A/N Hello all. I decided to edit this story because I'm not satisfied with how it's going right now. It's a load of CRUD. If you have read the older version, I am very sorry I tortured you. :P So here it goes.

Preface: Wolves

It was a typical afternoon. I was in the middle of a horde of blood-thirsty leeches, otherwise known as vampires. They crouched into a protective stance around their leader while I tried to rip them apart. Yep. Typical.

The bon-fire, already filled with the ashes of their coven members, flickered ravenously; I just wanted to end it quickly. I pounced and cut them one by one with my swords, until there was only one left.

He could have run away, sure, but a giant black and white wolf was suddenly in front of me, baring its teeth. Two wolves flanked him, while I watched in disbelief. It ripped the now shrieking thing, stacking it along with his coven in the bon-fire. The wolves disappeared as fast as they had come, while I gaped in shock after them.

I wasn't very happy, if you asked me.