It was a week later, and Beckett was in the Captains office apologizing profusely. Ryan was trying to balance a egg on one end, to prove that it could be done on any solstice.

"Were do you think she was?"

"Dunno."Ryan tried to balance it again, and it fell over and off the desk."Damn it…"He leaned over to see it being caught in mid air. His eyes followed the arm up to the green tank top to the green eyes that looked familiar, especially since she was amused.

"You're doing it wrong."She gently pushed Ryan's chair back so he wasn't making the table move and set down the egg. She opened her hand really fast, and the egg stayed up. She smiled and looked back over to him."Anyhow, you know a Detective Beckett and were I might find her?"

The two men got up so fast their chairs it was surprising their hair didn't catch fire.

"You're dating."Ryan sank back in his chair."Yes ma'am, and why do you need her?"Esposito was all charm.

"My cousin is looking for her."When she heard Kate's voice, the girl whirled around and smiled."Kate!"

Beckett smiled back.

"Hey, Robin. Is it time to go?"


"Hold on, I got to check some paperwork."She smiled at Robin and walked towards her desk.

Robin sighed.

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this."She pulled out her phone and pressed a speed dial."Hey. She has 'paperwork'."She hung up and walked towards Beckett's desk, sitting in Castle's seat a she waited.

About 5 minutes later, Castle came out of the elevator in a t-shirt and jeans with grey sneakers. Ryan and Esposito try to break the laws of physics again as he walked over to Beckett's desk. He leaned over the side of the Desk."I thought we agreed you weren't going to do this."

Beckett looked coolly up at him."Do what, Castle?"

All of a sudden, she felt her chair pulled out behind her and turned towards Castle. He takes her hands and pulls her up Justas the chair is pulled away. By the time she can figure out what was happening, she's caught in Castle's bear hug.

She struggles a bit before she looks up, indignant.


"Yes, Kate?"

She pouted and he grinned.

"I knew I was forgetting something."

The Captain was just in time to drop his coffee cup seeing Richard Castle and Kate Beckett kiss.

Robin was not impressed.

"Not again…"

They broke apart and Castle raised an eyebrow. Kate, on the other hand, looked amused.

"Look whose talking."

Robin stuck her tongue out at her and started towards the elevator. Castle looked confused now.

"What are you talking about?"Kate looked disbelieving.

"Her and John! Richard Castle, are you really that blind?"

"Apparently? Yes."They grinned at each other and went for the elevator. Kate waved as the doors closed.

The remaining males looked at each other.

"You do realize this means we owe Lanie?"


So,this (may) be the end,unless I get some ideas.I'm open to suggestions.

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