For the LJ Inception Kink Meme. Eames/Arthur AU. Eames is a fisherman who catches himself a pretty merman.

Chapter 3

It could be said that both Sean Eames and Ariadne Miller were in the same position. Of course, others, such as Eames would claim that they weren't as Eames had managed to get his aquatic crush into bed wearing very little, whilst Ariadne was peeking through a gap in the curtain of Eames's house to get a better look at hers.

Of course, his entire argument lost its backing once it was discovered that he hadn't touched Arthur and had only been coming out of the shower because Arthur had thrown a glass of wine over his head. Eames most prominent thought about that moment in time was – Bloody Hell, Arthur looks hot when he's angry!

It was one of those moments in films where the character says "She likes me! She really, really likes me!" Only now it referred to a male semi aquatic humanoid creature who, in all honesty, didn't really like him all that much.

But that wouldn't stop him! Eames thought as he edged closer to his prize. Neither would the over-protective, squinty, muscled male that was Dominic Cobb. Even if he was scary when he glared – and apparently become slightly unhinged after his wife's suicide, Arthur told him.

So yeah, Eames was scared. But his attraction outweighed that greatly. He smiled at the steely eyed Cobb as he wormed a foot out in front of Arthur who was passing, gracefully and sleepily in front of him (with that weird grace that wasn't just a mermaid thing, because Cobb didn't possess it, so what the hell? The boy tripped at the thought of standing earlier, now he's a ball room dancer?). The merman fell, like a tree felled by lumberjacks, on to his face. Eames stood and, with exaggerated concern, offered Arthur his hand, asking

"Oh, Love, did that little kick wake you up?"

Arthur looked up at Eames, annoyed, and in a move of pure motion, quickly slid to his feet. He then stalked up to Eames and grabbed his arm. Eames grinned flirtily and lifted his eyebrows suggestively.

"Like it rough do we?"

Cobb glared. The brown haired girl peeking through the window gasped. The shadow on the highest point of the tallest cliff face barricading one side of the little village Eames inhabited looked down upon them all, it's brown eyes knowing, wondering but disconnected.

It sees Eames offer Arthur the comfiest seat in the house, and the wondering glances to his clothed body. It sees the girl crouched outside, staring in at the fire warmed room from the cold outside. And it sees Cobb, reach out the stroke Arthurs hair, like an older brother would. It sees the intimacy, the longing and the humanity (or mermanity). And it wonders.