ear. Severus shivered slightly as her breath caressed his neck.

"He's an old man, Lily." he said. "He can take care of himself." Lily pulled away, a frown apparent on her face.

"Doesn't change the fact that I'd like him around, Sev." she said sternly, locking her green eyes onto his black ones. He sighed, defeated. After all these years, he still couldn't get away from those beautiful green orbs.

"If he'll follow, I shall bring him home." he said. Gleefully, Lily brought him in for a hug. Smiling softly, Severus patted her back. As she pulled away again from his neck, she leaned in to give him a small kiss. Happily, he accepted, the two locked in a wonderful embrace.

Severus broke the kiss as he heard the chime of the clock on the mantle toll. It was noon, and he would be late for the meeting. Giving Lily one more slight smile, he rushed out the door and down the path towards the field.

Their house was near the edge of the housing area, but he still had to pass a few dwellings, including one of an old colleague of his. He waved as he passed her house, as she was laying outside on her lawn chair, basking in the wonderful skylight. The old woman nodded at him curtly, before giving him a slight smile.

"And where are you heading today, Severus?" she asked, sitting up. Her grey hair was in a tight bun and was pulled back, still the same from when she had been alive.

"Just down to the field." he said, pulling out his leaflet. "I have a notice, you see." Interested, she stood up and headed towards her fence.

"Oh? Who's the lucky person?" she asked, half sarcastically. The animosity that had been built up between them when they had been coworkers hadn't completely disappeared in the ten years she had been there, even after she knew of his whole story. She couldn't help but call up old feelings when speaking to him. Severus handed her the parchment. She laughed, hollowly, looking at the name.

"That's quite a surprise." she said, handing it back. Turning around and waving over her shoulder, she made her way back to her lawn chair. "Give him my regards."

"I shall, Minerva." Severus said, bowing slightly, before heading on his way. He passed out of the neighborhood and started down the dirt path into the field. As the scenery around him changed, with less and less trees, he noticed a body laying in the middle of the same field he had been laying in on a similar day such as this sixty years ago.

He made his way up to the body, and raised an eyebrow. Yes, many years had passed, but he hadn't expect to see him looking like this, as an old and slightly chubby warlock. He brought his hand to his mouth to stifle a chuckle. Oh, how the mighty allow themselves to get carried away in indulgences.

The person on the ground stared up into the sky, his body as stiff as a board. His eyes wandered among the clouds, the green clashing with the blue. His robes were a rich ruby red, and his waistline was bulging slightly. His hair was as grey as a wolf's, and that thick goatee lay plastered on his chin very well, accenting the rest of his face.

Severus came up beside the nonmoving body and leaned over, to let his eyes catch those of the one on the ground, to see again, what he had seen for the last time in his living life. The old potions master could help but let a grin appear on his face when he saw those green orbs widen at his appearance.

"Hello, Mr. Potter. We meet again at last."